Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mission get rid of pimples

I  have had dry flaky skin all my life, dark circles and chapped lips are the only skin problems ive had to worry for .  But in my late teens i had a worst break out of sorts .
It was around my seventeenth birthday when i woke up  and pulled the curtains away taking the warmth of new sun , welcoming a fresh new day i entered the bathroom picked up my toothbrush to start brushing as i carelessly peeked into the mirror all hell broke loose as a bunch of unwelcome guests (Inflamed whiteheads ) on my forehead stared back smirking and wishing me a bad morning. 
It was a nightmare ,  i pinched myself to confirm this wasnt real, that i was still sleeping and dreaming a bad dream , but no these pimples were for real and from my sisters expeditions with oily acne plus pimple prone skin i new these stubborn little white heads were here to stay . Thus began my mission Pimple Bhagao before birthday.
Problem: 4 little pinkish white bulges on forehead threaten to  ruin flawless clear skin and may soon conquer pretty dimpled cheeks too . Please send in an army to fight these uninvited guests as soon as possible.
Threats posed:
  • Increased cosmetic spending: Already i spend like a majority of my money on make up and pimples mean more spending on make up like concealers and pimple care creams
  • Photographs may come out looking ugly meaning more time will have to be spent photo shopping them
  • selfies may be ruined and even instagram filters may not be able to hide them
  • Boyfriend may dump me. Oh no who will pay my bills?
The Army:
-Honey : Known to have antibiotic properties helps in killing bacteria and curing pimples. Apply honey , wait for and hour wash off.
-Toothpaste : Yes a toothpaste which isnt gel based can help with pimples.  Apply the white toothpaste on pimples and leave overnight for best results.
-Baking Soda: make a paste with lemon juice + baking soda+ water and apply on pimple and wash off after 5 minutes. Ouch this paste stings but flawless skin ke liye kuch bhi karegi ye ladki!
-Garlic:  Uh what? yes rub garlic on pimple. eeks, burns , stings, stinks. Iam not going to do that ever again.
-Argan oil  : works like magic they but where should i buy that from?
- Eat right: A healthy diet, excess of water  and regular exercises. Umm okay iam a foodie but i will try my best to avoid sugars  and oils
- Stay Stress Free : How the hell am i supposed to relax when those white heads are giving me nightmare in daylight ?
I realized pimples are caused due to bacterial growth, stress or hormonal changes and fighting them requires patience and internal and external lifestyle changes. Garnier Pure Active Neem facewash has helped me a lot in my mission to flawless pimple free skin.

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