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3 April 2017

5 Indian Herbs you can easily grow at your home

I already mentioned Aloe vera are the only plants which survive under my care but there used to be times long back when I wasnt very busy and spent a lot of time with potted plants. I prefer growing plants which I will have some actual use instead of fancy good looking plants. Like Aloe vera , I keep harvesting the gel and using it for various beaut recipes but today I am going to discuss about common Indian herbs which you can easily grow at your home.

A herb garden may sound very exotic especially in a place like Bangalore where you have small living spaces but the best thing about these Indian herbs are that it an be grown even in pots . These pots dont occupy much space and can be put in your small balcony or even ear a window. If you are blessed with an actual backyard then growing your own herbs is  a good idea as these herbs can be available whenever you want and they will also be fresh and organic.

Growing fresh herbs is a good idea as it gives your home a green touch . Most Indian herbs dont require much care too so anyone can give herb growing a try but I suggest you start off with your favorite or most used herb in a pot and then expand it gradually. 

#1 Pudina aka mint:

My mom always has mint potted plant because we use this herb a lot in our cooking. From biryani to chutneys we used home grown mint leaves and the best part is this plant is very easy to grow as requires very less water and moderate sunlight.
Mint easily roots from stem cuttings, all you need is to get a bunch of mint leaves from the market , remove off the mint leaves and put the stems in water for roots to sprout out. Now remove the stems from water and  plant in a pot.
Mint leaves can be used for mint tea and also to garnish cold drinks

#2 Curry Leaves:

Another important herb in our home is the curry leaves though I havent seen much use of this herb in north India. When you dont use lot of curry leaves in your dishes it is good idea to grow this plant so you can pluck as many fresh leaves you want when ever required. You can grow this plant from seeds or stems but I suggest you get an actual plant from a nursery and pot it because curry leaves seeds can be very tricky to germinate. This herb requires direct sunlight so make sure you plant it outdoors or wherever there is abundant sun.

#3 Coriander aka dhaniya

I just love the aroma of coriander and cant skip this herb in any of my dishes. I find this herb very tricky to grow becuase they produce seeds easily and Iam more interested in the leaves. This is a very short lived plant if you want to grow it for leaves and you have to keep resowing seeds every month. Growing your own coriander plant is easy and inexpensive if you have coriander seeds which you have to sow in moist soil . Most Indian houses already have coriander seeds available in kitchen just take about 10 seeds and put it in a pot with moist soil every month for continuous fresh coriander supply.

#4 Basil plant (Tulsi)

Most hindu homes have a basil plant already as it has a lot of religious significance. This herb has a lot of medicinal properties and also a refreshing fragrance which is reason enough to grow this house plant. Basil is best grown with seeds in moist soil.

#5 Fenugreek aka Methi 

Methi is another herb which is used for flavouring and garnishing food in many Indian homes and the best part is that this is very easy to grow. Fenugreek is a spice which is easily available and these very spice seeds can be used to cultivate the methi plants. Just take some methi seeds and soak it in water overnight, next drain the seeds  and pot them in moist soil and watch methi grow into its full glory in about 15 days.

Tips on growing herbs at your home

-When you are starting off with a herb growing use simple pots or bulky food containers. You can always shift your herbs later into fancy metallic or geometric pots to add to the aesthetic feel of your home.
- Soil is important and you shouldnt just use normal garden soil. You can start off with garden soil but it is better to go for organic soil mixes which result in superior herbs.
- Make sure you put your potted plants in areas where there is ample supply of sunlight as all these herbs require sunlight to grow.
-Watering herbs regularly is very important but take care to not over water as these herbs are very delicate and more water can lead to root rotting.

So are you ready to grow some herbs in pots?

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