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10 Foods to avoid while Breastfeeding

If you do follow my posts on blingsparkleblog you already would know about c- section delivery of my second born . Unlike my first child where I foolishly chose to bottle feed, this time even before my baby girl was born I have made a resolve to exclusively breast feed.

I am happy to report that my 2.5 month old bundle of joy is being exclusively breast fed and I am loving the whole experience of nurturing my little one closely.

After My C section my doctor asked me to eat anything and everything I desire including non veg, but if you are breastfeeding it is better to avoid certain foods which can cause problems for your baby.

Breast feeding need to take extra care of themselves and should never skip meals. If you do want to shed the extra weight you gained while pregnant I suggest you wait for  6 months before going on a diet. Eating regular nutritious meals means your little one is being properly nourished and it also helps increase your milk supply.

Here in this post I will talk about foods to avoid while you breast feed. You dont have to completely avoid these foods as taking them in small quantities will bring no harm but it is best to stay away if you can. Please note not all babies are same and some babies can react differently to different foods so it is important to watch your baby closely to see if he reacts differently to certain foods  and avoid them too..

Overdose of caffienated drinks can keep you baby awake for longer intervels by interrupting his sleep. Sounds scary? Then avoid more than two cups of coffee or tea a day. If you are addicted to tea try herbal tea like chamomile tea.

Chocolate has caffiene content and so it should be consumed in limited amounts .

The herb peppermint is known to dry up milk supply and so is not recommended while breastfeeding. You can have an occasional cup of peppermint tea but if you already have low supply of milk then avoid it totally.

If you exclusively breastfeed alcohol consumption is a big no becuase it gets into breast milk and hinder babys growth and sleep. If you do end up drinking a glass of beer then wait for 2 hours before your breastfeed your baby. If you use a breast pump then pump up milk before you consume alcohol .

Spicy Foods:
I havent stopped having spicy foods and my baby is perfectly fine. But eating too spicy foods can make your baby irritant.

Citrus fruits:
Citrus fruits can make your infant fussy and also cause diaper rashes. it is best to eat fruits like mangoes and pineapples instead of  oranges .

Almost 95% of what i cook involves garlic so I havent completely avoided garlic from my diet , but over doing it isnt good for babies.

Roadside foods: 
This is a no brainer unhealthy chats and road side foods are bad even for your health which can negatively impact your baby.

Gassy foods: 
Gassy vegetables like cabbage,cauliflower and onions can cause discomfort in babies but it is not the only reason why your baby maybe having gas issues. So monitor your baby and eliminate these vegetables if you find him getting fussy .

High Mercury Fish:
Fish is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids but they may also contain high amounts of mercury content which isnt good for baby's developing nervous system. This doesnt mean you should totally avoid sea food, you can have it in small doses

Additional tips

- Breastfeeding moms should drink lots of water
- Dont indulge in low carbohydrate diet to loose baby weight. Wait for 6 months before you start this
- If you find your little one is unusally fussy and feel he maybe having problems because of what you ate, then monitor what you ate 2-6 hours before nursing.
-You dont really need a special diet while breastfeeding, just eat healthy .

Do you have more breastfeeding nutrition tips? Please do share them in comments below.

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