Saturday, February 28, 2015

Upgrading my Car with Quikr NXT

I have always been a huge fan of online shopping. These days my visits to malls have decreased and even when i visit i end up coming home empty handed all thanks to the mouth watering discounts stores online offer. Add to this the ease of shopping online especially if you have had a brush with the hectic traffic jams of Bangalore.
I have been wanting to upgrade my car for a long time now but i just could not find enough time to look out for a second hand car . In addition to looking for a new car i would also have to look for buyers for my old car. My friend who upgraded to a shiny new car had a very sorry story to tell of his old car sale. He had been quoted a price much less than market value by a dealer but he settled for it owing to lack of time and contacts to sell it to someone else. I realized from his story that selling directly to the buyer will be more profitable to me if i wanted to upgrade . Around the same time i came across quikr and decided to list my car there in hope of finding a buyer. Though i have been an avid shopper i still am very vary about divulging my  contact details online but quikrs new chat service quikr NXT came to my rescue and i quickly installed quikr mobile app on my phone  to keep track of messages from interested buyers.
What happened next surprised me, i had messages from 6 interested buyers within 3 hours and all this without compromising my privacy all thanks to quikr NXT . I zeroed on 2 buyers and sent them my address so they could have a look at my car and finalize the deal face to face. Next morning  the first buyer landed at my doorstep to see the car and he test drove my car. He was willing to buy my car instantly at a mutually negotiated price and  gave me a token advance. The price i was getting was much higher than what a dealer would offer me and i was happy seller.
The same day i decided i would eliminate middlemen completely and buy a car directly from a seller instead of using a dealer. So thus began my hunt for a car online and adding to my joy was a seller who was selling the exact model of ford figo i was looking for at an amazing price.  I left him a message on Quikr NXT and when he replied we chatted about the whole deal for about 25 minutes which involved sharing more photos by the seller to me. After having a look at the interiors (in photos share over NXT) of the Figo i  booked an appointment to test drive soon-to-be-mine Figo.
I visited the seller with my brother and my brother was happy to see the car was nicely maintained and the price at which it was  being sold  was totally worth it . I booked the car after my brother gave me a green signal with a wide grin.
I have found a great friend in quikr which has helped me get good deals for a lot unwanted stuff at my home. It has helped me eliminate middlemen and save on commissions dealers charge without  me having to even divulge my contact information online . The best part is quikr does this all for free. I am totally loving it, Off to look for a good microwave oven deal now!

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