Saturday, March 05, 2016

7 Tips to #BeatTheHeat in style this Summer

The year is flying by and we have already entered March . The mercury may not be soaring too high yet but Bangalore is already beginning to feel the heat and it is important to take extra care of our skin, hair and body in summer.

When the temperature rises we find ourselves rushing near an air conditioner or the beaches (which we dont have in bangalore ) and reaching out for juices , ice creams and chilled water . These things can keep you cool from the outside but it is important to keep your body also cool and here is how you can do that without compromising on the style factor

#1 Cotton and linen is the way to go: 
Wear cotton tunics and kurtis and linen pants in summer which is comfortable and will keep you cool. It is best to wear full sleeved tees and tops to fight tanning but indoors you can opt for shorts or 3/4ths with linen shirts. you can even try other natural fabrics like khadi or the all new Liva.

#2 Wear Light colours:
Pastels are totally in and summer is the best time to flaunt them. Dark colours adsorb more heat so it is best to stay away from them in summer. Pantone also announced baby pink and pale blue as the colours of 2016 so wear them . Also white is classy and white will keep you cool as cucumber.

#3 Loose fitted clothes
In summers it is best to avoid tight fitted clothes but that doesnt mean you have to go around looking baggy. You can go for cotton clothes which are one size bigger than your normal ones. Even footwear should be loose because your feet tend to swell a bit in heat.

#4 Carry a bottle of water:
Everyone knows this bit, plenty of water is good for your body. Staying hydrated is very important to prevent heat strokes and it will also keep your skin glowing so make sure carry your water bottle along every where you go. if drinking water gets boring then opt for coconut water, butter milk, lassi or fresh fruit juices.

#5 Dont forget the Sunscreen:
Summer means you need to sunscreen a lot more regularly and also keep reapplying very 2 hours. A sunscreen of atleast SPF 30 ++ is required for Indian summers.

#6 Sunglasses and scarves:
The best accessory to style up in summer is with the sunglasses. Funky shades will give your outfit a quirky touch in addition to protecting your eyes. Scarves also a big thing at present in India, you can add a touch of colour to your outfit with a scarf when indoors and use it to cover your hair when outdoors, this will reduce damage from sun to your hair.

#7 Minimal makeup :
Dont go over board with your make up in summers as it can melt down and look all all grasy and messy. I personally just apply tinted sunscreen from Lotus herbals with kajal and lip balm in summers. If you do have to apple make up for events then go for water proof make up which can withstand sweating and carry some blotting papers to blot the sweat or oil out.

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