Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why living in Bangalore is Awesome

On a drizzly afternoon of July i call up my cousin in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh for a some spicy chit chat and most of my conversation ends up revolving around the weather. She complains about the brutal heat compounded by power cuts and I kind of end up adding salt to wound by telling her about how cool and calm it is in Namma Bengaluru .

Bangalore and its famed weather makes living here awesome. Yes, we are experiencing impact of global warming and climate change and the weather isnt as perfect as it once used to be but still Bangalore has livable climate for atleast 10 months every year which is reason enough to make it my most favorite city in India.

There ofcourse is a lot more to Bangalore than just its climate. Labelled as the garden city of India Bangalore has long trails of trees and lush green parks. There is Lal bagh, cubbon park and Banneghatta National park which will delight every nature lover . It is also very culturally vibrant city and a music lovers paradise with both traditional and rock music finding its fans. Every international band has its concert scheduled in Bangalore if it visits India.

Bangalore is also considered as IT hub being home to many technology giants and start ups contributing to rapid growth in the population of the city which brings in its own set of problems like Traffic, garbage management and high cost of living.

These days I see anyone and everyone complaining about slow moving traffic in the city, but dont all major cities face this problem? Traffic jams in peak hours is a way of life in our city but situation is getting better with fly overs and metro coming up. Driving into Bangalore is a pleasure all thanks to tree lined roads, the cool climate and Radio stations playing music to suit all tastes. Our city is also located close to weekend getaways like goa, ooty , chikmanglur and all you have to do is drive for 7-8 hours to enjoy a vacation

Majority of Bangalore roads are pretty good and we have a good network of BMTC buses connecting different corners of the city without any hassles . You can also explore the city using the metro, autos , private AC/ Non AC buses or just ring up an ola or uber . Our city is also nicely connected by railways and boasts of a state of art international airport.

Here are more reasons why I Feel Bangalore is simply Awesome :

* Bangalore has low rates of crime against women and can be considered a very women safe city with many buses having women conductors

* We house many historical monuments like Chikkajala, Hejjala and Savanadurga, the Bangalore Palace etc in the heart of the city

* Bangalore keeps its art and culture alive and you cab catch live theater performances at Ranga Shankara, Jagruti Theatre, Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Ravindra Kala Kshetra

*This city is a foodies delight and you can taste the best of everything . South Indian , chinese or even italian , you name it and you can find a theme restaurant and ofcourse you can spot a CCD on every street. Dont miss our cheap juices, chats and filter coffee .

* English connects us all . You are new to the city? dont know kannada? You can still manage it breezily here with english or hindi .

*Unlimited job and employment opportunities present as this a start up and tech hub

Namma Bengaluru is THE place to live, What say you?

This is my entry for #MadeOfGreat Zonal War by TATA MOTORS on Indiblogger.


  1. Exactly,.. I can relate and agree with each point,. Lovely post,...

  2. Lovely post though i never saw anything except Bangalore railway station in my life. hope to visit it soon

  3. Sadly, this year Bangalore climate has been as hot as other places..