Friday, June 12, 2015

Basic skin care routine to follow for flawless skin

Everyone dreams of fabulous radiant skin which is a dream these days because our skin is subjected to so much damage from sunlight , pollution and ageing . This doesn't mean you cant achieve healthy glowing skin. With some simple skin care routines you can achieve flawless perfection and bid bye to pimples , tan and black heads .

Drink plenty of water : If you want your skin to look healthy you need to hydrate it from within.Drinking 8- 10 glasses of water does loads of good for your skin

Cleanse Tone Moisturize: The CTM routine is stressed by all skin care experts and it is important to follow it if you are serious about having radiant skin. Cleansing twice a day with a mild cleanser is important. Do not use a soap or over cleanse your face which may lead to loss of moisture. Use products suitable for your skin type or something natural like Vicco turmeric cream with a foam base. Most people dont cleanse in the evening and just use a wet wipe to remove make up which is a big no.

After cleansing toning is important because cleaning disturbs the pH balance of skin and toner restores this quickly. Toner is also known to close or shrink pores in your skin and this is a reason why people with oily skin should not avoid this step . I dont take toning seriously as i have dry skin and i dont feel the need to tone my skin everyday . Most brands have toners but i suggest you use pure rose water as a toner .
Moisturizing is the most essential part of your skin care to restore lost moisture to your skin.Even if you have oily skin this step shouldn't be skipped and you should moisturize at least once a day or you can just use a moisturizing face wash. People with dry skin should opt for an intense moisturizing cream.

Exfoliate : Exfoliating helps get rid of dead skin but you should never over do this. Once a week is fine. For a natural exfoliater  mix baking soda in water .

Use Sunscreen: Sun rays cause a lot of damage to your skin and it is absolutely essential to use sunscreen when you step out. Most people skin sunscreen in winters which is a big no as even the light winter sun can damage skin. Choose a good sunscreen with an SPF of around 30 to keep your skin protected. You can also skip this step byu opting for a moisturizer with a SPF . Make sure you reapply sunscreen every 3 hours. It is best to use a powder compact with SPF which makes reapplication easy. I use  Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake Powder to do this .

Remove Makeup before sleep: This is one mistake which can cost your skin dearly. Never ever sleep with make up on and by removing makeup i dont mean wiping it off with wet wipes. You should thoroughly remove every trace of make up from the mascara to the blush with an oil based make up remover. I use babuy oil as a make up remover and it removes even the toughest of my make up . After removing make up ypu may need to wash your face and indulge your skin in intense repair therapy with a moisturizer or a night cream.

Aniti ageing routine : No one can stop ageing but you can definitely delay it . Ageing of skin means your skin begins to sag and looses its smooth and softness. Reversing skin ageing is impossible so i recommend you take ageing seriously and start early . 25 should be the right time to start with anti ageing routine but with proper sunscreen and moisturization you can skip anti ageing routine till 30 -35 .

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