Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bonding on Eid

Festivals are a great time to bond with family build memories and embrace optimism . In todays times of technology where everyone is busy with their own lives and face to face conversations are a rarity festivals come as a blessing helping strengthen relationships and binding us closer to our loved ones.
 Eid being the biggest festival for us is always celebrated with great grandeur but this year it was one huge celebration for me and my family. this was the first eid of my nephew who was born 2 months back and my grand father had recovered from illness, my sisters marriage was fixed and good times were looking up brightly on us.
 To celebrate Eid my sister along with my aunt joined us 10 days before the actual eid and this meant big fat shopping trips while we were fasting. After heavy ethnic shopping for ourselves we went on to shop tiny little kurtas for my nephew.
After all the shopping on the last day of Ramadan we all went up on the terrace after breaking the fast  to spot the new moon even as i drew patterns of mehendi on my sisters palms. And then my brother spotted it, the new moon that is, a silver crescent of joy .
The new moon sighting meant the seviyaan cooking had started and my crowded house felt alive with everyone mumbling sweet somethings to each other as they indulged in eid last minute preparations.
All this gave a feeling of Deja Vu , this was how eid was celebrated when both my grandparents were alive, when my sister wasnt married and when my aunt wasnt married and when my family hadnt drifted apart all thanks to life taking over and making everyone in my house busy.
On the morning of eid my house was buzzing with energy even when the clock hadn't struck six yet. Everyone wanted to wear their new clothes fast, the two bathrooms in my house werent proving enough for such  huge number, my nephew who usually woke up at 8am was already up giving us his toothless smile. Everyone was having seviyaan , i had already sneaked in a lot eidi from my grand father and aunt.
The whole day later almost flew away , with guests flocking in, everybody dressed in their ethnic best, unlimited selfies, eidis , gifts and delicious first lunch after 30 days of fasting.
By the end of the day the togetherness had done wonders for my family , the gloom of the past which included my grand fathers fighting illness, my cousins broken engagement and my sisters difficult pregnancy had all faded leaving us with nothing but optimism and a small packet of joy called my nephew.
 That is the power of togetherness,  power of our loved ones,which helps us fight the biggest miseries of life and helps us Look Up for a better tomorrow.
Tough times never last and #Together we can fight it all  .

Look up to #together have a great home searching experience and look up to a new world of Optimism 

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  1. I miss those times. The anticipation of Eid with family, friends, neighbors. Now, it is all about trying to save holidays to reach in time before Eid.