Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mission get rid of pimples

I  have had dry flaky skin all my life, dark circles and chapped lips are the only skin problems ive had to worry for .  But in my late teens i had a worst break out of sorts .
It was around my seventeenth birthday when i woke up  and pulled the curtains away taking the warmth of new sun , welcoming a fresh new day i entered the bathroom picked up my toothbrush to start brushing as i carelessly peeked into the mirror all hell broke loose as a bunch of unwelcome guests (Inflamed whiteheads ) on my forehead stared back smirking and wishing me a bad morning. 
It was a nightmare ,  i pinched myself to confirm this wasnt real, that i was still sleeping and dreaming a bad dream , but no these pimples were for real and from my sisters expeditions with oily acne plus pimple prone skin i new these stubborn little white heads were here to stay . Thus began my mission Pimple Bhagao before birthday.
Problem: 4 little pinkish white bulges on forehead threaten to  ruin flawless clear skin and may soon conquer pretty dimpled cheeks too . Please send in an army to fight these uninvited guests as soon as possible.
Threats posed:
  • Increased cosmetic spending: Already i spend like a majority of my money on make up and pimples mean more spending on make up like concealers and pimple care creams
  • Photographs may come out looking ugly meaning more time will have to be spent photo shopping them
  • selfies may be ruined and even instagram filters may not be able to hide them
  • Boyfriend may dump me. Oh no who will pay my bills?
The Army:
-Honey : Known to have antibiotic properties helps in killing bacteria and curing pimples. Apply honey , wait for and hour wash off.
-Toothpaste : Yes a toothpaste which isnt gel based can help with pimples.  Apply the white toothpaste on pimples and leave overnight for best results.
-Baking Soda: make a paste with lemon juice + baking soda+ water and apply on pimple and wash off after 5 minutes. Ouch this paste stings but flawless skin ke liye kuch bhi karegi ye ladki!
-Garlic:  Uh what? yes rub garlic on pimple. eeks, burns , stings, stinks. Iam not going to do that ever again.
-Argan oil  : works like magic they but where should i buy that from?
- Eat right: A healthy diet, excess of water  and regular exercises. Umm okay iam a foodie but i will try my best to avoid sugars  and oils
- Stay Stress Free : How the hell am i supposed to relax when those white heads are giving me nightmare in daylight ?
I realized pimples are caused due to bacterial growth, stress or hormonal changes and fighting them requires patience and internal and external lifestyle changes. Garnier Pure Active Neem facewash has helped me a lot in my mission to flawless pimple free skin.

Ethnic Elegance: Tamannah in Manish Malhotra

Iam a sucker for anarkalis and when it gets even better when it is floor length .  When i spotted Tamannah in a beautiful floor length  creation by Manish Malhotra i was left drooling.

Embedded image permalink

Tamannah wore this gorgeous anarkali at the launch of her telegu film Bengal tiger . Side swept open hair soft make up and a pair of kundan earrings finished out her look.  It was good that she kept things simple as the anarkali in itself is very ornate with flare,  embroidery and mirror detailing.

The anarkali may have been a bit too grand to wear just for a film launch her styling makes it event appropriate .

Tamanna at Bengal Tiger Movie Opening

Tamannah Latest Stills - Tamil Actress Images Veeram |  Siruthai |  Tamannah Latest Stills |  Tamannah Latest  |  Tamannah |  Tamannah Latest Stills |  Tamannah Latest  -

Iam looking for a similar creation at an affordable price tag to wear at a wedding . Where would you wear an outfit like this?
And what do you think of Tamannahs look?

(photo: cinemalead, cinejosh)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cover Story : Sonam Kapoor sizzles on Filmfare Febraury 2015

My girl crush on Sonam Kapoor continues!
The latest issue of Filmfare  features a close up of Sonam in open hair and a pair of  stunning suhani pittie earrings.
Sonam kapoor known for her  style experiments looks beautiful in this cover but in terms of fashion it is definitely a bit toned down here. That doesnt mean i dont lke the leaf earrings, they sure are striking and coupled with  make up sonam rocks this cover.

