Thursday, April 30, 2015

5 trendy ways to style kurtis this summer

Summers are here and the best way to beat the heat is in ethnic  tunics aka Kurtis . Kurtis are both trendy and comfortable ethnic wear which is being embraced by people of all ages. They are a favourite with College goers, working women and even housewives thanks to their perfect amalgamation of style and comfort.

kurtis these days are available in various designs, cuts and style. Kurtis are a very versatile piece of fashion, you can wear it to any occasion provided you style it right.

Today kurtis are everywhere and to stand out here i present to you 5 ways to style it this summer.

Stay cool with comfortable Leggings : Leggings are a rage these days. They are versatile and can be worn with any kind of kurtas be it straight fit, A line or even anarkali kurta. Pairing kurtas with leggings is very common as the kurta legging combo is a perfect one . Try to bring variety in your looks by opting for printed leggings or even ankle length leggings to stand out. Leggings in lycra and cotton are avaiable everywhere these days and you can shop online too . Some brands i love are  flur leggings, Oleva Legging, karigari leggings and rangmunch leggings.

Embrace Traditional funk with Dhoti Pants : Inspired by traditional mens fashion from south india dhoti pants are in vogue these days even with women. These breezy pants are  sweeping the indian fashion runaway with designers like arpita mehta , payal pratap singh, tarun tahliani and anamika khanna incorporating the trend in their collections. Size isnt an issue with these comfortable free flowing garment but it is important that you choose the right fabric .  Dhoti pants are best styled with short kurtis and bohemian jewellery. If you are pairing dhoti pant with knee length kurtis then add a belt to your look

Go fusion with a pair of palazzos : Palazzos can be teamed beautifully with both indian and western wear and summer is the best time to flaunt them. Team a pair of your palazzos with a contrasting coloured kurta and you are good to hangout with friends. For a more dressy look opt for printed palazzos and pair them with asymmetrical hemline kurtas .

Give kurtis a trendy twist with Harem pants : Harem pants are loose  pants which help you make a statement event when you keep things simple. The best thing about these pants is that they flatter women of all sizes and ages.  Harem pants are very versatile , you can wear them to work, brunch, college, with western wear or even ethnic wear. Go pair a well fitted kurti with your baggy harem pants and rock this summer .

Pair kurti with skirts for super desi vibe :  Skirts are flowy, chic and fun . Pair them with your straight cut kurtas for a fun summery look. Make sure your skirt is flared and flowy and your kurta is long to let just some inches of skirt hemline peek out. You can even pair skirts with asymmetrical hemline kurtas but make sure it has slits to make skirts peep out. Accessorize with bangles or jhumkas.

Go ahead and flaunt your ethnic kurtas in style this summer.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

6 Tips to Help you choose the Right pair of Sport Shoes

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." - Marilyn Monroe

Fashion forward or not shoes play a vital role in a girls life and a pair of right fitted sports shoes are a must have for all. Sport shoes will serve you well while you sweat it out or even on your occasional trekking trips.

When it comes to choosing sports shoes comfort always wins over style because no one wants to suffer aching heels after a good run or a walk. Finding a pair which perfectly suits and fits your needs can be a tricky task especially if you land up with a wrong or a pushy sales man  who has no idea about what you actually need.  Finding your pair of perfect sport shoes is important to minimize risk of injuries and make you feel comfortable. Also a good pair of perfectly fitted shoes can make your workout fun so here are  6 tips to help you choose better.

Dont look for multitasking sport Shoes: There are variety of sport shoes available out there from running shoes to racing shoes to trainer shoes . all these shoes are designed differently to suit the activity they are intended for . Walking shoes are stiff while trainer shoes are designed to platform heavy lifting . What iam trying to say is if you intend to do running then get running shoes and dont expect your running shoes to take you through a session of aerobics. Get a pair for each activity for maximum comfort.

Know your feet type:  For finding the perfect fit you have to know what kind of feet you have. There are 3 types of  feet namely the flat feet, low arched feet and normal neutral feet. You can determine what type of feet you have by taking a wet test , i.e wetting your feet and examining your foot print shape. The staff at a reputed branded shoes retailer should be able to determine your feet type easily. For more accuracy you could just try the shoe and walk in them at the store. I suggest you buy your first pair of sports offline and  note down your fit and feet type to shop online later.

Buy shoes in the evening: You may have noticed that by the end of the day your feet swell a bit. The same happens when you work out so it is best to buy shoes in the evening to get the perfect fit.

