Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Intolerant Bhakts want to #RemoveMughalsFromBooks

Twitter is my favorite social networking site and I love beginning my day reading witty rants in less than 140 characters. The old twitter about 4 years back had a charm of its own and was free of bhakts, apptards, salmaniacs and SRK fanatics, these days though twitter has become a tad bit too intolerant and anything and every stupid thing makes it to the trending topics list.

Today when i logged in to twitter I found #RemoveMughalsFromBooks trending and laughed out loud for real! History can be rewritten but these bhakts are actually calling for erasing history, how funny and mindless is that?

Using the tag #RemoveMughalsFromBooks RSS supporters are calling for Mughal history which is a part of Indias heritage to be trashed from school syllabus. These bhakts say that Barber and Aurangzeb killed millions of hindus, looted temples and forced islamic conversions but isnt that how every other regime functioned in those times? And what about the monuments from the Mughal Era , do these RSS supporters want to destroy even them ? What about the bristish did they not loot India, why are we demanding for their removal from books? Evene british is glorified in Indian books for bringing english education, railways and more to India!

So did RSS fanboys come out of the blue deamnding for Mughal removal from text books? Nopes. This demand came after Smriti Irani in her speech criticised what children are taught and wanted a revision in the way history books are written.

This latest demand by bhakts is pretty ridiculous and twitterattis responded with sarcam cracking witty jokes , here are some of the funniest tweets . I have RTed most of them , do follow me on twitter , so we can connect there too (@theonlytash)

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