Embedded image permalink

In this issue of filmfare sonam talks about her personal life  and fires her views on boys , romance and marriage  
The inside pages of filmfare magazine more than make up for the lack low on style cover.  Get a peek into the magazine pages here

Sensous and sizzling , a winner all the way . What are your thoughts ?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dolly Ki Doli - The promotional tour high on Desi Fashion

We all know know how fashionable and stylish Sonam Kapoor is and when she steps out she does so in style . Same was the case on her promotional tour for her film Dolly ki Doli which released this week.

Dolly ki Doli like the name suggests features Sonam kapoor as a bride in a romantic comedy and like always sonam promoted her movie with her in character appearances. The result was we got to see some amazing Ethnic outfits styled with a lot of spunk on sonam kapoor. 

If you like sonam kapoor and her fashion tastes you must definitely follow the stylista on her instagram to get the first look of all her outfits.

In this Shantanu and nikhil draped anarkali sonam floored me. such a simple yet striking look. The necklace and hair style fit in perfectly. This is so dreamy, i want to se myself in that outfit. Id wear this to any wedding of my sister or brother and make a statement. Elegance. Grace. Love.

Embedded image permalink

In a House of Kotwara by Meera and Muzzafar Ali outfit sonam looked fabulous. Her eye make up and earrings were a great pick

Embedded image permalink

Sonam kapoor wore an arpita Mehta orange lehenga at Music launch of dolly ki doli. Nothing great about this look. Normal and good. but nothing extra ordinary.

Sonam Kapoor attended the screen awards in a Rohit bal Lehenga . Uncut Amtha pati completed her look.  I love her bangles. 

Sonam wore a simple anuradha vakil saree with polki earrings for promotions in Ahmedabad. Love this look for a change from sonam

For the trailer Launch Sonam heated things up in Shantanu & Nikhil lehenga with mid riff show and a belly button.
Embedded image permalink

Which Ethic look from this promo tour do you like the best?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to propose ?

Life throws many challenges at us, but one of the most crucial challenge thrown is telling the one we love how much we love him!
There is always the fear of being rejected or being told you would've done it a better way ! Such an insult!
But does that stop you from being Bold or does it stop you from confessing your feelings?
I don't think it should affect you even a bit!
Do what your heart says you to do and live life beautifully ! Because hey one life live it okay?!

Presenting you a few wicked ways how I would have proposed him

Be his gift: Ever heard of' Boxed ' proposal ? Surprise him by lunging out of a gift box you were hiding in his apartment or at work and look at him in the eyes and I would daringly ask him out on a date ! Points for me because he would be flabbergasted by my box hiding trick and would be tongue tied for a few minutes ;)

Ala Instagram proposal : tag him in three pictures which read' Be My date?' Its sure a unque idea don't you think so ?

#TrendingTopic Way :Are you a tweleb ? ;) Then guess what start a trend just for her ! Ask your friends to retweet the tweet and Viola within a few hours you might just trend #*insert name*AdatePlease? And no it isn't hard to trend these days ! Salman khan and Srk khan fans just  trend about anything everytime and not to forget Poonam Pandey so its got be a cakewalk!

Favorite Football team wins/World cup wins: The best time to pop the question is when he is overjoyed girls ! He is bound to shake his head in a yes kind of nod! Or he might just pick you up from the ground and swirl around. Football and cricket does this to men so yeah don't forget to be brave and pop the question at his happiest hour!

And now coming to particularly the men part of proposals, which is a wee bit normal , just couldn't find up better and braver methods :P Not that men aren't bold or anything but women are much bolder than men :D :P

Diamonds ! There's always this route: One can never go wrong with diamonds ! They are a girls best friend ! Just pop up a diamond or a Tiffany ring and ask her anything , the answer is bound t be a YES! *wicked gleam*

Boring to Breathtaking breaks : Oh yes I am talking about those long boring commercial breaks between her watching Television ! Trust me she is bound to say yes when you ask her out! Go try !

