Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Six Hair Care Myths You Need To Stop Believing

We are all always worried about our hair health and blindly follow any tip we find across the board to keep them healthy & strong. Little do we know that these homemade hair care tips are filled with misconceptions and wrong information that can do more harm than benefit if followed without care.

Here are few hair care myths that we need to totally stop believing


Since our childhood, we keep hearing this old wives tale about how frequent hair cut can help increase the hair length. In reality, many hair experts have busted this myth stating that hair growth totally depends on the health of hair follicles, which is located in the roots in the skin and have nothing to do with the shafts. Regular trimming does help in warding off split ends and unhealthy strands but do not help in faster hair growth.

If long hair is your dream, try this natural homemade hair mask:

EGG & OLIVE OIL HAIR MASK: Eggs have protein that is required for thick & quality hair growth.

-2 whole eggs
-2 tbsp olive oil


-Mix both the ingredients
-Massage the head with it and leave it to dry for 30-40 minutes
-Wash it off with cold water followed by a mild shampoo
-Repeat at least once a week


Cold water showers are said to be very good for the skin, but nothing has been proved to link them with hair health. Cold water is said to provide stimulatory effects on the scalp, helping in blood circulation but does not affect the luster and shine of the strands. One must keep a balanced diet, along with regular hair oil application and conditioning to make hair shine. 

To make your own hair oil, mix 2 tbsp of Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil along with 2 tablespoon of olive oil and few drops of lemon. Massage the mix gently into the scalp and cover the head with warm towel for about 3 minutes. Wash the oil off with a mild shampoo and repeat the process at least twice a week for thick, shiny and problem-free hair.


Another common myth we hear all the time is that coloring damages hair beyond repairs. While coloring hair, it is very important to take care of the brand one is using. Since, local and low-priced brands tend to use contemptible dyes than can harm the hair texture permanently. Very strong dyes that are loaded with chemicals can burn and dry hair, damaging the quality. So opt for well-known brands that promote ammonia free colours. Also hair care post colouring is important and one should always oil their hair frequently and use conditioners that would aid in locking the moisture without damaging the health of the hair.


It is a common myth that those with soft and fine textured hair do not need conditioners. In fact, all kinds of hair should be shampooed and conditioned at regular intervals to maintain hair health. Most of us are wondering how to stop hair fall most of the times, and when proper care, including conditioning is not done, hair strands become weak and start falling off.


It is not only the dry scalp but also the oily scalp that can get dandruff. Dandruff is basically a kind of a scalp infection that is caused due to excess of sebum. Infact people with oily scalp are most likely to suffer from the problem of dandruff that those with dry. The accumulation of dirt, excessive use of harmful chemicals and unhygienic scalp are some of the other reasons why dandruff occurs.

To keep dandruff at bay and get rid of the problems of itchy scalp, hair fall and hair breakage, always use mild shampoo, condition the hair properly, wash off any chemical or residue from the scalp, oil your hair regularly, use natural ingredients as often as possible and cover the hair when stepping out to keep the scalp clean and clear of any dirt. Follow our blog to read on how to remove dandruff naturally.

Friday, February 23, 2018

12 Trendy ways to Accessorize a saree this wedding season || #SariStyle

With trends changing every other day the sari style game is soon evolving. This Indian ethnic garment is being modernized with contemporary drapes and becoming a hot favourite  with Indian women for special occasions and wedding functions. If you are looking to wear a saree for an important event then it is essential to accessorize it right to make your look stand out.

12 Trendy ways to Accessorize a saree

#1 Ear cuffs are the cool modern way to accessorize a saree

Ditch those jhumkas and chand balis and opt for ear cuffs this wedding season. Ear cuffs give your saree look a contemporary edgy vibe and is a very simple way to make a style statement. Feather ear cuff or a tasseled one, choose one with gels with your saree and side sweep your hair to divert attention to your ears. This accessory can work for any kind of event, for weddings chose a saree with more bling , for festivals go for simple ear cuffs with spikes.

#2 Kamarbandh aka waist belts with a twist

Yes! The hot new way to accessorize a saree is with a waist belt. Not your regular gold or silver kamarbandh but the modernized fabric waist belts which add shape and structure to your saree look. Belting your saree look  can make for a striking look and you can let your imagination run wild and choose any kind of belt. Metallic belts, leather belts, zardosi embellished ones or pearl strands. Here are 10 Ways to Stylize your Saree with a Belt 

#3 Brooches (saree pins)

Instead of pinning your saree pallu with safety pins try trendy brooches. Latest saree pin brooches dont just help keep your  pallu in place but are also the only accessory you need to glam up your outfit. Choose a brooch with layered pearl chains for a wedding guest look or opt for simpler floral or peacock pins for a party appropriate look.

