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26 July 2014

Black, You Beauty!

Black is a mysterious colour having an aura of its own. It is powerful and intense.

Black is the colour I rely upon when I cant decide an answer to the question ‘what to wear’ . You can never go wrong with the classic and elegant black because it has its own charm. A Black LBD, black pumps and kohl lined eyes and iam good to go. Dressed to kill.

But they are other black things I desire apart from the fashion angle.Like sleek long hair, the novel black beauty or the kala khatta gola and more. I present to you  5 black things I desire the most .

1. Black Clouds: I love watching fluffy clouds rush away . It is a great feeling and when the clouds are black it is a greater feeling, awaiting the drops of rain to fall away .

2. Black Money: Illegal agreed. But don’t we all desire loads and loads of money? I would love to own huge sums of money, so huge that id have to stash it away in the swiss banks to avoid taxex . Oh the feeling I get just when I envision this.

3. Black Coffee: Coffee is good, but it is better when it is Black. Black is bitter but it is flavorful and calorie free. Helping me stick to my weight loss regime plus it is cheap and easy to make. What more do you want

4.Black Lady: The filmfare awards is an entertaining affair and ii enjoy it to the last bit. I love the black lady and wait every year to see who takes it home. I love the Black lady more when it choose SRK as  a companionWinking smile

5.Black ipad: Now who doesn’t desire anything Apple?  A black ipad is what will make my life fabulous. This marvelous piece of technology has been on my wish list ever since it has been launched. I would love to win one here.

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Lust List : For the Love of BLACK

I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour
Black defines class and elegance. I have always loved and craved for all things black in my life. Infact my blog template is also black.  I own quiet a few Apparel and accessories in Black and like every other woman iam always left asking for more .
Traditionally black is a forbidden colour, in the west it is a colour of mourning while in india, the colour is totally banned on festive occasions and weddings.
I present to you 5 Lust worthy black things
When I saw this Amazing gorgeous Black leather lehenga on Lisa Haydon in India couture week, I wanted to own it. It is a designer piece I know and mighty expensive ofcourse and when I expressed my wish of wearing something like this on my wedding to my mom, she freaked out. But I stood my ground Iam a Rebel Winking smile  I will wear Black on my wedding, Leather black, oh yeah .
Diamonds are a girls best friend and every girls wants to be proposed with one , even me. But I want a black diamond. Yes you future husband , you are not hearing a YES until the diamond is black!
A girl can have enough of shoes ever. And when the shoes are black? I want to grab them all. These Black bow pumps by Dorthy Perkins is True Lust .
I love black and that is a given and I have a soft spot for lace too. When black and lace combine to form Charlotte Olympia lace box clutch it is Awesomeness. Love this beauty.
I have always wanted to own a trench coat and what better than a black coat in winter to keep me warm, black is anyways known to absorb heat. This Black Trench coat by Burberry London is a dream to own. Its cashmere warmth and luxury is what I crave.

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