Candle Lit dinner: Boy you can never hear the word No from a woman if she's asked out on a candle lit dinner ! just don't forget to book the whole restaurant ! :P

Which of these do you think might hit the bull's eye when it comes to being bold? I did try the instagram thing and guess it worked wonders for me !

Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebs are rocking the Red colour as an wedding Guests

When dressing up for an Indian Wedding it is always reccomended to not wear bright reds and pinks as over shadowing a bride is considered a crime. But trends are changing and indian brides are choosing colours other than red for their big day while wedding guests are spotted in Bright reds.

celebs ethnic Red

Celebs like Dia Mirza Chose a beige and green sharara for her wedding while Riddhi Malhotra wore a Royal Blue Lehenga. Even Arpita Khan who wore red on her wedding chose pastels for her reception. what iam trying to say is when brides are experimenting with colors even guests can experiment and opt for reds. But you have to be very careful when wearing a red to a wedding reception and keep the rest of the look simple as the colour red in itself is loud. 

Shradda Kapoor wore a Shivani and Naresh Color blocked red and pink saree to Arpita- Ayush Wedding reception and stood out among the bling fest . In no way did shraddha over shadow the bride yet she looked event appropriate. Now this is how a wedding guest should wear red. 

If Bling is not your thing , then wear something similar or even a plain red saree and add a pair of danglers with a clutch and you are good to go.

Shraddha Kapoor

At the same wedding Sonakhi Sinha Wore a red and gold Manish Malhotra creation, The Outift in no way was simple but no one would mistake sonakshi for a bride thanks to her styling. Skipping the necklace and arm jewellery plus keeping the make up light  helped sonakshi get the red look right.


Urmila Matondkar also wore a red white saree in the recent Ridhi malhotra wedding reception. since her saree was more red than white she added lots of accessories and gajra along with red lips and potli to her look.

At the Shiring Morani wedding Anushka Sharma showed us an interesting way to wear red. Pairing  a red dupatta with a mint green sabya . Bride isnt over shadowed yet she isnt under dressed. This could be a great way to wear Red in winters with an ornate red shawl of sorts paired with softer colours


Esha Gupta also was spotted in a cream red Anju Modi leheng at the Riddhi Malhotra wedding reception. The look was a bit busy and over the top but considering she kept the blouse and dupatta cream it kind of balanced out

Which celeb do you think wore the red best?

Would you wear Red to a reception of someone else? share your thoughts.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Relocating to Bangalore made easy!

Gone are the days when Bangalore was considered the Garden city. It's more of a Vatican city now which looks like a miniature of New York city.

Now every third person I meet here in Bangalore is a North Indian relocated to Bangalore mostly for work reasons. What's more, the majority of my friends are North Indians too!

Relocating is a real task. It's not easy to shift your whole family to another place. You have to adjust with the weather, the water and what not! The main issue people face while relocating is finding a roof to live.

These are the times when the invention of Internet deserves a pat on the back!!

So, today let me introduce you to and the amazing ways in which it can help you if you are relocating to Bangalore!

The first reason why I would recommend you is for finding a place to live!

Available houses in Bangalore are as rare as rainbows these days. Especially when it comes to places which are close to tech savvy areas like the Electronic city!

Visiting hundreds of brokerages and hunting for available houses is just a hideous task but not after I have introduced you to Quikr! Now all you have to do is go to their real estate section and select a suitable option you need and book buy/rent/book a house via Quikr at easy peasy rates!

The next reason why I would recommend Quikr is, after shifting to your house the need for your own vehichle always po in especially given the traffic of bangalore and the fact that travelling through busses takes ages, a vehichle comes as a blessing! Quikr helps you to find the perfect seller for you who can meet your needs!

