Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Healthy Flakes for Breakfast

Starting a day on a  delicious yummy note is important as it sets the tone for a bright happy day and my mom makes sure this happens everyday. Parathes, Aloo puris, idly vadas , choles and lemon rice are all my moms specialty breakfast dishes which i miss a lot when iam away from home. I just cant seem to be patient enough to grind up a batter for idlis or even roll a roti so, I stick to the easy and boring bread and omelette . At times like these kelloggs Guptajis family recipes come as a boon helping me prepare a simple healthy breakfast for me in minutes.

cornflakes are always a favorite with me, they are light , they are healthy and they are filling. But cornflakes everyday can get monotonous right? well not really if you have over a hundred different recipes for cornflakes alone. 100 recipes , the sheer variety is enough to get me curious and check out guptajis place at breakfast and get a taste of their 'anaaj ka nastha'

What i miss most when away from home and moms cooking is the variety at breakfast table. But what if i get my hands at all the simple recipes of guptajis family? Then well i can treat myself to a new version of cornflakes everyday without having to repeat a single for atleast 3 full months. How freaking amazing is that? My mom is sure going to be thrilled. iam actually looking forward to mom visiting me and me serving her mere haath ke naye nasthe daily for her.a

So to get all Kelloggs wale gupta parivaar ke nasthe recipes i visited their facebook page ans was surprised to find not only a wide variety of recipes but these recipes are also customized on a day to day activity based nasthe.My favourite from the list was the movie wala nastha.

So If you have a first crush visiting then prepare the customized First Crush Wala Nashta, If you want to grab the remote then opt for the Remote Wala Nashta and when your best friend is home together dig in to the BFF Wala Nashta . thats not all gupta parivaar also has Smile wala Nashta  to brighten up your mood or a Woh wala Nashta when you are simply bored cant decide which nastha to opt for. 

Apart from the variety the main reason i would want to visit guptajis house is for the health factor. All these 100+ recipes are packed with taste, health and love. Iam already dreaming of having those cornflakes chivda, sitaphal cornflakes and cornflakes coconut laddoos. Iam really hoping guptas offer to watch amovie with me after breakfast and chatpati gossip. iam so looking forward to having those cornflake popcorn clusters (movie wala nastha) which sounds super fun and innovative.

 Arent all these recipes mouthwatering?  Do you still need reasons to visit the gupta house? well here i give you more reasons

1. Quick Breakfast in Under 2 minutes.
2. No compromise on taste and a new variety of breakfast is whipped up everyday
3. Healthy preservative free 
4. power packed awesome start to your day 

Go drop in to guptas place now and enjoy the goodness of Kelloggs in a thrilling and mouth watering twist. 

All recipes of guptajis family can be found here on their facebook page also visit them on youtube here 

Monday, March 23, 2015

LFW S/R 2015 - Anushree Reddy sticks to Florals and Cheery Colours

I have always been a fan of Anushree Reddy's floral, girly and chic designs and at Lakme fashion week summer/Resort 2015, hers was the collection  i was most looking forward to. ( Catch my post on her last collection here )

Showcasing a wedding collection titled  "The Royal Courtyard"  Anushree reddy delighted with her vibrant colour pallet , breezy fabrics and embroidered hemlines. Frankly the collection, especially those floral lehengas werent anything new or fresh but who cares when there is so much fun and girly elements incorporated. Here i present to you my absolute favorites.  

Illeana D cruz the show stopper for the show walked in a dreamy leheriya pink lehenga featuring chand bali motifs. Love how this whole look comes together with the sequined blouse and peach dupatta. Perfect for brides for sangeet or engagement.  This is also a great option for brides sister .

My top favourite from the collection. Mint silk, floral dupatta and pink come together beautifully. Love the lehenga.  

Anarkali  lehenga with signature floral prints. Dreamy this.

Kanika Kapoor who performed live for the show wore a gorgeous ice blue lehenga and floral printed blouse. Love this look .

Raw silk, embroidery, Cheery Yellow. Perfect for  guests at a summer wedding .  

