Saturday, February 28, 2015

Upgrading my Car with Quikr NXT

I have always been a huge fan of online shopping. These days my visits to malls have decreased and even when i visit i end up coming home empty handed all thanks to the mouth watering discounts stores online offer. Add to this the ease of shopping online especially if you have had a brush with the hectic traffic jams of Bangalore.
I have been wanting to upgrade my car for a long time now but i just could not find enough time to look out for a second hand car . In addition to looking for a new car i would also have to look for buyers for my old car. My friend who upgraded to a shiny new car had a very sorry story to tell of his old car sale. He had been quoted a price much less than market value by a dealer but he settled for it owing to lack of time and contacts to sell it to someone else. I realized from his story that selling directly to the buyer will be more profitable to me if i wanted to upgrade . Around the same time i came across quikr and decided to list my car there in hope of finding a buyer. Though i have been an avid shopper i still am very vary about divulging my  contact details online but quikrs new chat service quikr NXT came to my rescue and i quickly installed quikr mobile app on my phone  to keep track of messages from interested buyers.
What happened next surprised me, i had messages from 6 interested buyers within 3 hours and all this without compromising my privacy all thanks to quikr NXT . I zeroed on 2 buyers and sent them my address so they could have a look at my car and finalize the deal face to face. Next morning  the first buyer landed at my doorstep to see the car and he test drove my car. He was willing to buy my car instantly at a mutually negotiated price and  gave me a token advance. The price i was getting was much higher than what a dealer would offer me and i was happy seller.
The same day i decided i would eliminate middlemen completely and buy a car directly from a seller instead of using a dealer. So thus began my hunt for a car online and adding to my joy was a seller who was selling the exact model of ford figo i was looking for at an amazing price.  I left him a message on Quikr NXT and when he replied we chatted about the whole deal for about 25 minutes which involved sharing more photos by the seller to me. After having a look at the interiors (in photos share over NXT) of the Figo i  booked an appointment to test drive soon-to-be-mine Figo.
I visited the seller with my brother and my brother was happy to see the car was nicely maintained and the price at which it was  being sold  was totally worth it . I booked the car after my brother gave me a green signal with a wide grin.
I have found a great friend in quikr which has helped me get good deals for a lot unwanted stuff at my home. It has helped me eliminate middlemen and save on commissions dealers charge without  me having to even divulge my contact information online . The best part is quikr does this all for free. I am totally loving it, Off to look for a good microwave oven deal now!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Sonam Kapoor glams up in Jean-Louis Sabaji

The first edition of the Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards were held yesterday and sonam who is the face of style and glamour in india made an appearance .
Sonam Kapoor  who is known to experiment  chose a blue black Jean-Louis Sabaji gown. The gown had wierd feather detailing on the bottom half which i dont like much. But with nude lips,  heavy winged eyes and wet hair do sonam pulls this tricky one off.
This look had drama but the make up wasnt upto mark. The gown has this tacky tail which i hate and also i cant understand how sonam walked in the weird gown.
Over all different, dramatic and sonam makes it work but i  have mixed feeling, not too impressed.  The fault is with the gown!

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Ciroc Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards

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What are your views on that gown? 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