Now once a roof to stay in and a vehichle to travel is taken care off comes the actual part where you need to find a good job. Employment is bang on in Bangalore and though it won't be tough to find a job, it's best to hunt for the perfect one which suits you and pays you well! Quikr helps you here too!

Now coming to the rest of the things which include everything from setting up a house and buying yourself a pet which again Quikr can help you out with! The best part is you can even find matrimonial ads on Quikr and you never know someone out there could just take your breath away!

So all in all my friends, if you are relocating to Bangalore than you should definitely check out !!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Yay or Nay : Jacqueline shows up in Gaurav Gupta couture at Star Guild awards

Jacqueline Fernandes is going places post her Movie Kick with salman khan . Iam loving her styling a lot. Infact her Gauri and Nainika Cover on LOfficiel was a winner all the way . Her good run came to a an abrupt halt when she turned up in a white lacy Gaurav Gupta couture at the star guild awards. The gown was a downright Drab.
Embedded image permalink
Her hair and make up worked well and waist up she looked great (see middle pic)  the problem started with the sheer panel on her legs which then went on to flare like a mermaid hem. I hated the dress and the sheer panel was too distracting for even Jacqueline Feranandes to make it work .
This was a clear Nay for me. Hope Jacqueline avoids such disasters in future
(pic Credit: twitter)

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Jacqueline looks stunning on Cover of LOfficiel January 2015

Embedded image permalink

I Loved the Gauri and Nainika Collection at WIFW and when I spotted Jacqueline Fernandes on the cover page of L’Officiel India January 2015 in a gown from the same collection I had to look at it more than once.
This Particular Gown is very cheery and bright and Jacqueline does full justice to the amazing floral strapless gown. The styling is on spot except for that bag which is a perfect fit but should have been kept a bit away from that floral applique . I loved this cover , a stunner . I would rate it a 9 on 10.
You may remember seeing a version of this gown in red on Deepika for the promotion of Happy new year on Zee’s show “Dil Se Naache Indiawaale” ( See Here )
What are our thoughts on this cover? Love ? Or hate?

Monday, January 05, 2015

7 best off-screen looks of Deepika Padukone from 2014

While I keep Raving about Sonam Kapoors experimenting fashion deepika Padukone isnt any far away. Deepika has really transformed herself in the last couple of years and can rightly be called the current queen of bollywood with a number of hits, brand endorsements and high on fashion appearances online.

Today as she turns 28 lets have a look at  7 most fashionable looks from her off screen last year

Deepika sizzled in a gaurav gupta black gown for Dubai premiere of Happy new Year. Opting for neutral make up and just a pair of earrings was the right way to to go with this dress. 

Deepika scored in a naem Khan gown at zee cine awards early this year. The sequined gown is nice but that is not what iam interested in.  what I really loved about this look is the head jewellery and make up. (Read complete Zee cine awards coverage here)

Embedded image permalink

For the promotion of Happy new year on Zee’s show “Dil Se Naache Indiawaale” wore a floral gown from one of my favorite collection of 2014 . Wearing a gauri and nainika gown in white deepika added red-white earrings and red heels to the look. I love this look and that dress. (have a look at quirky gauri and nainikas collection here)

Deepika wore a sabyasachi saree for music launch of her film happy new year. The elobrate saree was given attention it needed by keeping make up simple and adding only diamond studs. an updo finished this elegant look.

Embedded image permalink

Wearing a Stella Maccartney mesh gown for unvieling India’s 10o most sexist women issue deepika looked amazing. coral gown and her hair do were perfect.

Embedded image permalink

For the wedding reception of Ahana deol deepika showed up in a Jade saree and jhumkas. Loved this whole ethnic look from her. (read complete coverage of Ahanas wedding here)

Embedded image permalink

The best for last . deepika started off 2014 on glittary note dazzling in a gaurav gupta sheer gown. Red lips, red nails, side swept hair and gold shoes, this look is an epic Win.   (see filmfare awards coverage on zoonis blog here

Hoping she has an equally fashionable 2015.

Happy Birthday Deepika Padukone

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