Saturday, November 29, 2014

Speak up for a Clean India

Islam the religion I practice lays huge importance on cleanliness,so I have been raised with strong values of keeping our surroundings, homes, minds and hearts clean. infact Prophet Mohammed SAW said
“cleanliness is half of faith.”
Our prime ministers Swatch Bharat campaign for a cleaner India is the right way ahead. India as a country project the image of poverty driven , unclean nation to the world. This has to change, we as responsible citizens need to raise our voice for a hygienic and clean India.
Clean India for me doesn’t really mean only a litter, dirt and garbage free India . It means a corruption free India, an India free of crimes against women, an India clean of its blind and superstitious beliefs , An Indian clean from gender bias. How is all this possible? Can we just sit silent and expect change to happen? expect the nation to cleanse itself?  No , definitely not . We need to Speak up and speak up now Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega.
Every time you see a girl being eve teased Speak Up, don’t just walk away like nothing really happened! Every time there is rape case protest and stand up for the victims
Every time you see someone throwing garbage or even simple wrappers on the road , stop him, speak to him, lecture him about making our country clean. Tell him the right place for garbage is the dust bin not the road.
Every time you see someone peeing out in the open abuse him with the strength of your words.
Every time you see bias of any kind, gender, cast creed stand up .
Say a big fat NO to corruption. Stop bribing cops . Follow rules and regulations
Every time you see someone spitting , smoking in public places raise a voice. What is wrong is wrong. stand up for the right
Open Defecation which contributes to majority of  unhygienic condition in our country. This is another huge issue india needs to tackle to actually see a clean india. At least 40% of our population still defecates in open . We need to speak up for better sanitation facilities in both urban and rural india to see the dream of a clean India come true.
Inspire yourself with the Strepsils  #AbMontuBolega campaign and use the Power of your Voice to Clean India. Raise your voice and make a difference.
#AbMontuBolega is a campaign by Strepsils India on their website website which pushes us Indians to use the  Power of Voice to Clean India and encourages to stop being a silent spectator. This Website allows  individuals to raise their voice and opinions about matters that concern us ,our society and country.
You can connect with STREPSILS on Facebook and Twitter for more details on this campaign.

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