Thursday, April 09, 2015

The 'Do Right' Journey on a boat

India attained freedom decades ago but our country is still economically under developed . For a country to thrive and dream of a better future education is a must. Education broadens the mind, makes one curious about things, about life, helps one to draw conclusions from things, helps one to form an individual opinion and make choices accordingly .
In today's rapidly growing competitive word illiteracy is the most challenging problem our country is facing  because with illiteracy comes  unemployment, superstitions and crimes. With a huge Population of over 1.2 billion people India's government is finding it very difficult to eradicate illiteracy even after launching various programmes like Operation black board,national literacy mission and sarva siksha abhyan. .

The current literacy rate in India is just 74.04% . The figures are even more alarming in the state of Uttar Pradesh (64%) which is home to Varanasi the religious and cultural center of India. Varanasi which rests on the banks of river Ganga has a huge population and kids here are seen aimlessly loitering around wasting their precious learning years. These children need help, they need guidance to help them realize their true potential and  to channel their energy in the right direction . And these children seem to have found that guiding light in the Do Righter Ajeet singh 

 Ajeet Singh has come up with an innovative Varanasi Boat school which aims at making learning fun and helps children study, play and revise without any pressures or tensions. Children in Varanasi flock to the Boat school for two hours everyday after their regular school hours .   

Varanasi Boat School
 The boat school

The boat school no doubt provides these children an ideal learning environment but there is still a lot of scope for improvement. The boat school needs a magical transformation to unleash its true potential in helping kids learn. The interiors of the school need a makeover, some repairs and renovations are to be done, a basic library is required. Also some educational toys, computer facility and stationary can help this boat school enhance the learning environment for children. All this will be only possible  if we come together and contribute.

 How can You help? 
A small donation will make a huge difference and give these children a learning environment they deserve.  Help in transforming this unique Haven for the children of ganga by contributing or spreading the message.  To make a contribution Click Here .

The Do Right initiative is done by Tata Capital after  illiteracy was voted  as the biggest challenge facing out country with 18.78% votes in its #india4india survey.  Visit the Do Right website here for more details . also see the video below to get a peek into the lives of children who attend the boat school .


  1. Dear Kamar I feel happy about all these initiatives that the Govt or the various NGO's are taking to make literacy as The Campaign for it all starts with basics isn't it. But when I look around at all the well to do educated around me I often wonder about those basics we were taught in school while we were getting literate ourselves and have come to one conclusion. There has been a lot of development lately but very little growth. And sometimes I wonder if literacy campaigns will help in magical transformations that the country badly needs.
    But thank you for this. One has to start somewhere and we start with the A, B, C's and let's hope and pray for Development with Growth. Hope you get my drift.

    1. i agree with you literacy alone cat solve things but the problem lies with the rote learning system. This boat school aims at skill based fun learning which i feel should be promoted in a country like india

  2. Very interesting idea...Literacy plays key role in improving quality of life and way one's think.This is like providing education at door step.Will share this for sure.

  3. How nice of you to share this and bring attention to this. It's a great initiative.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing sweets...I am definitely sharing it

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  6. yeah! boot school is such a great initiative. kudos to the guys behind this :)