Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to propose ?

Life throws many challenges at us, but one of the most crucial challenge thrown is telling the one we love how much we love him!
There is always the fear of being rejected or being told you would've done it a better way ! Such an insult!
But does that stop you from being Bold or does it stop you from confessing your feelings?
I don't think it should affect you even a bit!
Do what your heart says you to do and live life beautifully ! Because hey one life live it okay?!

Presenting you a few wicked ways how I would have proposed him

Be his gift: Ever heard of' Boxed ' proposal ? Surprise him by lunging out of a gift box you were hiding in his apartment or at work and look at him in the eyes and I would daringly ask him out on a date ! Points for me because he would be flabbergasted by my box hiding trick and would be tongue tied for a few minutes ;)

Ala Instagram proposal : tag him in three pictures which read' Be My date?' Its sure a unque idea don't you think so ?

#TrendingTopic Way :Are you a tweleb ? ;) Then guess what start a trend just for her ! Ask your friends to retweet the tweet and Viola within a few hours you might just trend #*insert name*AdatePlease? And no it isn't hard to trend these days ! Salman khan and Srk khan fans just  trend about anything everytime and not to forget Poonam Pandey so its got be a cakewalk!

Favorite Football team wins/World cup wins: The best time to pop the question is when he is overjoyed girls ! He is bound to shake his head in a yes kind of nod! Or he might just pick you up from the ground and swirl around. Football and cricket does this to men so yeah don't forget to be brave and pop the question at his happiest hour!

And now coming to particularly the men part of proposals, which is a wee bit normal , just couldn't find up better and braver methods :P Not that men aren't bold or anything but women are much bolder than men :D :P

Diamonds ! There's always this route: One can never go wrong with diamonds ! They are a girls best friend ! Just pop up a diamond or a Tiffany ring and ask her anything , the answer is bound t be a YES! *wicked gleam*

Boring to Breathtaking breaks : Oh yes I am talking about those long boring commercial breaks between her watching Television ! Trust me she is bound to say yes when you ask her out! Go try !

Candle Lit dinner: Boy you can never hear the word No from a woman if she's asked out on a candle lit dinner ! just don't forget to book the whole restaurant ! :P

Which of these do you think might hit the bull's eye when it comes to being bold? I did try the instagram thing and guess it worked wonders for me !

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