Friday, August 21, 2015

Embrace Speed with fastest network ever - Airtel

Internet has changed the way we live and revolutionized everything from shopping to staying connected . From the days of dial up connections to having lightening fast 3G internet on our mobile phones, technology also  has come a long way and now Airtel brings to you the fastest network ever - Airtel 4G .

In this digital age where smartphones are an important part of our lives fast internet is a blessing. You need to call a taxi on the go, instagram a photo, watch the latest viral video or just upload a video in real time on your facebook, it can all be possible with Airtel 4G. Buffering of videos shared by your friends over whatsapp is a thing of past now with blazing speeds from Airtel 4G .

In the past I often used my smartphone and its 3G services to check mails, tweet occasionally and stay connected via whatsapp . Stuck in a traffic jam i always wanted shop on the go on mobile shopping apps, check my instagram feed or check out trailers of  upcoming movies from my favorite stars but it never happened because 3G was fast but not fast enough to load photos instantly or run a video without buffering . But it has all changed with Airtel rolling out its 4G services across across 296 cities . Now embrace speed and experience the fabulous world of internet to the fullest .

Last week i missed an episode of Jhalak Dikhla Ja Reloaded  and my Favourite contestant Sanaya Iranis performance. I decided to watch it on Youtube and to my delight the video on my 4G network streamed seamlessly without compromising on the quality. It was almost like i was watching it on television. Faster internet speeds open up  more doors of possibilities to us. I never used services of Uber before because i never trusted my internet enough but now with 4G iam all set to experiment and explore the world of apps on my smartphone. It is time to simplify and add comfort to my life and 4G will only help me better. Here are a list of things i plan to do with my newly acquired 4G speed on my smartphone

  • Stream music from online radio stations. 
  • Shop on the go on shopping apps from my phone
  • Upload more real time photos on instagram
  • Watch random videos on youtube
  • video call my sister
  • send and receive videos over whatsapp
  • Dump the No-Autowallahs and try uber

When i was showing off my newly acquired speed from airtel to my friends , one of my friend inquired about the cost of 4G services . Now this is THE best part of Airtel 4G , you get the amazing speed of 4G a for the price of 3G . My friend was very impressed and she instantly registered for an Airtel Sim. Existing Airtel users can get a 4G sim delivered at their doorstep for free just by tweeting #GetAirtel4G

for more information visit here -

Friday, August 07, 2015

Free Airtel 4G SIM is now just a tweet away

Airtel yesterday became the first teleco to launch high speed fourth generation (4G) mobile data services in india. Terming its 4G service as the fastest network ever airtel also priced their 4G services at their existing 3G rates and to get their users to quickly start using 4G Airtel today launched a unique twitter campaign #GetAirtel4G .

The #GetAirtel4G is a unique 4G SIM delivery service by Airtel for all their existing users. Using the hashtag #GetAirtel4G an Airtel user with a 4G handset can get a 4G SIM delivered to their home for free. If you are a twitter user making use of this unique service is a breeze but if you arent well i will simply things for you.

Just tweet with hashtag #GetAirtel4G (see my tweet for reference )

Airtel with its newly acquired 4G speed will instantly send you a reply  with a link to fill in your details, Like this (i think there is a bot in operation there ;)  )

Now Fill in the details and wait for your 4G sim to be delivered within 4 hours. Quick eh? I have a 4G compatible smartphone and now it was time to put my device to full use with the awesomeness of 4G network from Airtel. I love trying new things and there is no way iam not going try this super fast stuff . I entered my details in a jiffy and got my personal Free 4G sim delivered in less than 2 hours . Make sure you put in right details as the address in the form will be used to deliver the sim to your place.

On its website airtel says "If your network is faster we will pay your mobile bills for life" .  Fastest network ever alright! @airtelindia just delivered a free #Airtel4G sim in record time to my home and all that for free. Now so excited to redefine my smartphone experience with Airtel 4G .

Speed , Here comes Me!

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Say Hi to Airtel 4G

Being a blogger and an avid twitteratti means i have to stay connected to the wide world of internet 24 X 7 . I spot an amazing looking view and i capture it instantly with my phone next i want to share it in real time with my Friends online on twitter and instagram and BAM the upload gets stuck ! Apparently my 3G mobile net isnt fast enough even to upload a mid resolution photo .

I remember there was a time when i used a nokia 2200 and having access to internet everywhere i go was only a fantasy . The advent of smartphones have changed life for the better and now we can stay connected to world online with a single touch on our phones. Having internet access on my palm has surely revolutionized my way of living but i do wish the internet experience on  my phone was more breezy and quick, just like i have it on my laptop. Like a genie who is here to fulfil my wishes i spotted the Airtel 4G ad on Tv today and boy was i excited? Hell yes.

I have a 4G compatible smartphone and now it was time to put my device to full use with the awesomeness of 4G network from Airtel. I love trying new things and there is no way iam not going try this super fast stuff .
I logged into Airtel website  with my phone number and registered for a free 4G sim which will soon be delivered at my doorstep . On the website i discovered another very fabulous thing , the pricing! Get 4G at the rate of 3G how amazing is that?

So now iam waiting for the 4G sim to be delivered to me and then i want to take the Airtel Challenge with my friends . On its website airtel says "If your network is faster we will pay your mobile bills for life" . This sounds so much fun and i just cant wait to experience the new, experience the speed .

With the airtel 4G iam looking to redefine my smartphone experience . Recently the fashion portal Myntra went App only and i was very shocked . I had to actually sit within wifi range to shop from this site and then there is buzz that Flipkart will be going app only soon. I am hoping this Airtel 4G is fast enough to let me shop on my anywhere anytime even away from my wifi range. Also stay tuned to my instagram for more realtime photos . 4G here i come!

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