 #4 Jacket blouses for the contemporary saree look

A hot new rend is to flaunt your sarees with jacket blouses. This trend works best for winter weddings where you can stay warm and fashionable too. when pairing jacket with sarees you can try  a variety of different styles. Choose a collared jacket or a vest jacket work around the drape of your saree. You can even go for a floor length jacket for regal look or just belt it up for more oomph. Adding an armlet with your sleeveless jacket blouses can up the glam quotient too.

#5 Jasmine flowers aka Malli poo 

The most classic way to accessorize a saree look is with jasmine flower strands or malli poo. There are many hairstyles you can try with mogra flowers like braids and buns but make sure you are going for a very traditional saree look when opting for jasmine flowers. If you are wearing a silk saree fresh jasmine flower hairstyle complements it best. Even designer sarees can be paired with mogra flowers but go for more modern jasmine flower hairstyles like half up half down like sonam kapoor or semi pinned open hair.

#6 Nose rings - The striking way to accessorize a saree

These days nose rings have become a fashion accessory. You pair your saree with a nose ring to make a statement even if you arent a bride. Choose a saree which is more contemporary and a nose ring which is small or medium size. Kundan nose rings are a huge hit but you can also go for a medium sized plain hoop nose ring with a simple pearl chain attached. Nose rings are best suited for sister of bride or groom

#7 Clutches or potlis 


Right bag and footwear is important to bring a polished saree look together. Today women dont really carry those huge vanity bags and for special event clutches or potlis are a huge hit. For a more traditional saree look carry a potli or opt for ethnic clutches to complement your designer sarees. If you are attending an event or party then cross body bags, jute bags or even slings bags are a good option.

#8 Statement neck pieces - The bold way to accessorize a saree

Instead of just wearing a pair of long dangler earrings with sarees try statement neck pieces with smaller earrings. Long statement neck pieces give an illusion of longer neck and work well with both deep cut and high neck blouses. Bold statement necklaces give your saree a very modern look and edgy vibe. even long pearl rani haars are a huge hit this wedding season and can make for a regal saree look. If your neck piece is layered or huge then it is also a good idea to skip on earrings for an urbane saree look.

#9 Juda pins with a stylish edge

A traditional bun is what you want to sport with your saree? Then you should definitely give juda  pins a try. small dainty juda pins are easy to carry off but if you want more drama then go for juda pins which have pearl chains attached to earnings for a striking  look.

#10 New age jhumkas - Gorgeous way to accessorize a saree


Jhumkas are the sure shot way to glam up any wedding look. With sarees try contemporary jhumka designs like the kashmiri  jhumkas, bahubali style jhumkas with attached hair pins etc. If you are not a jhumka person you can try other contemporary statement earrings too to give your desi saree a chic twist . For more earring styles hot in trend this wedding season read this post.

#11 Oxidized silver jewellery - The boho chic way to accessorize a saree


Oxidized silver jewellery is trending these days . For a classic appeal to your saree look you skip the gold and opt for some dull silver shine.  Oxidized jewellery can be worn with traditional sarees and even with designer modern sarees. Kasavu kerala saree, handloom sarees and plain sarees in darker tones like black work best with oxidized silver jewellery.

#12 Bindis 

At weddings you have to go full on traditional and what better way to complete a desi look than with a small bindi. Choose a maroon or red bindi for a traditional silk saree look or go for a trendy sparkly dot if you are wearing a designer saree. The size of bindi matters a lot, so choose a size which suits your forehead also you can also choose bindis in different shapes like square or oval . It is not important to go matchy matchy with your bindi so just pick a colour which complements your overall look or go safe with tiny red one.

There are many other ways to accessorize a saree especially when it comes to dressing up for a wedding related event. You can add matha pattis, mang tikkas, arm lets, chokers, glass bangles or even chunky kadas to create trendy saree looks to rock this wedding season.

How to choose accessories for saree? Stylings Tips on ways to accessorize a saree

- First decide what kind of a look you are going for. A traditional saree look  or a very contemporary saree look. 
- For a traditional silk saree look  it is best to keep things classic with a vintage appeal. An elegant cut blouse and jewellery from your mom or grand mothers wardrobe can actually help you stand out. Bindis, mogra flowers, saree belts all work well with silks. Kundan jewellery and temple jewellery teams beautifully with traditional silk  sarees
- For a more contemporary designer saree look you need to keep styling crisp and simple with just one or two stand out pieces. You can go try a new drape and play with statement neck pieces or some funky earrings. In this older post I have listed 10 new ways to drape a saree. 
- Oxidized silver jewellery may not look very nice with heavy tarditonal silk sarees so it better to pair with handloom sarees. Even kasavu sarees with darker toned blouses can carry off oxidised ewellery nicely.
- If you want to wear diamonds then opt for designer embellished sarees or sarees with silver zari.

