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8 May 2014

Cricket Craze

As a child Id always wonder why Indias national game was hockey and not cricket, yes every indian is that passionate about this gentleman's game and iam no different. I make sure iam updated about team India's latest form, score updates and cricket controversies because it is these stuff that make it easy for me to stay connected with my brother.

Once we had shifted our house and getting a cable connection was going to take a couple of days and a cricket match was on , I was eager to know the score so I switched on FM in my dads car. Radiocity used to give us hourly updates of matches but I happened to miss that articular hours update, so I called the radio station for the first time in my life and luckily my call went through and I was live talking to the RJ with the entire city listening to my Saga of new home, no neighbors, eager for an update. The RJ did give me an update and also gave me complimentary tickets to a movie . Id never forget this experience of mine.

After this incident I decided I needed an AM radio to get live commentary non stop . Me and my brother pooled in money and got a simple AM/FM radio just so that we wouldn’t miss a shot while the cable guy took all the time in the world to give us the connection.

I so wish awesomeness like existed at times like those . This website is love at first site for sports lovers like me.  The ACTION RECAP feature is my favorite. With the Action recap feature I don’t need to worry about missing initial parts of a match ,  So now multitasking between home, office and entertainment is easy peasy. This Kanya Can KEEP CALM and watch all the action later on StarSports.Com.

The Deferred Live Feature is one which id enjoy on my trips to lucknow where there are lot of Power Cuts also at times when  my mom a non-cricket-fanatic would win the fight for remote , dear , here I come!

With the App on my smartphone IPL 2014 Just got more exciting….

Cricket just got better! Activity by in association with

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