Thursday, April 23, 2015

6 Tips to Help you choose the Right pair of Sport Shoes

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." - Marilyn Monroe

Fashion forward or not shoes play a vital role in a girls life and a pair of right fitted sports shoes are a must have for all. Sport shoes will serve you well while you sweat it out or even on your occasional trekking trips.

When it comes to choosing sports shoes comfort always wins over style because no one wants to suffer aching heels after a good run or a walk. Finding a pair which perfectly suits and fits your needs can be a tricky task especially if you land up with a wrong or a pushy sales man  who has no idea about what you actually need.  Finding your pair of perfect sport shoes is important to minimize risk of injuries and make you feel comfortable. Also a good pair of perfectly fitted shoes can make your workout fun so here are  6 tips to help you choose better.

Dont look for multitasking sport Shoes: There are variety of sport shoes available out there from running shoes to racing shoes to trainer shoes . all these shoes are designed differently to suit the activity they are intended for . Walking shoes are stiff while trainer shoes are designed to platform heavy lifting . What iam trying to say is if you intend to do running then get running shoes and dont expect your running shoes to take you through a session of aerobics. Get a pair for each activity for maximum comfort.

Know your feet type:  For finding the perfect fit you have to know what kind of feet you have. There are 3 types of  feet namely the flat feet, low arched feet and normal neutral feet. You can determine what type of feet you have by taking a wet test , i.e wetting your feet and examining your foot print shape. The staff at a reputed branded shoes retailer should be able to determine your feet type easily. For more accuracy you could just try the shoe and walk in them at the store. I suggest you buy your first pair of sports offline and  note down your fit and feet type to shop online later.

Buy shoes in the evening: You may have noticed that by the end of the day your feet swell a bit. The same happens when you work out so it is best to buy shoes in the evening to get the perfect fit.

Dont look for style: When buying a pair of sport shoes dont  look for style, chances are you will sacrifice comfort for fashion. If  a right fitted pair look good then fine but if they dont still choose them over a fancy looking pair .

Dont buy too small Shoes: The right fit is important but it is also essential that your feet feel happy when you wear your shoes. The right fit is when you are able to twist and move your toes inside the shoe. 
replace your sport shoes often:

Try shoes in store with socks : You will be wearing socks while running right?  so it makes sense to trial them with your socks on to get a hang of how exactly they feel. I suggest you wear your socks when going sport shoe shopping

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  1. These are some awesome tips Babe! Sport shoes are an investment and should be really bought like one...Thank you for sharing these! :)