Sunday, June 05, 2016

7 Tips to make your perfume last longer

I have a sensitive nose so I stay away from heavily fragranted beauty products and perfumes. These days I have been splurging like crazy on cosmetics and skin care and then eventually I had to deal with vanity full of variety of products which iam finding difficult to finish off. Now I still feel like shopping so I decided to try something new like perfumes, body washes and luxury soaps.

I like fragrances which are light with a floral or a citrus note. Gorgeous perfume bottles from brands like Marc jacobs and elizibeth arden dont last long dispite being pricey. I wouldnt want to spend a bomb on a fragrance which cant last all day , I can use a talc or deo for the barely there lingering effect, cant I ?
Here are some tricks and perfume hacks I have discovered which help you smell fabulous all day long.

#1 Apply perfume on you pulse points

Heat revs up the fragrance making it more strong, so apply perfume on  pulse points of your body which produce more heat. The best pulse points for perfume are your wrist, inner elbow, back of knee, nape and behind ears.

#2 Layer it

I use the layering trick with makeup to last all day and there is no reason why you shouldnt use the same hack here. Start by showering with a shower gel, follow with some body lotion and then top wit perfume to make it last all day. Make sure you use similar scent of body wash , lotion and perfume. Like if your perfume is floral go for floral scented bdy wash n lotion. If you dont find similar matches in your vanity then go for unscented lotions which will still help increase longivity. You can also try layers with talc and deos.

#3 Choose a perfume which lasts long

How long a perfume stays depends more on the fragrance and its ingredients itself. So do your
research nicely, read reviews and buy only ones which are known to last all day.
The staying power of a perfume depends on the oil concentration it has. Eau de parfum ie EDP contains the most oil , see this info graphic for more

#4 Store your fragrances properly

sunlight and high temperature can spoil your perfume. even damp places like your bathroom decrease the quality of your perfume by breaking it down. Store them in clean, cool dry place.

#5 Spray into your hair

You hair also has a lot of heat and you can use it to smell good and leave behind a sillage. Just spray some of your fragrance on your hair brush and comb them normally. Make sure the perfume you use has less alcohol in it and use very less quantity so it doesnt dry out your hair. If you have really dry hair then you may not want to try this but if you heat style your hair you already gel in heal protecting sprays or creams which can act as a barrier when perfume is sprayed to hair. Try it I say!

#6 Choose strong notes

Perfumes come in a huge variety of scents and some of these scents last longer than others. Citrus notes vanish the fastest

#7 Spray on your Clothes

This is especially important for people who wear perfumes everyday. It isnt a very good idea to spray that much of chemicals on your skin daily. But many perfumes can actually stain your clothes so do a little test with your perfume on a waste white cloth before trying this trick.

More tricks to try:

* Take some body lotion and spray in some perfume on it and rub this mix on your nape or other pulse points to smell good all day.
* Apply perfume on properly hydrated and moisturized skin because it absorbs scent better making it last long
* You can even apply a little bit of sweet almond oil on your wrist and nape before spraying perfume to make it last long.
* Change the quantity you apply depending on the weather. you ideally need a lot more perfume in cold season than in hot season.
* Dont ever rub wrists after the perfume application. This breaks down the formula making it smell different, also not lasting too long
*For a light frgrance try the air spray method. Spray your perfume into air and then walking through it. This method will help you smell good from top to bottom.
* If you really like a perfume which doesnt last long then try this. Spray the perfume on cotton balls and put them in zip lock bags in your handbag and use this for touch ups during the day. slip it into your bras for maximum impact.


  1. Great tips... I also always apply a thick coat of my moisturiser and then apply perfume, it really makes the smell lasts longer.,..great post babe.. xoxo, Neha

  2. The trick of applying on pulse points works great for me.

  3. Great tips...i agree with all your points and thank you for difference picture between different fragrances type :)