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10 Totally Simple Hairstyles to try with Kurtis

Kurtis are like my favorite piece of clothing because they offer amazing comfort without compromising on style. I find kurtis very flattering on my post pregnancy body size especially the A-line and anarkali kurtis which beautifully hide my tummy fat.

I have been flaunting the kurtis a lot these days not only as a casual wear at home outfit but also for special occasions. Kurtis can easily be your go to festive wear option if you shop smartly and style carefully. I am wearing many trendy kurti designs and trying new makeup looks and hairstyles with them so I decided today to share simple hairstyles which work nicely with kurtis.

Women mainly wear kurtis like a comfortable everyday wear and opt for a simple same old hairstyle . But if you want to experiment a little and update your day time everyday wear look try a new hairstyle which makes a lot of difference and lends your look more elegance. Get inspired from hairstyle ideas below.

10 Simple Hairstyles to try with Kurtis

#1 Chic open hair twisted on one side

This is simple and chic hairstyle I try for daytime kurti look. To get this look do a side parting or middle parting of hair as per your liking . Now take a small section of hair on one side of the parting and twist it then secure with a bobby pin.  I have naturally wavy hair so I dont need to curl my hair but if you want you can lightly curl your ends. I also add a studded clip instead of a normal bobby pin sometimes for a more dressy look.  

# 2 Sleek middle parted hair

At home after bath I just middle part my wavy hair and let it dry . If you want your kurti or jewellery to be highlight of look then dont try to over style your hair. Go for a sleek middle parted hair look .

#3 Pinned back hair with a puff

For an elegant half up half down pinned hair look take the front portion of hair and pin it at the back after creating a puff. You can use bump its to create a high volume puff. Leave rest of your hair open and curl the ends lightly. This hairstyle works best with sleeveless kurtis.

#4 High pony hairstyle

For a more modern look complete your fusion kurti looks with a high pony. this hairstyle works best for summer when cotton kurtis are worn most. You can try this hairstyle with short kurtis paired with jeans or shirt style collared kurtis for more formal look. To make it look more sophisticated take a small section of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the elasic and secure it with abobby pin in the back of pony.

#5 Side ponytail with flick hairstyle

If you have naturally wavy hair then try a side ponytail with some flicks on the other side to frame your face. 

#6 Tight high bun hairstyle

High bun hairstyles also look good with kurtis and also give an illusion of longer face and neck. Try a high bun hairstyle and give it a more traditional touch by adding mogra flowers or  other hair accessories. This hairstyle is best reserved for special occasions where you want to wear a kurti. 

#7 Loose side braid hairstyle

Side part your hair and loosely braid your hair on the other side for a chic sumemr look. You can try different styles of braids on the side like dutch braid, french braid or even fistail braid.

#8 Open middle parted twisted  on both sides hairstyle

Twisting a section of your hair from both sides and securing them with pins in the back looks stylish and will also keep hair away from your face. Try this hairstyle with your anarkali or A-line kurtas.

#9 Open side swept hairstyle

The simplest hairstyle which can be worn by girls with medium length hair. Just side part your hair and pull it to one side making it fall on your shoulders in layers. If you want to wear this hairstyle for a long duration try discreetly pinning the hair on one side so they stay put . Use hairspray to keep fly aways at bay

#9 Messy braid  hairstyle

Braids are the most common hairstyles women wear with traditional Indian outfits and you can try it with kurtis too. For a more trendy kurti look try a messy braid with side parted hair. The best thing about braids and plaits are that they are comfortable and can be done by people of both medium and long length hair.

#10 Twisted hair with side pony hairstyle

For an elegant summer look try a sleek side pony. You can go for a normal side pony or add more drama by twisting hair in front on one side and then pulling your hair on other side in a pony. Iam loving this hairstyle a lot these days and trying many variations like twisting hair or front french braiding it on one side before grabbing it into a pony on other side.

Which hairstyle do you normally try with your kurtis?

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