Monday, November 17, 2014

My dream home with 24k Living

I have always loved Yash raj and karan Johars movies, not really for the story and acting but for grandeur and style the movies project in their bunglows and villas. So when indiblogger wanted me to pick items for My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa I was delighted.  Delighted for two reasons, one because I love these kinds of topic to blog about, I mean window shopping and rave about why you like stuff, amazing so my thing this. secondly when I visited the Porcelanosa website I was spellbound, what a collection, one word Aah-Mazing!

Here are my picks

NK Logic Extraplano
Rain showers : Did I tell you I love bollywood movies ? yes I almost did Winking smile  . I love rain , gettting wet in rain while returning from school, munching on roasted corn, listening to mom rant about it later when I fall sick , adrak waali chai are all my childhood rain stories. I still love rain but just don’t find the time to enjoy it as most of the time when it rains iam stuck in a god damn traffic jam on streets of bangalore. So the rain Shower is my first pick to my dream home . Relaxing under the rain shower as bollywood melodies like tip tip barsa paani play in the background is my ultimate fantasy!
Khoa Light Blanco Athenas Bioprot 185 x 90 x 54 cm
Bath Tub: Stuck in the Ultra pricey Bangalore, where cost of living is touching the sky and space of living shrinking bath tub is a luxury. Porcelanosa provides with some great  hydro massage bathtubs that combine different equipment, such as water or air jets and chromotherapy systems. Just what I need to beat the stress
Foc Blanco Artico / Lino Habana Textil
Wardrobe: My room is a scattered mess, a shopoholic that iam I keep buying stuff even when I don’t need them and organizing all of it becomes a difficult task. This wardrobe has so much space, so many compartments and drawers that it can neatly store all my belonging in an ordered way and but the size of my shopping expeditions to shame. Just what I need. My shoes, my jewellery, my make up, my clothes all will be happy souls.
Basin: A beauty freak I spend a lot of time in front of my basin applying face packs, following the cleanse –tone-moisturize routine and more. I love colour blue and the huge mirror in this particular design makes into my dream list . The blue white combinationationa nd the versatile design has had me drooling.
Cascais Natural Clase 3 44 x 66 cm

Anti-slip flooring: Iam clumsy and accident prone woman, anti slip flooring is just perfect for me and unlike most other anti slip floorings pocelanosa group uses Nanoker technology to manufacture anti-slip flooring which results in smooth texture. Me loves it.

Bluebell Silver 33,3 x 100 cm @ Silk Blanco 44 x 66 cm STON-KER®
Metal Effect wall tiles: Iam not really a fan of metal tiles but the shine of these walls definitely fascinate me . I will definitely want to put this in my geeky brothers room, goes well with his personality
G480 Arcilla Mate / G720 Roble Brezo / Acero
Kitchen Furniture: For kitchen I choose this trendy Arcilla Mate design, it is contemporary and campact just like my mom would like it to be.
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