Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cover Story : Sonam Kapoor sizzles on Filmfare Febraury 2015

My girl crush on Sonam Kapoor continues!
The latest issue of Filmfare  features a close up of Sonam in open hair and a pair of  stunning suhani pittie earrings.
Sonam kapoor known for her  style experiments looks beautiful in this cover but in terms of fashion it is definitely a bit toned down here. That doesnt mean i dont lke the leaf earrings, they sure are striking and coupled with  make up sonam rocks this cover.

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In this issue of filmfare sonam talks about her personal life  and fires her views on boys , romance and marriage  
The inside pages of filmfare magazine more than make up for the lack low on style cover.  Get a peek into the magazine pages here

Sensous and sizzling , a winner all the way . What are your thoughts ?