Saturday, December 27, 2014

Embrace the comfort of Truth

Honesty is a value which is valued deeply even in todays times .  We have always been thought in our schools and homes to speak the truth.  Our moral lessons stress on the need to speak truth and restrain from taking the easy way of lying.

We tend to lie to save ourselves from trouble temporarily but in the process we forget that we are risking ourselves greater trouble when the lies get caught. Also lies weight heavily on the conscience and we always end up weaving more lies to cover up the original lie. So, when you think about it lying looks easy but in the long run truth is easier because truth comes with some really precious additions like peace , trust , chain and sukoon.

So who am i? A sage or some god send angel who never lies and is here to preach the lesson of honesty to all? No . Even I Lie back when I was in school I lied pretty easily as I felt small lies did not make any difference. Infact I believed lies for a good cause is actually good. But it isnt true, lying can do no good to anyone, we have no right to decide what is good for others. 


There are a million lies I would have told my parents, friends, family , teachers and even strangers in my entire life and some still weight on my conscience but after watching this advertisement from Kinley I have decided to try my best to be honest and keep the load on my heart and conscience a bare minimum.

The kinley advertisement reminds me of a similar incident which happened with me when I was in 8th standard. My gang of girls planned a trip to forum mall and involved me in it. I was excited about this trip but I was scared about my parents not giving me permission for this trip. I knew this girls only trip in a public bus would raise eye brows from my fairly conservative parents and I would be not allowed at any cost.  So I took the easy way out and told my parents I was going to my friends house to complete my science project with her. They accepted my reason and never questioned me even once.  They trusted their daughter and what was I doing? I did not enjoy the trip one bit, I was laughing with my friends but on the inside I was sad, there was a sort of restlessness, an uneasy feeling. The moment I reached home I revealed the entire trip details to my parents, my parents , were shocked, enrages and angry but it did not matter to me. All that mattered was that I was feeling good , the restlessness and the fear was gone . Sach mein, "Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein’ .

Telling the truth was the right thing to do. It will always be the right thing to do.

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