Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Look up and start a new Life

Change is the only constant in life. Without change life becomes boring. Change adds a zing to life, makes it exciting and opens door for better living.  But adapting to change is difficult . Not everybody take changes positively and i have deep respect for people who welcome change with open arms, always ready to explore the unexplored to #StartANewLife.
I myself never liked changes, good or bad i had always wanted to stay in my comfort zone and follow the rest. Small changes in the user interface of facebook annoyed me, the missing start button from windows 8 drove me crazy , i refused to embrace new trends in  fashion , i stuck to getting a monotonous  degree just to fit in with my cousin. 
Life wasnt bad it was good, not only good it was perfect , too perfect to be real, too perfect to be exciting , too perfect to enjoyed. And one fine day i decided i needed a change,a change  to make my life more exciting , a change to make my life more meaningful, a change to make my life fun. And i knew how exactly to get this much needed change in my life. It was by not opting for a 9-5 job offered at campus placement. 
Good Grades. Good College. Good job. All sounded good on paper but in reality it was boring, dull and very safe.  
Where is the fun, where is the excitement? My passion lied elsewhere . .Brand Development, social Media marketing , managing campaigns all these phrases excited me. I loved Social Media marketing and that was what i wanted to do.Social media was where my heart was and i decided to follow my heart and carve a career out of it.  Next i revamped my twitter account , switched to windows 8 and  thus began my search for excitement. 
I knew this wouldn't be an easy thing to do , no one in my family had taken this route for a career but i was surprised when i got full support from my parents. They had full confidence in my abilities and trusted me do make it big in any thing i chose . They encouraged me to take this risk and chase my dreams. 
The journey hasnt ended , and it for sure hasnt been a rosy  one but i am proud of myself to have chosen this path , to have ventured into something new. The results arent Phenomenal but the journey has been a good one. I wake up everyday with excitement brimming inside me, every new landmark i scale gives me a high, a chance to celebrate and a chance to actually, really Live Life.  

So, why am i telling you all this? I know my story isnt even a tiny winy bit inspiring but i hope this post makes at least someone out there to sit back and analyse their life, their dreams . Ask yourself is this what you want from life? If the answer is no, you should definitely consider following your dreams , who knows it may just come true. 
Sit Back

#StartANewLife and Look Up for a brighter living!

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