Dont look for style: When buying a pair of sport shoes dont  look for style, chances are you will sacrifice comfort for fashion. If  a right fitted pair look good then fine but if they dont still choose them over a fancy looking pair .

Dont buy too small Shoes: The right fit is important but it is also essential that your feet feel happy when you wear your shoes. The right fit is when you are able to twist and move your toes inside the shoe. 
replace your sport shoes often:

Try shoes in store with socks : You will be wearing socks while running right?  so it makes sense to trial them with your socks on to get a hang of how exactly they feel. I suggest you wear your socks when going sport shoe shopping

Have more tips ? Please do share them with us in comments

Stay Stylish
Kamar Jahan

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kajol in a refreshing summer look for Alphenliebe event

Kajol is a good actress but her fashion choices arent something i gravitate to but it all changed at this recent press meet for Alpenliebe when kajol turned up in a white  summery payla khandwala dress.
The asymytrycal hem line  linen dress is pretty   but what made this look more impacful for kajols was her curls. Loving the hair which lends this look a very breezy summery vibe.

Kajol also added a block red necklace , pointed pumps and red lips to the look  .  i am loving red white combo and Kajol definitely is looking very young and fresh. i want to see her wear looks like this more often.

what do you think of this  look from Kajol? 

Friday, April 17, 2015

For men : Loafers that add to your cool look

They Say Judge a Man by his shoes , so it is important for men to play detailed attention to their shoe choices. Today men have wide options to choose from so choose wisely according to your comfort and personality. The temperatures are soaring high and summer has announced its arrival . It is time to go sockless and what better than loafers to fuse style and comfort this season? 

Loafers which basically are lace less and buckle less low heel shoes can be worn in both casual and formal style. This shoe though is best suited to complete a formal look in summers and so every man should own atleast one pair of loafers. These can also be worn all year round and are available in a variety of colours , shapes and style.

Men these days are choosing loafers a lot as they are comfortable,  versatile and stylish . They are also durable and  easy to slip them on. You can spend hours in them and not feel a thing and there is no compromise on style either. Loafers also tend to give a very special vibe to the whole outfit but you need to style it right or it may end  up spoiling your entire look. For starters never pair your loafers with baggy shorts or trousers. 

For a casual look to a evening out Pair your pair of Loafers with denims, track pants, cargos or even shorts. You can wear these versatile pair of flat shoes with a shirt or even a t shirt.

 Loafers can also be paired formally to give your summer office look a peppy twist.

Types Of Loafers  :

14 Best Summer Loafers

Penny Loafers: These loafers are a creation of GH Bass . Penny loafers have a split diamond shaped cut out in the front of the shoe which in 1930s could fit a penny for emergency phone calls and hence the name originated. 

14 Best Summer Loafers

Tassle Loafers: Launched in 1950 tassle loafers are slip ons with a tassle as decoration in the front.

Style Guide for Loafers: 
*With Loafers go sockless as these pair of shoes are meant to show a little ankle.
*Style is all about experimenting for a formal look pair your loafers with light coloured socks and flaunt like a pocket square
*Loafers are best for toned down formal events like a summer wedding 
*If you are pairing loafers with a 3 piece suit go for dark colours and simple details
* Men tend to choose black or brown . Loafers are the safest way to experiment with colours for men. Go go play with colours
* Loafers come with variety of embellishments like spikes and tassles opt for them if you are going for a fun casual look.

So go get your pair now and flaunt them off this summer. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Zenfone 2 Spells Excitement, Beauty and Power

Iam a gadget freak. I love gadgets and everything technology. Anybody who knows me well knows that iam a twitterholic. I love connecting , discovering and exploring in 140 characters . Twitter has now become an addiction and i have now resorted to tweeting not only from my laptop but also from my mobile.

As a twitteratti who has grown increasingly addicted to the social networking site over the past few months and who wants to tweet 24 X 7 I am on a lookout for a perfect smartphone and the launch of Asus Zenfone 2 couldn't be timed better.


I am not smartphone less at the moment but my existing phone is just not up to the mark. And how would it be ? I never imagined doing hardcore tweeting, 24 hour selfie clicking or touch abusing the phone by playing games on it all day when i brought this beginner of a smartphone. Now my needs have changed and i am going to settle for nothing but the best. What is The best you ask? well ZenPhone 2 of course . Why ? well the reasons are more than one. Let me list them out for you .

Luxurious Arc Design: A girl always wants style and zenfone offers just that. Coming with ergonomic arc design which is both classy and fabulous zenphone 2 has a brushed metal finish and concentric circle detailing design . I love my gadgets sleek and Asus makes sure zenfone is ultra thin with 5.5 inches display and 3.9 mm thickness. You need a good looking phone which feels good in your hands and delivers power packed performance at the same time? Look no Further!