Heavily embellished white and pink lehenga . I love this look the most but too bad it is white and not many wear white at weddings. 

high neck blouse with white lehenga. Love the work on lehenga and the yellow makes for great colour to the look.

Love how lime and mint green come together here

Sheer floral tops.

Nothing new here , but can you ever get enough of  princessy florals. Kudos for using dark skinned models.

Signature appliques with semi sheer sequined blouse. Those key latkans, drool!

I think this collection is perfect for young brides wanting to keep it light and flowy.

What are your favorites from the collection?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

15 Things that make me Happy

Salary Hikes, weekends, travelling, pizzas, compliments , the list of things which bring us happiness is endless. When i think about it , i don't really need those big huge achievements to feel real joy . Happiness can be found even in small little everyday things, all we have to do is look for it in right places and never miss a chance to spread the cheer around .

Our happiness is in our own hands, we can sulk over an issue or look at it as a learning experience and celebrate the knowledge gained. So, last year i made a resolution to do at least one small thing everyday to add a smile to my face . It has been more than a year and i may have broken that resolution many a times but for the majority of the year i have kept it and attracted happiness directly into my heart.

 Here i present to you my 15 things which add instant cheer to my life

1. Being the reason for someones smile makes me happy. i try my best to make people around  me happy .
2. My Scrap Book makes me smile it has many happy memories recorded in it. When i am feeling low all i need to do is revisit it .
3. First rains and geeli mitti ki khusbhi acts like magic on my senses and brings out the child in me. I join my nephew , rips of papers and start sailing paper boats.
4. pizza with extra cheese. Any day , anytime, I forget about weight issues and loose myself into a pizza to drive stress away.
5. When iam surrounded with Nature in my backyard or in fields of my village. The birds chirping, the leaves rustling and the wind blowing, pure bliss moment
6. Very fast internet, yes that is true happiness. Also free WiFi, it kills all troubles at least for sometime
7. Forgiving someone and staying happy and stress free. Holding grudges only adds to miseries and killing precious moments of our lives.
8. Holding a new born baby, nothing beats the joy of tiny little lips curve in a smile at you. My nephew when born was a such a happy moment that the mere memory of that days sets my lips in a bright curve.
9.A road trip with friends as music blasts out is the best way to spend a weekend. 

10.Doing what I want to do and not giving a damn to peoples opinion makes me happy. Rubbing the wrong people the wrong way, proving them wrong all has its own kind of joy :D
11.My moms Magical Jadu Ki jhappi is enough to refresh a tired me after a long day .
12. When Ipod is playing on shuffle and it keeps playing all my favorite tunes one after other. how cool is that?
13. Loosing myself in a good intriguing book is surest way to happiness .
14. Shopping is how i buy happiness with money. Acquiring new trends, discovering hidden gems, raiding sales, bargaining to the last rupee, nothing can beat the joy of shopping.
15. Twitter. Networking with like minded individuals always bring joy but what happens when it is done in the wittiest way possible and limited to under 140 characters? well you are addicted  to the social media site which adds smiles to life even in the most serious of situations.

Visit  Coca Cola India to add more smiles and refreshment to your life

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Surendri at LFW Summer/Resort 2015 : Ethnic wear gets a trendy Twist

Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary Showcased amazing ethnic wear collection at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week resort 2015. The collection which was titled Mithu has a lot of tropical elements with delightful splash of colour. The collection also featured a lot of bird motifs on shararas, lehengas, sarees and dresses.

Yogesh Choudary has done a fabulous job at reinventing Ethnic indian wear . I particularly loved the silhouettes and the drapes, the sheer shararas are drool worthy, lusting over them!.

This collection is refreshing and will suit modern brides who want to keep it chic and fuss free. This collection is also perfect for wedding guests


For brides who want to keep it bling free. Those parrot motifs will make a statement.


Love Everything from this look, the colour, the silhouette , the waist belt. just pure love.


Class. Elegance. Drool

 Ethnic with a western twist. Perfect for a bride for Mehendi

Vidya Balan, i want to see her in this. even Madhuri or kareen a will do

Lusting those sheer plazzos

 Ethnic Perfection. Love how this whole look comes together. The drape is wow.

another of those sheer beauties

comfort, bird motif. Whats not to love?

