Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Exclusive Trailer to this Summer’s star studded blockbuster

We Indians  love star studded movies dont we? there is no other reason why multi starrer movies end up doing so well at the box office.  so what about a star studded TVC where in not one or two but a whopping six stars come together? A destined Blockbuster everyone is already excitedly waiting for. 
In a video teaser released today titled as the ‘ Making of the Summers biggest Blockbuster’  some of the biggest names from bollywood and cricket talk about it  being all about them. Now what is this It? The ad film ofcourse.
The soon to be released short film or rather the Pepsi TVC will probably feature some of the biggest names from the entertainment industry which includes Virat Kohli, Ranbir Kapoor , Pritam, Terence Lewis and Anurag Basu. The coming together of so many big names from the industry in one TVC sounds exciting .
The Pepsi ad has not yet been released so i cant really say what this is about but if all the actors do come together it will set screen sizzling and Iam particularly interested to see Virat Kohli shake a leg to terance lewis choreagraphy
This is going to be one very interesting ad from the team of pepsi as the trailer itself is overloaded with drama. Ranbir Kapoor looks rocking good and says he has broken his heart and removed beats from there while Virat goes on to remind us about his fabulous sixes . Terance one of my favourite choreographer tells us that everyone dances to his tunes. All stalwarts end with the phrase ‘ Meri Entry Now ’ , this gets me thinking is this going to be pepsi’s new tagline?
In the trailer that pepsi released every star from the director to actor to cricketer is obsessed with   labeling this video as theirs. But who’s is this video really about? Will everyone share screen space or will it be one star overshadowing others?  I have a feeling Virat kohli will end up shining in this TVC as he is at the peak of his cricketing career and this video may come out around the world cup . Virat is also the only cricketer featured in the film and pepsi as a brand has a lot of connect with cricket and world cup will be the time send out a new message and a slogan for fans.  But i cant be very sure . what do you think who will eventually come out as THE star of the video? Keep guessing until then watch this trailer
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  1. Interesting. Can't wait to learn what the suspense is!