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Modernizing the Saree: 10 new ways to wear the saree

The stunning stylish saree is an iconic piece of indian culture and tradition. The sari has been there for like forever reinventing and evolving itself and surviving the tests of time. The younger generation now doesnt shy away from wearing a sari for parties or traditional dos , infact Sonam kapoor last year moved away from the usual gowns and dresses and walked cannes red carpet in a contemporary draped 6 yard Anamika khanna sari .

new ways to drape the saree

 Indian fashion designers have always tried to experiment with the saree trying everything from draping it over dhotis, pants, adding in belts, waistcoats and jackets . Here lets talk about some trendy ways the sari drape had revamped itself to suit the tastes of modern indian women.

Dhoti Saree : Popularized by sonam kapoor the dhoti saree is quite a rage these days with bollywood celebs. Just use your solid coloured plain saree to drape it in dhoti style for a indo-western effect. If you are comfortable draping the mahrastrian saree then this should be a easy deal for you but if you arent you should just google for tutorial or get help from your parlour lady.

The sari gown : The ultimate fusion wear , a sari gown isnt exactly a way to wear the saree but is a pre draped ready made saree. This is the most preferred way to wear a sari these days because of the comfort it offers, all you have to do is zip it and you are good to go . This is totally worth investing.

Saree with a belt : Adding a traditional kamarband to the saree isnt anything new but now is a time for revamp. Replace the kamarband with your western belt and watch your saree look transform. For added effect pair a plain saree with a metallic belt and printed blouse.
dhoti saree, sari gown, saree belt

Pant saree: skip your petticoat and drape your saree over a pair of leggings or fitted pants for an indo western twist. You will need a smaller saree for this drape or you can just buy a pre draped ready made pant saree for added comfort
pant saree

Peplum saree :  If peplum is a trend you already like then show more love to it by pairing it with your saree. Just get your favourite peplum top out and drape your saree over it , under it or even in a gujrati style .  Peplum saree is a great way to add drama and stand out but make sure you tone down on the accessories.

peplum saree

Drape with an offbeat blouse : Draping it in a different way is not the only way to revamp your saree. Ditch your traditional blouse and pair your saree with an offbeat blouse to give it a modern twist. Opt for a crop top, jacket, bolero, corset or capes and spice up your old saree.

saree with jacket, waistcoat or corsetThe quirky printed way: Prints are tootally in and masaba gupta just made them more quirky. Lipsticks, cows, hands , fans any and everything is allowed in here . Just grab some prints in bright colours for added effect and splash a wedding or a festival in style

quirky prints

Cape it: I loved it when samantha wore a cape over her saree and ever since capes have become quite popular in ethnic wear so it is the right time to try the cape saree trend. Invest in a cape and add it over your saree and skip the neck piece. For added effect make sure your cape is sheer, lacy or netted.

cape saree samantha

Cross wrap it : use your regular printed saree to drape in a crossed way over a full sleeves blouse or a crop top and cinch with a belt for more polished look . Watch this video here for tutorial on how to do this.
cross wrap sari

Jumpsuit Saree:
This saree trend hasnt been too popular but if you are a jumpsuit person this is one trend you shouldnt skip trying. I spotted the saree inspired jumpsuit on runway at a payal singhal show and  i just loved this super modern twist to the sari.

jumpsuit saree, payal singhal

So which drape are you looking to experiment with ?

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  1. I love quirky printed sarees..i would love to donne dhoti sari and saree with belt :)

  2. Hi, small does the saree length need to be for the pant saree and how would you drape it?