Sunday, February 15, 2015

Meet Asus Zenfone, my valentine

I dont celebrate valentines day, it is a very westernized concept designed to commercialize love but guess what i have a valentine this year and it is none other than Asus zen phone.
I never used to be a phone addict, a cellphone was just a piece of technology which helped me make and receive calls and occasional text messages. But all that changed after android arrived. My old phone broke up with me and my brother suggested i upgrade to a smartphone . Asus zenphone was what he suggested for me as it came with latest version of android and at an amazing price for the specifications it offered.
3 months after dating this phone i have to say iam hooked and booked. I have fallen for it hard and deep. I spent most of my time away from my laptop with this gadget, in fact i even sleep with it. I cant stop touching it , swiping it, taking selfies with it and ofcourse ive shifted from sms to whatsapp now.

Why do i love my zenphone 6 so much you ask? well here are my reasons:

  • The camera: All the good things happened to me when i did not have a camera. Thats not the case anymore as i rely on the fabulous 13 MP camera of my zenfone to capture all my special moments . The Asus zenfone camera also comes with a LED flash so i can capture amazing photos even  at night and thats not all zenphone has a 2MP front camera to help me capture amazing selfies too. I have  now been bitten by the instagram bug all thanks to my zenphone and cant stop posting all my photos there ( follow me on instagram here )
  • Fast and dependable: Asus zenfone is powered by intel atom processor with hyper threading technology which helpsme  easily switch between apps and multitask like a pro. one moment iam reading a mail and next iam tweeting a quote . Whats more my phone doesnt hang or lag even when my nephew is playing games like dead trigger on it.
  • The price : The best feature of the zenphone series by asus is that they are priced right. At 15999 is a value for money deal offering features which most high end phones offer for almost double the price. Asus has launched many versions of this phone and so people with different budgets can take their pick based on their needs and price. My sister wanted a phone under 10,000 and i suggested her a zenphone5.
  • Good battery life:  The biggest reason i stuck to nokia phones is for  their amazing battery life, but i was amazed at how long my zenfones battery lasted . I was tweeting from phone, making calls and whatsapping and still my phone was left with a little juice by the end of the day. Powered by Intel® Atom® processor which is energy efficient  now you dont have to worry about too many low battery warnings .
  • Sleek and stylish: What does a girl want? a good looking phone which will match my mood, personality and outfit. Asus have these amazing colourful phone cases with ceramic touch helping you personalize your phone according to your mood. 

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