Which is your favourite way to accessorize a saree this wedding season?

Image Source: Pinterest

Sunday, February 04, 2018

15 Trendy ways to Wear your White T-shirt || Styling ideas for your basic White Tee

A plain white tee can seem like a boring piece of clothing, but it is a classic must have which can be worn in multiple different ways and can stand the test of evolving trends.

Most of us dont shop for a basic white T-shirt but it is a very versatile closet staple which works for all seasons and different occasions with styling tweaks . If you dont already own one then it is time to add it to your wardrobe because in this post I bring to you 15 trendy outfit ideas with a white tee. Now wear your comfortable white t-shirt everyday of the week in different interesting ways.

15 Trendy ways to Wear your White T-shirt

#1  Denim Love

The most basic way to wear a white tee is to pair it with your denims. For more fun look try ripped jeans or add some colour with a scarf . For more funky look tie a denim jacket around your waist and wear sneakers.

#2 Pair your white tee with a skirt

#3 Layer white tee under a slip dress 

#4 Layer Denim dungarees over your white tee

Dungarees are back and best way to wear them is layered over a white tee for a breezy day look.

#5 Palazzo + White Tee = Casual chic

#6 Wear with shorts and add a cardigan

#7 Go edgy with a leather jacket over your white tee

#8 Have fun with a white tee and fringe skirt combo

#9 Add a structured blazer for professional look

#10 Go classic with a white tee and leather pants combo. Add a blazer or sweater to stay warm


#11 Go playful and knot your classic white tee 

#12 Stay warm with white tee, denims and long cardigan

#13 Pair with a high slit skirt for an effortless chic look

#14 Denim vest over white tee and a solid coloured skirt or shorts

#15  Layer white tee with a sweater vest and add a belt. love this fun outfit

So, are you inspired enough to wear your white tee in a way?

Image source: Pinterest

Friday, January 19, 2018

30 Latest Earring Styles to flaunt at Indian Weddings this year

I love hoarding accessories more than wearing them.  Every time there is a sale I scout around looking for discounts on earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc..  forgetting totally that there still are so many unused pieces of jewelry lying around in my wardrobe.

Earrings are something I indulge myself in most because it is actually what I will eventually end up wearing atleast once. At Indian weddings earrings are one must have accessory to flaunt. These days earring trends keep changing pretty often and there are a lot of styles to choose from fringe, heavy jhumkas, delicate chand balis, feather cuffs, double side studs and the list is endless. I actually own more than 50 pairs of earrings ( I'll show you my collection some day) but cant seem to have enough still. Today Iam going to bring you a huge list of trending earring styles you can pair up with your lehengas, anarkalis and sarees for a stylish Indian wedding look.

Latest Earring Styles to flaunt at Indian Weddings this year

#1 Kashmiri style peacock jhumkas for wedding guests

#2 Pretty two tiered stone studded jhumkas

#3 Minimal pearl dangler earrings with a touch of green

#4 Stunning chandbali earring styleswith multiple jhumka 

#5 Trendy ear cuff style stud for cocktails

#6 Vibrant enamel earring style jhumkas with beaded chain

#7 Oversized oxidized silver stud earring style

#8 Gorgeous chand bali earring style for weddings

#9 Shaded tassel earring style for indo western outfits

#10 Latest navratan chand bali for wedding reception

#11 Elaborate enamel Peacock full ear jhumkas

#12 Studded kanphool jhumkas with pearl earring style

#13 Statement earrings with multiple ear chains

#14 Gold multi jhumki earrings with head chain

#15  Contemporary swan ear cuff style latest earrings

#16 Regal jhoomar earring style for bridesmaids

#17 Baahubali style stud earring with head chains

#18 Colourful boho chic tassel jhumka earring style for mehndi

#19 Latest earring style gold danglers

#20 Traditional jhumka earring style with huge circular stud

#21 Delicate pearl ear cuffs 

#22 Modern circular hoop earring style

#23 Square fusion jhumka earring style

#24 Wearable pearl tassel earring style

#25 Studded hair pin with attached earrings

#26 New age gota jhumka hoop earring style for mehendi

#27 Latest cuff  earring style with  double short chain

#28 Pink over sized stud earrings

#29 Gorgeous flower ear cuff

#30 Elongated jhumka style earrings

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