Sunday, November 15, 2015

#MadeOfGreat - Meet my maid Salma

Some people come into our life and quietly go, others stay a while and put footprints on our hearts with their heart wrenching story of life.

A single parent to a 11 year old girl child my house help is a blessing in my life, if not for her I wouldn't know how to lead a normal life in this fast paced times of today.

Salma's Story: 
Born in a poor family, deprived of any kind of education the girl salma had seen many hardships very early in her life. Salma started off as a house help at an early age of 15 years to support her financially struggling family consisting of her mother and siblings . Later she was married off at 18 years of age but her woes did not end with marriage. She continued to work as a domestic help to support her husband . salma discovered more truths about her husband, he was a gambler and an alcoholic and as if all this was not enough salma also learnt of her husbands alive first wife . The man was already married and had 2 children from his first wife and to add to this Salma discovered she was pregnant too. The woman had taken in too much and now she decided to move out and bring up her child on her own.
Salma rented a room and worked as a maid all through her pregnancy to support herself. She gave birth to a  baby girl and with help from her mother she took care of the girl and is today a proud single parent of a 11 year old who studies in 6 th standard of an English medium school. If this woman salma isnt #MadeOfGreat tell me who is?

*She decided she will give birth to her baby and will not deprive her of anything in the world. she was uneducated but she would make sure her baby got the best education .

*She now works in eight houses to support her daughter and mom. She prepares food at her own home in the morningand then sets out to do dishes, sweeping and washing clothes at 7 other houses all day, then returns home to do the dishes and cook dinner for her own home again.

*Sheer hard work earns salma around 12,000 a month which she uses to pay rent, school fees and tuition fees of her daughter , electricity  and water bills and ration for the house.

* Being a domestic help has its own health related issues. Salma keeps falling ill and takes leaves for atleast 5 days a month but this doesnt stop her from returning back to work happy and smiling. She never complains or frowns and the best thing about her is her work. She keeps my home spic and span, displaying amazing dedication to her job , also she is trust able person. In the 6  years she has worked at our house never have we come across even one incident of theft.

* This women takes complete care of her now old mother and her daughter . she inspires me with her compassion and sheer devotion for the well being of  her family.

*Sacrificing all her life for her family, she is a true role model living a simple life managing both her family and work #LikeABoss

* Salma Fought the Fight all her life.. . Stood her ground and refused to accept tantrums of her husband.. Survived the fall kicking ass of her numerous health issues ... Believed in her strength to take her through the journey called life.

* An embodiment of 3 D' s... Determination , dedication and discipline... her immense will power will inspire all.

Salma I tell you is a  woman of real substance, particles, atoms and molecules, undeniably #MadeOfGreat. 
G -Grit
R - Reliable
E - Enduring
A - Adept
T - Trustable

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