Sunday, March 22, 2015

15 Things that make me Happy

Salary Hikes, weekends, travelling, pizzas, compliments , the list of things which bring us happiness is endless. When i think about it , i don't really need those big huge achievements to feel real joy . Happiness can be found even in small little everyday things, all we have to do is look for it in right places and never miss a chance to spread the cheer around .

Our happiness is in our own hands, we can sulk over an issue or look at it as a learning experience and celebrate the knowledge gained. So, last year i made a resolution to do at least one small thing everyday to add a smile to my face . It has been more than a year and i may have broken that resolution many a times but for the majority of the year i have kept it and attracted happiness directly into my heart.

 Here i present to you my 15 things which add instant cheer to my life

1. Being the reason for someones smile makes me happy. i try my best to make people around  me happy .
2. My Scrap Book makes me smile it has many happy memories recorded in it. When i am feeling low all i need to do is revisit it .
3. First rains and geeli mitti ki khusbhi acts like magic on my senses and brings out the child in me. I join my nephew , rips of papers and start sailing paper boats.
4. pizza with extra cheese. Any day , anytime, I forget about weight issues and loose myself into a pizza to drive stress away.
5. When iam surrounded with Nature in my backyard or in fields of my village. The birds chirping, the leaves rustling and the wind blowing, pure bliss moment
6. Very fast internet, yes that is true happiness. Also free WiFi, it kills all troubles at least for sometime
7. Forgiving someone and staying happy and stress free. Holding grudges only adds to miseries and killing precious moments of our lives.
8. Holding a new born baby, nothing beats the joy of tiny little lips curve in a smile at you. My nephew when born was a such a happy moment that the mere memory of that days sets my lips in a bright curve.
9.A road trip with friends as music blasts out is the best way to spend a weekend. 

10.Doing what I want to do and not giving a damn to peoples opinion makes me happy. Rubbing the wrong people the wrong way, proving them wrong all has its own kind of joy :D
11.My moms Magical Jadu Ki jhappi is enough to refresh a tired me after a long day .
12. When Ipod is playing on shuffle and it keeps playing all my favorite tunes one after other. how cool is that?
13. Loosing myself in a good intriguing book is surest way to happiness .
14. Shopping is how i buy happiness with money. Acquiring new trends, discovering hidden gems, raiding sales, bargaining to the last rupee, nothing can beat the joy of shopping.
15. Twitter. Networking with like minded individuals always bring joy but what happens when it is done in the wittiest way possible and limited to under 140 characters? well you are addicted  to the social media site which adds smiles to life even in the most serious of situations.

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