Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lust List : For the Love of BLACK

I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour
Black defines class and elegance. I have always loved and craved for all things black in my life. Infact my blog template is also black.  I own quiet a few Apparel and accessories in Black and like every other woman iam always left asking for more .
Traditionally black is a forbidden colour, in the west it is a colour of mourning while in india, the colour is totally banned on festive occasions and weddings.
I present to you 5 Lust worthy black things
When I saw this Amazing gorgeous Black leather lehenga on Lisa Haydon in India couture week, I wanted to own it. It is a designer piece I know and mighty expensive ofcourse and when I expressed my wish of wearing something like this on my wedding to my mom, she freaked out. But I stood my ground Iam a Rebel Winking smile  I will wear Black on my wedding, Leather black, oh yeah .
Diamonds are a girls best friend and every girls wants to be proposed with one , even me. But I want a black diamond. Yes you future husband , you are not hearing a YES until the diamond is black!
A girl can have enough of shoes ever. And when the shoes are black? I want to grab them all. These Black bow pumps by Dorthy Perkins is True Lust .
I love black and that is a given and I have a soft spot for lace too. When black and lace combine to form Charlotte Olympia lace box clutch it is Awesomeness. Love this beauty.
I have always wanted to own a trench coat and what better than a black coat in winter to keep me warm, black is anyways known to absorb heat. This Black Trench coat by Burberry London is a dream to own. Its cashmere warmth and luxury is what I crave.

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