Super chic. I would buy this in a heart beat!

what do you think of this collection? share your thoughts

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bonding on Eid

Festivals are a great time to bond with family build memories and embrace optimism . In todays times of technology where everyone is busy with their own lives and face to face conversations are a rarity festivals come as a blessing helping strengthen relationships and binding us closer to our loved ones.
 Eid being the biggest festival for us is always celebrated with great grandeur but this year it was one huge celebration for me and my family. this was the first eid of my nephew who was born 2 months back and my grand father had recovered from illness, my sisters marriage was fixed and good times were looking up brightly on us.
 To celebrate Eid my sister along with my aunt joined us 10 days before the actual eid and this meant big fat shopping trips while we were fasting. After heavy ethnic shopping for ourselves we went on to shop tiny little kurtas for my nephew.
After all the shopping on the last day of Ramadan we all went up on the terrace after breaking the fast  to spot the new moon even as i drew patterns of mehendi on my sisters palms. And then my brother spotted it, the new moon that is, a silver crescent of joy .
The new moon sighting meant the seviyaan cooking had started and my crowded house felt alive with everyone mumbling sweet somethings to each other as they indulged in eid last minute preparations.
All this gave a feeling of Deja Vu , this was how eid was celebrated when both my grandparents were alive, when my sister wasnt married and when my aunt wasnt married and when my family hadnt drifted apart all thanks to life taking over and making everyone in my house busy.
On the morning of eid my house was buzzing with energy even when the clock hadn't struck six yet. Everyone wanted to wear their new clothes fast, the two bathrooms in my house werent proving enough for such  huge number, my nephew who usually woke up at 8am was already up giving us his toothless smile. Everyone was having seviyaan , i had already sneaked in a lot eidi from my grand father and aunt.
The whole day later almost flew away , with guests flocking in, everybody dressed in their ethnic best, unlimited selfies, eidis , gifts and delicious first lunch after 30 days of fasting.
By the end of the day the togetherness had done wonders for my family , the gloom of the past which included my grand fathers fighting illness, my cousins broken engagement and my sisters difficult pregnancy had all faded leaving us with nothing but optimism and a small packet of joy called my nephew.
 That is the power of togetherness,  power of our loved ones,which helps us fight the biggest miseries of life and helps us Look Up for a better tomorrow.
Tough times never last and #Together we can fight it all  .

Look up https://housing.com/ to #together have a great home searching experience and look up to a new world of Optimism 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Wish List :Wedding silver and gold Tones

I keep surfing online and adding a lot of things into my wish cart in my mind. The result i forget half of the things i wanted to buy. So from now on i decided iam going to document my wishlists on a monthly basis or something like that and show youu all my purchases as and when they happen

 This Wishlist is for march and since my cousin is getting married there is a whole lot of  ethnic and bling in here.

Mex Clutch: This isnt really on my wishlist now and you would know that if you are following me on instagram. I already brought this and iam loving it. it is light weight, dual side embellished and is priced just right/ I will be pairing this with my coral gown at the valima . My gown has an embellished bust and the rest is plain net so going with over the top blingy clutch is allowed.

Mokanc Kundan Necklace: this again is for my gown which i will wear like a choker. Loving the kundan tikka most.

Mini muskaan double linked finger ring : This finger has been quite a rage at my place. you might have already spotted them on my other blog blingsparkle and i decided high time i get one for myself. This will go well with my gown but iam a little sceptical it may look too much with the necklace and that clutch. Do you think i should pair it?