5 Retail Brands to make significant online presence

Retail Market is a booming business in India and Indian Retail market is the rising sunshine in online realm. Retail business has widespread presence online and like we all knows that more and more people prefer buying products online than going out to land stores. This is more because of scarcity of time in everybody’s life. Buying online is the new trend and a plethora of people are heading towards adapting the trend. There are some of the businesses that have successfully made brilliant online presence and these are some of the finest and most trusted brands that captivate attention of every individual. Let us take a look at the very successful retail stores that have made excellent online presence: Shopper-stop is a big brand-name in Indian retail market. Land stores of Shopper-stop can easily found at every corner in the region of India. Site features various categories such as Apparels, accessories, ladies watches, fragrances, men's watches, women's footwear, artificial jewelry, handbags, cosmetics, men's footwear, fine jewelry, home furnishing and decor products. You can find all the major brands at the site in all the above mentioned categories. is also another very renowned retail store that has accumulated immense heed. Trendin is a fashion store that deals in all kind of fashion products. The products that can be featured at the site are Women apparel, shoes, watches, fragrances, bags, goggles etc. All the categories are also available in men section. Trendin is the finest online retail chain that houses all the major brands in fashion products. It is an ideal site where you can find all the amazing products to fulfill your fashion cravings. Croma is an ideal electronic store that has seen immense progress from the time of emergence. The land stores of croma have all the vital brands in electronics range. Croma has got all the range in LEDs, LCDs, Cameras, Music Systems, Laptops, Tablets, Notebooks etc and all other types of electronic items. It is a one shop stop for all the buyers that are looking for some fantastic and quality range in electronics. Pantaloons is a fashion retail outlet with a splendid online presence. Pantaloons house many domestic and international brands in fashion accessories and apparels. Some of the hot selling products that are listed at the site are Women clothing essential, kid’s wear and men clothing. There are various other fashion products that are available at the site those paybacks huge returns to the brand. is an amazing retail store with thousands of products that are listed at the site. Categories that you can find at the site are Home and Living, Kitchenware products, Bed and Bath, Electronics, Mobiles, Computers, appliances, Footwears and toys etc. Associated retail brands are Ezone, Central, BigBazaar, HomeTown, Planet Sports and Holii etc. You can find jaw dropping products at the site at their best prices.

So these all are the vital big brands that have made superlative online presence online.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bonding in bedtimes

When my Nephew was born my whole life changed. As my sister had a c section we had to give special attention to both the baby and her. My nephew being an insomniac of sorts complicated thing. The boy slept in the day and stayed awake at night.
 Staying awake with him at night was a tough task but when he slept in mornings with a serene small peaceful smile on his lips it was a sight to behold and preserve.

Night times were immense fun as we three siblings would look after the kid together as the rest of the family would sleep. The little one was quite demanding and wanted us to give our hundred percent attention to him. The whole night would be spent chatting with each other and almost all our conversations revolved around the kid only. Our nephew would look at the three of  us curiously and wonder what we were talking about and then when we would laugh, even he would start smiling and laughing with us... that would be the icing on the cake! :)

When he was small his sleeping routine was very complicated! First my sister would give him a nice Dabur oil massage. Mother says that an oil massage is very vital for a baby's healthy growth! It has been an age old way of strengthening a baby's muscles which help him grow into healthy human being. Hence my Mom insists my sister on always giving my nephew an oil massage before he sleeps. I myself have noticed how calm and relaxed he becomes once the oil massage is done. If any day my sister misses out on the massage due to her other chores, my nephew is all winy and disturbed.

After the oil massage, my nephew is given a change of clothes. Choosing cotton clothes for kids while sleeping is very important as any other cloth can harm the sensitive baby skin overnight causing rashes.

After the oiling and clothing is done, my nephew is pampered with a pamper. Pampers are very vital part of a baby's growth today.

Gone are the days when mothers would put their children to sleep on several pieces of clothes which had to be changed often during the night. This process was very unhealthy which would lead to bacteria accumulation on a baby's skin and it would infect him. Not to mention the indecent stink that would gather during the mornings around the kid.

After that my sister would put him into a cradle and sing him a lullaby. Lol.. actually it was a lullaby app. Technology has really come as a blessing ;) My nephew really loves that app and would sleep soundly listening to the soulful lullaby.

A warm and soft blanket was almost a must for him as he would never sleep without a soft blanket and milk in his mouth. 
All this would ensure that the baby would sleep soundly along with his teddy bear.

Thank fully, now his sleeping habits have changed and he sleeps along with us in the night time and only a couple of hours in the day. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Meet Asus Zenfone, my valentine

I dont celebrate valentines day, it is a very westernized concept designed to commercialize love but guess what i have a valentine this year and it is none other than Asus zen phone.
I never used to be a phone addict, a cellphone was just a piece of technology which helped me make and receive calls and occasional text messages. But all that changed after android arrived. My old phone broke up with me and my brother suggested i upgrade to a smartphone . Asus zenphone was what he suggested for me as it came with latest version of android and at an amazing price for the specifications it offered.
3 months after dating this phone i have to say iam hooked and booked. I have fallen for it hard and deep. I spent most of my time away from my laptop with this gadget, in fact i even sleep with it. I cant stop touching it , swiping it, taking selfies with it and ofcourse ive shifted from sms to whatsapp now.

