Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Healthy Flakes for Breakfast

Starting a day on a  delicious yummy note is important as it sets the tone for a bright happy day and my mom makes sure this happens everyday. Parathes, Aloo puris, idly vadas , choles and lemon rice are all my moms specialty breakfast dishes which i miss a lot when iam away from home. I just cant seem to be patient enough to grind up a batter for idlis or even roll a roti so, I stick to the easy and boring bread and omelette . At times like these kelloggs Guptajis family recipes come as a boon helping me prepare a simple healthy breakfast for me in minutes.

cornflakes are always a favorite with me, they are light , they are healthy and they are filling. But cornflakes everyday can get monotonous right? well not really if you have over a hundred different recipes for cornflakes alone. 100 recipes , the sheer variety is enough to get me curious and check out guptajis place at breakfast and get a taste of their 'anaaj ka nastha'

What i miss most when away from home and moms cooking is the variety at breakfast table. But what if i get my hands at all the simple recipes of guptajis family? Then well i can treat myself to a new version of cornflakes everyday without having to repeat a single for atleast 3 full months. How freaking amazing is that? My mom is sure going to be thrilled. iam actually looking forward to mom visiting me and me serving her mere haath ke naye nasthe daily for her.a

So to get all Kelloggs wale gupta parivaar ke nasthe recipes i visited their facebook page ans was surprised to find not only a wide variety of recipes but these recipes are also customized on a day to day activity based nasthe.My favourite from the list was the movie wala nastha.

So If you have a first crush visiting then prepare the customized First Crush Wala Nashta, If you want to grab the remote then opt for the Remote Wala Nashta and when your best friend is home together dig in to the BFF Wala Nashta . thats not all gupta parivaar also has Smile wala Nashta  to brighten up your mood or a Woh wala Nashta when you are simply bored cant decide which nastha to opt for. 

Apart from the variety the main reason i would want to visit guptajis house is for the health factor. All these 100+ recipes are packed with taste, health and love. Iam already dreaming of having those cornflakes chivda, sitaphal cornflakes and cornflakes coconut laddoos. Iam really hoping guptas offer to watch amovie with me after breakfast and chatpati gossip. iam so looking forward to having those cornflake popcorn clusters (movie wala nastha) which sounds super fun and innovative.

 Arent all these recipes mouthwatering?  Do you still need reasons to visit the gupta house? well here i give you more reasons

1. Quick Breakfast in Under 2 minutes.
2. No compromise on taste and a new variety of breakfast is whipped up everyday
3. Healthy preservative free 
4. power packed awesome start to your day 

Go drop in to guptas place now and enjoy the goodness of Kelloggs in a thrilling and mouth watering twist. 

All recipes of guptajis family can be found here on their facebook page also visit them on youtube here 


  1. this sounds interesting..i have never heard about this before...going to check out their youtube channel and fb page today :)

  2. That seriously is very interesting! I am going to give some of these a try :) Thanks for sharing!