Silver studded shoes: this is what i want to pair with my Royal blue anarkali lehenga i will be wearing at the nikaah. I hope they are comfortable as the heel is very high.
Liberty Silver Leather Clutch

Liberty Silver Clutch: Ordered a gold version of this, it was broken so returned it. But i loved it a lot and gold one was out of stock so iam now going to order the silver version

I know a this is only gold and silver only but most of my colour shopping was done offline.
You can shop for all these online on flipkart, snapdeal and amazon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Look up and start a new Life

Change is the only constant in life. Without change life becomes boring. Change adds a zing to life, makes it exciting and opens door for better living.  But adapting to change is difficult . Not everybody take changes positively and i have deep respect for people who welcome change with open arms, always ready to explore the unexplored to #StartANewLife.
I myself never liked changes, good or bad i had always wanted to stay in my comfort zone and follow the rest. Small changes in the user interface of facebook annoyed me, the missing start button from windows 8 drove me crazy , i refused to embrace new trends in  fashion , i stuck to getting a monotonous  degree just to fit in with my cousin. 
Life wasnt bad it was good, not only good it was perfect , too perfect to be real, too perfect to be exciting , too perfect to enjoyed. And one fine day i decided i needed a change,a change  to make my life more exciting , a change to make my life more meaningful, a change to make my life fun. And i knew how exactly to get this much needed change in my life. It was by not opting for a 9-5 job offered at campus placement. 
Good Grades. Good College. Good job. All sounded good on paper but in reality it was boring, dull and very safe.  
Where is the fun, where is the excitement? My passion lied elsewhere . .Brand Development, social Media marketing , managing campaigns all these phrases excited me. I loved Social Media marketing and that was what i wanted to do.Social media was where my heart was and i decided to follow my heart and carve a career out of it.  Next i revamped my twitter account , switched to windows 8 and  thus began my search for excitement. 
I knew this wouldn't be an easy thing to do , no one in my family had taken this route for a career but i was surprised when i got full support from my parents. They had full confidence in my abilities and trusted me do make it big in any thing i chose . They encouraged me to take this risk and chase my dreams. 
The journey hasnt ended , and it for sure hasnt been a rosy  one but i am proud of myself to have chosen this path , to have ventured into something new. The results arent Phenomenal but the journey has been a good one. I wake up everyday with excitement brimming inside me, every new landmark i scale gives me a high, a chance to celebrate and a chance to actually, really Live Life.  

So, why am i telling you all this? I know my story isnt even a tiny winy bit inspiring but i hope this post makes at least someone out there to sit back and analyse their life, their dreams . Ask yourself is this what you want from life? If the answer is no, you should definitely consider following your dreams , who knows it may just come true. 
Sit Back

#StartANewLife and Look Up for a brighter living!

This post has been inspired by The new video ad by Housing.com

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Jordana Semi-permanent Liquid Liner Endless Black Review


Price: $2.29 (about 150 INR for 4.5ml) (+ international shipping )
Shade Reviewed : Endless Black

This semi-permanent liner from jordana was part of my beauty Joint haul from amazon.com. The liner is Jet black and comes in a cute  black bottle. This has become my HG liner these days all thanks to its highly water Proof formula.

The liner is of great consistency no too runny or too thick, just perfect for a liner and it dries fast after application which is great. It is highly pigmented and one stroke is enough for a jet black line which dries to a shiny finish.

The semi-permanent tag is kind of untrue because this liner will just not smudge or budge until you use a make up remover to remove it.I tried rubbing the swatch off  even with water and it dint just go. You definitely need an oil based makeup remover if you are using this. The liners quality is on par with high end brands and for its price this is a great buy.


The only bad thing about this product is that it isnt easily available in India. You will have to order it from international websites and pay heavy shipping.

The brush of the liner is very thin making it ideal for drawing thin lines whereas drawing thick lines can be bit of an issue. This liner is ideal for beginners who struggle with drawing precise lines. People who love matte finish liners will not like this dries to pearly shiny finish which I really love.


  • Stays put for about 8 hours easily
  • Gives Jet Black Glossy Finish
  • Super waterproof
  • Very Affordable
  • Thin applicator brush making it easy for drawing thin lines
  • Nice travel friendly packaging
  • Availability is an issue
  • Requires oil based make up remover to remove off

Rating: ****/5 ( Minus one for availability)

Verdict: This is a fabulous liner, if you get hands on one just grab it. It really is a great buy, trust me. Ive already recommended this to all my friends offline.