4 Freaking GB RAM: If you even remotely care about technology the 4 GB RAM is bound to excite you. Powered by 2.3GHz 64-bit Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor the zenfone 2 is the world’s 1st smartphone equipped with 4GB RAM to give you seamless lag free gaming, video and web experience. This means my nephew can indulge in all the heavy weight games he desires and i can run tweetcaster like butter without it crashing from tweet overload ever!. Multitasking here i come. EPIC win.

Pixel master camera: zenfone 2 comes with a 13 MP primary camera and f/2.0-aperture to help us capture amazing high resolution photos even in low light conditions. Zenfone2 is also an ideal phone for selfie maniacs as it comes with 5MP front-facing camera which has a 85-degree wide-angle lens to help capture sharp and clear selfies.

Fast Charging with Boost Master: Iam always running around to find my charger and even after my phone being plugged in most of the time i always leave my home with very less battery on phone. So for a person like me the boostmaster technology which charges phone at double the speed is a boon. The zenfone 2 has a 3000mAh battery which can be charged to 60 % in 39 minutes flat.

Asus zen UI: The zenphone 2 comes with android lollipop and customized zen user interface. I have experienced Zen UI with my sisters zenphone 5 and i love it. iam looking forward to check out the brand new zen UI in zenphone 2 which comes with new features like zenmotion and snapview.

With so much to offer the zenfone 2 is sure to redefine my smartphone experience , iam waiting for the price to be revealed and iam so sure like the asus zenfone 5 thhis phone will be priced perfectly right by Asus.

Which feature of the Asus zenfone 2 excites you?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Amala does green for store launch

Amala attended a store launch in a green surendri by yogesh choudary lehenga . Given the event it was ofcourse expected of amala to wear gold ethnic jewellery which she did. Amala wore  a choker necklace , earrings bangles and a ring.

The green lehenga has printed sunflower motifs and emroidered sunflower buttis completed the dupatta. Nude lips and side swept hair was how Amala Paul finished it out

I love how the south star paired the lehenga with a white plain choli . If the blouse wasnt white or plain this look would look very weddingish.  Since the choli was plain skipping the choker and going for a layered jewellery look would be a better option. But that doesnt mean Amala dint look good. Her hair and make  make up came together well and she looked fabulous.

Iam loving the lehenga colour a lot here.

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Thursday, April 09, 2015

The 'Do Right' Journey on a boat

India attained freedom decades ago but our country is still economically under developed . For a country to thrive and dream of a better future education is a must. Education broadens the mind, makes one curious about things, about life, helps one to draw conclusions from things, helps one to form an individual opinion and make choices accordingly .
In today's rapidly growing competitive word illiteracy is the most challenging problem our country is facing  because with illiteracy comes  unemployment, superstitions and crimes. With a huge Population of over 1.2 billion people India's government is finding it very difficult to eradicate illiteracy even after launching various programmes like Operation black board,national literacy mission and sarva siksha abhyan. .

The current literacy rate in India is just 74.04% . The figures are even more alarming in the state of Uttar Pradesh (64%) which is home to Varanasi the religious and cultural center of India. Varanasi which rests on the banks of river Ganga has a huge population and kids here are seen aimlessly loitering around wasting their precious learning years. These children need help, they need guidance to help them realize their true potential and  to channel their energy in the right direction . And these children seem to have found that guiding light in the Do Righter Ajeet singh 

 Ajeet Singh has come up with an innovative Varanasi Boat school which aims at making learning fun and helps children study, play and revise without any pressures or tensions. Children in Varanasi flock to the Boat school for two hours everyday after their regular school hours .   

Varanasi Boat School
 The boat school

The boat school no doubt provides these children an ideal learning environment but there is still a lot of scope for improvement. The boat school needs a magical transformation to unleash its true potential in helping kids learn. The interiors of the school need a makeover, some repairs and renovations are to be done, a basic library is required. Also some educational toys, computer facility and stationary can help this boat school enhance the learning environment for children. All this will be only possible  if we come together and contribute.

 How can You help? 
A small donation will make a huge difference and give these children a learning environment they deserve.  Help in transforming this unique Haven for the children of ganga by contributing or spreading the message.  To make a contribution Click Here .

The Do Right initiative is done by Tata Capital after  illiteracy was voted  as the biggest challenge facing out country with 18.78% votes in its #india4india survey.  Visit the Do Right website here for more details . also see the video below to get a peek into the lives of children who attend the boat school .

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