Wednesday, May 25, 2016

6 Ways to use Baby products in your Beauty Routine

Having just delivered a baby girl means I have a lot of baby products scattered around my home and these days I am trying new hacks and using my babies stuff in my beauty routine.

Using baby shampoo for cleaning my makeup brushes and baby oil as makeup remover is something common for me but here I will tell you some genius ways to use baby products.

Why use baby products?

They are formulated keeping the gentle baby skin in mind and so it is safe to use by people of all ages. Baby products dont have harsh chemicals so it can be used by beauties of all skin types, even sensitive skin

1. Clean your make up brushes with Baby Shampoo:

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned from time to time to get rid of product build up and bacteria. These brushes need to be given special care while cleansing or you end up damaging them.  Use a mild baby shampoo to properly clean your expensive makeup brushes , clean them like you clean your hair and then pat then gently and dry on a newspaper or a towel. Say hi to softer and cleaner brushes without having to invest on expensive brush cleansers

2. Shampoo your hair with baby shampoo

It is quiet difficult to find a SLS free shampoo in India and if you are looking for one the best option for you is Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Baby shampoos dont have harsh cleansing agents and are very mild making it ideal for use if you are having a head bath daily. It is best to use baby shampoo in summers when you will have a bath daily which will keep you fresh without stripping your scalp of natural  oils.

3. Baby powder as dry shampoo

Dry shampoos are very popular these days. A dry shampoo basically absorbs oil from your hair and makes it non greasy without you having to get under the shower. When you are in a hurry and having a shower isnt an option  sprinkle baby powder on your hair and comb nicely so it reaches your roots and all oil is absorbed.  Comb a bit more so the baby powder completely vanishes off from your hair and TADA .. cheapest dry shampoo!
Pro Tip: Use Baby powder with cornstarch not talc for best results.

4. Baby oil as makeup remover:

These days I am using a deep pore cleanser from lakme which easily removes makeup but earlier I used baby oil to remove makeup. On a cotton ball put some baby oil and wipe your water proof makeup away. Even these days i use baby oil to remove makeup when Iam wearing water proof mascara.  This is inexpensive and gentle way to get rid of makeup as many makeup removers I have used are drying and harsh. If you are a beginner or want something gentle to remove eye makeup try baby oil.

5. Healing cracked feet with baby oil:

In winters I massage baby oil on my feet to get rid of dryness and keep cracked heels at bay. You can follow this routine by wearing socks to bed for added impact but I dont do this because winters in Bangalore are rarely that cold. If you have rashes on feet because of tight footwear or wearing heels for long time also you can do a baby oil massage for healing.

6. Long lasting lipstick with Baby powder:

I hate lipsticks which transfer and I use this trick to make the gorgeous red rose shade from lotus herbals transfer proof and long lasting. Just swipe lipstick the normal way and put a thin tissue paper on and dust some baby powder with a blush brush on the tissue paper. Apply another coat of lipstick and follow the same tissue trick and your lip colour should budge all day. This also makes your lip colour look more matte bring down the shine.

Do you use any baby product in your beauty routine? share with me in comments below.

Still next time
Stay gorgeous :)

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