Stay beautiful
-Kamar Jahan

Connect with me : Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
For Queries mail me : Kamar.jahan01 [at] gmail [dot] com

Friday, March 06, 2015

Dry baby, Happy baby

My nephew is a bundle of energy. He is always brimming with energy and trying things which children of his age dont even dream of. My sister calls this energy of him naughtiness, and naughty he is bith in a good way and a little bad way. Always looking to grab things and not wasting time is destroying it this boy keeps the whole family on toes .
What makes my Nephew most happy is children. He Refuses to play with plastic toys and teddy bears. He wants real small children to play with. But sadly with him being the first born and  My sister being the eldest daughter and daughter in law there is no one of his age in the family. When My neighbors daughter and her kid comes visiting the joy on my nephews face is unmatchable. He keeps sticking around the small girl calling her ‘paapa’
In addition to loving babies and kids of his age my nephew is a big time attention seeker. He loves attention and when people dont give it he earns it by pulling down things demanding what he loves , attention. 
My nephew like most kids hates eating food , he relies mostly on milk. But babies require a lot of energy and nutrients and they not only work a lot but their bodies are rapidly growing. So my sister tricks the boy into eating. we take him to the lawn and when he gets playing there with me and my sister his mouth automatically opens for food . Once his stomach is full he drinks water and there goes more play and a more happier baby.
Another this nephew of mine loves is bikes and cars. Not the toy kind but the real kind. He will not let his father head to work without him having had a small ride on his bike. And then it doesnt stop there. This boy even demands a ride from his grand father in his car. And after his small expeditions on the auto gadget world he comes home and imitates the driving with his hands making sweet adorable sounds with his mouth saying ‘druunnn druuuun’. 
with so much energy being spent all day naturally by the end of the day my nephew is a tired boy . He needs a good , sound sleep to rest and wake up re energized to tackle the new day. Helping my nephew give a good sleep is the all new Pampers Baby Dry Pants which comes with dry gel technology to help lock in moisture and give a good dry sleep of upto 12 hours . My sister makes sure the boy wears these cute adorable dry pants before he is tucked into his favourite blanket and in no time sleep embraces him only to leave him when sun rises. No disturbances at all.

Visit here http://www.rewardme.in/tag/Pampers.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Exclusive Trailer to this Summer’s star studded blockbuster

We Indians  love star studded movies dont we? there is no other reason why multi starrer movies end up doing so well at the box office.  so what about a star studded TVC where in not one or two but a whopping six stars come together? A destined Blockbuster everyone is already excitedly waiting for. 
In a video teaser released today titled as the ‘ Making of the Summers biggest Blockbuster’  some of the biggest names from bollywood and cricket talk about it  being all about them. Now what is this It? The ad film ofcourse.
The soon to be released short film or rather the Pepsi TVC will probably feature some of the biggest names from the entertainment industry which includes Virat Kohli, Ranbir Kapoor , Pritam, Terence Lewis and Anurag Basu. The coming together of so many big names from the industry in one TVC sounds exciting .
The Pepsi ad has not yet been released so i cant really say what this is about but if all the actors do come together it will set screen sizzling and Iam particularly interested to see Virat Kohli shake a leg to terance lewis choreagraphy
This is going to be one very interesting ad from the team of pepsi as the trailer itself is overloaded with drama. Ranbir Kapoor looks rocking good and says he has broken his heart and removed beats from there while Virat goes on to remind us about his fabulous sixes . Terance one of my favourite choreographer tells us that everyone dances to his tunes. All stalwarts end with the phrase ‘ Meri Entry Now ’ , this gets me thinking is this going to be pepsi’s new tagline?
In the trailer that pepsi released every star from the director to actor to cricketer is obsessed with   labeling this video as theirs. But who’s is this video really about? Will everyone share screen space or will it be one star overshadowing others?  I have a feeling Virat kohli will end up shining in this TVC as he is at the peak of his cricketing career and this video may come out around the world cup . Virat is also the only cricketer featured in the film and pepsi as a brand has a lot of connect with cricket and world cup will be the time send out a new message and a slogan for fans.  But i cant be very sure . what do you think who will eventually come out as THE star of the video? Keep guessing until then watch this trailer
more photos from the shoot


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