Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Tips to maintain radiant skin during Ramzan

The holy month of Ramadan has begun. Fasting during the month of Ramadan coupled with summer heat can be very harsh on your skin making it dull, dry and damaged. Less intake of water and dietary changes impact skin but a little care and pampering is all you need to maintain the radiance of your skin even during Ramzan.

Follow these simple tips and watch your skin glow in the month of abundant blessings

#1 Increase your fluid intake between dusk and dawn when you are allowed to eat. You should drink not less than 6 glasses of water. Water helps skin stay hydrated thereby retaining its glow. Try drinking 2 glasses an hour or eat your water by having water rich fresh fruits like watermelon.

#2 Avoid consumption of carbonated drink, caffiene or canned juices. These are unhealthy and also absorb minerals and fluids from body causing dryness. Opt for fresh juices and plain water instead.
Moisturize your lips to prevent them from getting dry and chapped. Use a good lip balm like baby lips of EOS balm.
#3 Let your skin breathe by avoiding makeup. Cosmetic have abundance of chemicals which isnt good for your skin especially when you are fasting because they make skin produce oil which causes dehydration. Just stick to kohl and lip balm during the holy month .
#4 Indulge your body in yogurt. It is not only good for digestion and quenching thirst, it also is amazing for your skin . Yogurt is rich in proteins helping you stay nourishes and ful for longer time.
#5 Since fasting can lead to dryness of skin it becomes compulsory to apply moisturizer especially if you have dry skin. Before hitting the bed pamper your skin with a nourishing night cream which will keep your skin hydrated all day.
#6 Skipping sehri is the worst thing to do. You maybe super sleepy or still feel full at 4 AM but you definitely need to get up and have something and never avoid sehri. A glass of juice, some rice and yogurt will keep you energized and your skin nourished.
#7 Eating to hydrate your skin isnt an option while fasting but you can still pamper your skin with face packs. Apply a mix of milk , lemon and honey on face or just stick to simple plain yogurt as a facial mask.
#8 In Ramadan even your sleep patterns change as you have to read taraweeh and get up for sehri. Make sure you get adequate sleep as not getting enough sleep can make your skin look dull and tired
#9 Sun Causes maximum damage to skin so make sure to stay sun protected. Avoid going out in the sun as much as possible and when you do have to go out use a sunscreen and carry umbrella and sunglasses.
#10 Your under eye area shows signs of skin dullness first so take extra care of area around your eyes. Use an eye cream or sleep with slices of cucumber and potato on your eyes. Also getting good sleep is important.
Follow these tips and you will have amazing skin on eid

Do you have more tips? share with me 


  1. Great post :)

  2. I needed these tips to keep my skin radiant and healthy!

  3. Ramzan is the season of fasting. So these will be helpful to many of the ladies who are fasting.