Why do i love my zenphone 6 so much you ask? well here are my reasons:

  • The camera: All the good things happened to me when i did not have a camera. Thats not the case anymore as i rely on the fabulous 13 MP camera of my zenfone to capture all my special moments . The Asus zenfone camera also comes with a LED flash so i can capture amazing photos even  at night and thats not all zenphone has a 2MP front camera to help me capture amazing selfies too. I have  now been bitten by the instagram bug all thanks to my zenphone and cant stop posting all my photos there ( follow me on instagram here )
  • Fast and dependable: Asus zenfone is powered by intel atom processor with hyper threading technology which helpsme  easily switch between apps and multitask like a pro. one moment iam reading a mail and next iam tweeting a quote . Whats more my phone doesnt hang or lag even when my nephew is playing games like dead trigger on it.
  • The price : The best feature of the zenphone series by asus is that they are priced right. At 15999 is a value for money deal offering features which most high end phones offer for almost double the price. Asus has launched many versions of this phone and so people with different budgets can take their pick based on their needs and price. My sister wanted a phone under 10,000 and i suggested her a zenphone5.
  • Good battery life:  The biggest reason i stuck to nokia phones is for  their amazing battery life, but i was amazed at how long my zenfones battery lasted . I was tweeting from phone, making calls and whatsapping and still my phone was left with a little juice by the end of the day. Powered by Intel® Atom® processor which is energy efficient  now you dont have to worry about too many low battery warnings .
  • Sleek and stylish: What does a girl want? a good looking phone which will match my mood, personality and outfit. Asus have these amazing colourful phone cases with ceramic touch helping you personalize your phone according to your mood. 

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Say Hi to Privacy and Quikr NXT

The ecommerce scene in india is heating up with all players trying new innovative tricks in the bag to grab customers . Quikr India's biggest online classified portal  serving both buyers and sellers has launched a instant chat service called Quikr NXT which aims at guarding privacy of users and keeping fake calls  and spam messages at bay making buying and selling on its site more convenient.

(image source)

I have been using a Quikr a lot these days to both buy and sell. I was in a mehendi ceremony 2 weeks back and i kept getting calls from customers after seeing my advertisement. It was annoying as i did not want to attend calls when at the ceremony also i was loosing out on prospective customers. A chat feature comes handy at time like these so a buyer can just leave a message and the seller can respond when he/she is free. Infact if i had quikr NXT i would mind replying to chats even from a mehendi ceremony, but to calls? well never . So when quikr launched its chat service my happiness knew no bounds and i tested  the instant chat feature right away. I must say iam an impressed user loving this chat and havent made a single quikr related phone call for the past one week.

Why i prefer Chat over phone calls when using ?

  • Handling multiple buyers: I was trying to sell some stuff from my place at throwaway prices on quikr and the response was instant. I was on a call with a buyer and my phone beeped repeatedly telling me there was another buyer trying to connect. At times like these Quikr NXT is a boon and handling multiple buyers at simultaneously is easy
  • Privacy: Iam a very private person and i dont even reveal my photos online . But when it came to selling and buying i had to reveal even my mobile number , but i have removed all my mobile numbers after quikr launched quikr NXT. No Fake calls or spam whatsapp for me from now on.
  • Chat History: So you discussed all details and confirmed the deal but forgot some after the call? well there is no chance of such small mishaps when you have complete chat history for reference anytime till the deal closure . Hail Quikr NXT !
  • Multiple Photo Sharing: Buyer wants more photos ? well chat is there to bail me out.
  • Cost effective and time saving:  Calls are not free but quikr NXT is! And chat helps multitask so this saves time too.
  • Quicker deal closures: True to its name now transactions on quikr can happen faster as i am able to reply instantly anytime of the day without worrying if it will be the appropriate time to call the buyer and ever buyers reply back instantly. Could it get any better?

Quikr NXT is currently available for android and iphone users, it can also be found at quirk's mobile site and desktop site. Go ahead and communicate the convenient way

This post is an  entry to  Indiblogger happy hour sponsored by Quikr

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