Monday, June 20, 2016

Introducing Affimity - The interest based Social Media Network

I am a social media maverick with a deep passion for blogging. As a blogger I am always in quest of ways to find readers who would be interested in the content I post and when I got a chance to check out affimity I realized it was tailor made for bloggers like me.

Affimity isnt just a home to bloggers , it is equally useful to readers too as it is actually a social network website dedicated to connect you with people with the same interests as yours. Isn't this concept just SO thrilling?! Signing up on this website was like opening the door to an exciting land where you had always dreamed to be. 

In these busy times of everyday madness, I find myself yearning for a break... for a getaway. ..and NO. My idea of a getaway is not a holiday in a secluded beach or a trip to the Himalayas.. Instead, I like connecting with people online, reading blogs, hunting for great content and devouring it all - That is what makes me happy.

Facebook is great for connecting with friends, but one can hardly find people with the same interests as yours there. There are a lot of groups dedicated with an intention to connect you with similar minded people but again quality content and real interaction is absent. Then we have twitter, the micro-blogging site which again is of no use for a blogger  especially becuas econtent is limited to 140 characters and your posts get drowned in a sea of tweets and clutter.

Exploring Affimity

I have been using affimity for a week now and I found it super awesome. The first thing it asks you is your area of interests and once you have chosen them, they connect you with people and content from all over the world with the same interests. You dont have to go hunting for good content of your interest, it just comes walking to you right on your Affimity home page. 

Connecting on Affimity

It is very easy to create your own profile and then you can get started with befriending bloggers. You can also follow channels of your interest to get  relevant content on your home page. You can friend as many people as you want to and unfriend them at any hour too.
It's like discovering a new world which shares the same passion as you, connecting with it, learning from it and doing just what you love to do!

The interface of both the Affimity website and the app are neat and quite user friendly. Affimity is not just about promoting your blog/website, not at all!! It's more about connecting with people with the same passion as yours and this is what makes this social networking platform so unique!

I know there are already a lot of social media platforms out there and you must be wondering why I need to join a new one. Updating a bunch of the existing social networking sites like Linked In, Google+ and twitter is already time consuming. I thought the same until one fine day I gave affimity a shot. It has been just a few days since I joined this platform but I have already got addicted. I have already connected to a lot of new people who share the same interests as me, some of which have already turned into my lovely readers. 
I am a blogger and I have tried every trick and networking site out there to find new readers and Affimity has helped me in this goal in the simplest and effective possible way. 

*I have used reddit and following their guidelines becomes a big pain and the upvote are fine but the downvotes drive me crazy.
* On twitter there is too much going on and everything I post gets dumped deep down. I myself follow a whopping 33000 odd people and I am easily missing 99 of content from people I follow.
*With instagram the problem is their non clickable links in posts. Only photo content allowed which is a bummer. 
* LinkedIn i feel isnt a place for fashion bloggers, it more like a professional network where fashion is an alien concept
*There are thousands of communities with lakhs of members on Google Plus but barely anyone is active. It is like teaching in a crowded clasroom where every student is sleeping.
* Bloglovin is more like a reader  and not a social network.
* I couldnt figure out head or tail of tribber. So, lets not even go there
* Facebook groups are a tricky game. There are some good ones but they are heavily moderated and only admins get to post. On groups where you actually get to post there is loads of spam. I have had to wade through a cluttered mess of irrelevant affliate links, web developers and small sellers in many groups.

Why Affimity?

~  Affimity allows you to post Text, Image, Video or just a question
~ Get connected to bloggers who share the same interests
~ Receive valuable feedback for your work
~ Increase the level of engagement on your blog
~ Use on web or on your phone. Affimity has apps for iphone and Android users 
~ Easy signup using facebook account or just your email
~ Useful for brands to understand target audience

So all you bloggers, it doesnt matter if you are a newbie or established, Affimity is The network for you , Join connect and share. 

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  1. Great post and nicely reviewed :)

  2. Nice post dear!!! I will surely join this Affirmity social network..

  3. Sounds good network for bloggers...checkung it out right away:)