Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bonding in bedtimes

When my Nephew was born my whole life changed. As my sister had a c section we had to give special attention to both the baby and her. My nephew being an insomniac of sorts complicated thing. The boy slept in the day and stayed awake at night.
 Staying awake with him at night was a tough task but when he slept in mornings with a serene small peaceful smile on his lips it was a sight to behold and preserve.

Night times were immense fun as we three siblings would look after the kid together as the rest of the family would sleep. The little one was quite demanding and wanted us to give our hundred percent attention to him. The whole night would be spent chatting with each other and almost all our conversations revolved around the kid only. Our nephew would look at the three of  us curiously and wonder what we were talking about and then when we would laugh, even he would start smiling and laughing with us... that would be the icing on the cake! :)

When he was small his sleeping routine was very complicated! First my sister would give him a nice Dabur oil massage. Mother says that an oil massage is very vital for a baby's healthy growth! It has been an age old way of strengthening a baby's muscles which help him grow into healthy human being. Hence my Mom insists my sister on always giving my nephew an oil massage before he sleeps. I myself have noticed how calm and relaxed he becomes once the oil massage is done. If any day my sister misses out on the massage due to her other chores, my nephew is all winy and disturbed.

After the oil massage, my nephew is given a change of clothes. Choosing cotton clothes for kids while sleeping is very important as any other cloth can harm the sensitive baby skin overnight causing rashes.

After the oiling and clothing is done, my nephew is pampered with a pamper. Pampers are very vital part of a baby's growth today.

Gone are the days when mothers would put their children to sleep on several pieces of clothes which had to be changed often during the night. This process was very unhealthy which would lead to bacteria accumulation on a baby's skin and it would infect him. Not to mention the indecent stink that would gather during the mornings around the kid.

After that my sister would put him into a cradle and sing him a lullaby. Lol.. actually it was a lullaby app. Technology has really come as a blessing ;) My nephew really loves that app and would sleep soundly listening to the soulful lullaby.

A warm and soft blanket was almost a must for him as he would never sleep without a soft blanket and milk in his mouth. 
All this would ensure that the baby would sleep soundly along with his teddy bear.

Thank fully, now his sleeping habits have changed and he sleeps along with us in the night time and only a couple of hours in the day. 

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