Friday, March 06, 2015

Dry baby, Happy baby

My nephew is a bundle of energy. He is always brimming with energy and trying things which children of his age dont even dream of. My sister calls this energy of him naughtiness, and naughty he is bith in a good way and a little bad way. Always looking to grab things and not wasting time is destroying it this boy keeps the whole family on toes .
What makes my Nephew most happy is children. He Refuses to play with plastic toys and teddy bears. He wants real small children to play with. But sadly with him being the first born and  My sister being the eldest daughter and daughter in law there is no one of his age in the family. When My neighbors daughter and her kid comes visiting the joy on my nephews face is unmatchable. He keeps sticking around the small girl calling her ‘paapa’
In addition to loving babies and kids of his age my nephew is a big time attention seeker. He loves attention and when people dont give it he earns it by pulling down things demanding what he loves , attention. 
My nephew like most kids hates eating food , he relies mostly on milk. But babies require a lot of energy and nutrients and they not only work a lot but their bodies are rapidly growing. So my sister tricks the boy into eating. we take him to the lawn and when he gets playing there with me and my sister his mouth automatically opens for food . Once his stomach is full he drinks water and there goes more play and a more happier baby.
Another this nephew of mine loves is bikes and cars. Not the toy kind but the real kind. He will not let his father head to work without him having had a small ride on his bike. And then it doesnt stop there. This boy even demands a ride from his grand father in his car. And after his small expeditions on the auto gadget world he comes home and imitates the driving with his hands making sweet adorable sounds with his mouth saying ‘druunnn druuuun’. 
with so much energy being spent all day naturally by the end of the day my nephew is a tired boy . He needs a good , sound sleep to rest and wake up re energized to tackle the new day. Helping my nephew give a good sleep is the all new Pampers Baby Dry Pants which comes with dry gel technology to help lock in moisture and give a good dry sleep of upto 12 hours . My sister makes sure the boy wears these cute adorable dry pants before he is tucked into his favourite blanket and in no time sleep embraces him only to leave him when sun rises. No disturbances at all.

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