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18 June 2016

#SalutingSingleMothers this Fathers Day

Single moms have to take up the responsibility of being both mother and father to their kids. The journey is anything but easy, loaded with struggles, challenges  and additional duties.

On this fathers day Raymond decided to give an ode to these strong and independent single mothers 
In this heart warming tribute the brand Raymond spreads a beautiful and emotional message. 

All you single moms out there, a big Fat Salute to you . You are the real rockstars . Ditto for single dads.

Has your mom played the role both mother and father for you? Time to wish her Happy fathers day then!


  1. What a sensitive ad. Im so glad you drew my attention to it.

  2. Ya, watched this . Very nice. Really hats off to the single mothers.

  3. This adv is very touching.... but i think they should then also make an ad on mother's day celebrating single fathers!!!


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