Thursday, May 07, 2015

Decoding Ek Nayi League

Cricket and Bollywood unites us Indians like nothing else can . BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world  all thanks to this Nation of a billions cricket obsession. We Indians cant get enough of cricket and so we dont only have the domestic and international cricket to watch , we also have a glitzy and glam IPL
The Indian Premiere league is currently on and iam least interested. For me the charm of Cricket ended with Sachin's retirement and as for my interest in IPL the 2013 spot fixing scandal is to be blamed. I do watch a match here and there all thanks to my brother who is still an addict but i dont really follow the whole tournament but do you know which league has caught my off late? It is the Ek Nayi League. !

When a league is Promoted by the legendary Kapil dev  everyone is bound to get excited . But what is this league all about? The 'Ek Nayi League ' Literally translated means ' One New League ' and the promotional videos of this yet to be launched League are going viral on Social Media and in all these videos  Kapil Dev features advising people to not play with their heart .  Even the banners show Kapil Dev pointing finger on his head. So What is Kapil Dev trying to tell us? to play with our mind and to use our brains is it ?
This whole Ek Nayi League i must say is marketed very tactfully keeping an aura of  suspense and secrecy around it encouraging the viewers to do some guess work .
When i spotted the 1983 world cup winning captain Kapil Dev in the ad i first thought the this maybe a revamped version of the Indian Cricket League (ICL)  which Kapil Dev was associated with  but when Kapil Dev speaks about not playing form your heart i have a feeling this league has nothing to do with cricket . It maybe a league  involving game which tests a persons Intelligence Quotient  something like Chess but of course i cant be even 1% sure about it because in other videos Kapil Dev talks about retirement and also about women players.

Since there is so much talk of  not playing from the Heart i feel this league may turn out to be something totally unrelated to sports.  It can be something related to women empowerment since one video draws focus to Indian women players and women are though to think from heart and Kapil Dev may be directly advising all us women here.
This could also be a quiz league or a celebrity mind testing reality show as so many references are made for using  the brains rather than the heart.
Another assumption i am going to make here is about this league being a newly launched Fantasy league for the IPL but then again more than half the IPL is over and the timing of the launch just does not fit in.

What Do you think this #EkNayiLeague is all about? please do share in comments.

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