Saturday, December 13, 2014

Overcoming my fear of unknown

The Fear of Unknown
I always did the right things in my life . I was the girl all neighbors would refer to saying ‘ dekho usko, aur seekho usse kuch’ . Teachers adored me, my Marks always put a smile on my parents face . Bunking classes was an alien thing and studying hard was my hobby.
In college I took up science not because I wanted to but because my marks pointed to it.  Everyone with such high marks got into science, my parents had the same opinions and then well the journey began. A journey to nowhere because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but I had exceptional grades and I trusted them to sail me through my life.
Alas Life doesn’t work like that. Monotony kicked in, I did not enjoy this study hard, be the good girl  ritual much. It reflected on my grades , the slide wasn’t drastic but it was enough to ring an alarm and I knew I was living in my comfort zone .  I realized though I loved mental challenges science was not for me .
Good Grades. Good College. Good job.
Not For Me.  My passion rested else where , in careers which were not very conventional and had a certain risky edge to it.
When I conveyed this to my parents , they were surprised I dint want to become a certain doctor or an engineer but they were very supporting and said they had full confidence in my abilities and I could excel in whatever I choose . This was it. My fear of unknown was almost defeated all thanks to my parents support . I now wanted to venture out, explore new grounds and follow my dreams , my heart.
The movie 3 idiots released  at around the same point and it and I hold the movie close to my heart as it has helped me in my journey of overcoming my fear of unknown .
My journey from fear to victory is still on . I have ben playing with my passion for social Media marketing for quite sometime now. I want to make a career out of it .  I know it all sounds very dreamy and stuff but twitter is what I love, and that is what I want to do. Get paid to tweet.
Social Media Marketing as a  career is not very risky choice but what I want to do is unconventional social media evangelist stuff.  Brand Development, social Media marketing , managing campaigns it is all a part of my dream job profile and I am on my road to just that. It is going to tough because I want to open my own agency and be my own boss . I will have work hard and smart but when I know that I have parents who will support me no matter the fear of unknown ceases to exist.
Hope everything goes well . Wishing myself luck .
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