Monday, December 29, 2014

Samantha goes dupatta less In Anita Dongre Lehenga

Samantha is on a fashion high off late and she has been sporting some very stylish looks. I have a feeling she is going the sonam kapoor route, experimenting a a bit too much. All of her recent experiments turned out to be a hot or okayish  until this Anita Dongre Lehenga happened.
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Samantha and her stylist Anisha Jain tried to turn heads with this royal blue anita dongre Lehenga paired with a backless gold choli. The looks was finished off with an amrapalli necklace and middle parted bun.
The front frame of the look looks prett y balanced if you ask me but the moment you have a look at the back of the blouse, you know this is all such a miss. A dupatta was so required in here . Ofcourse a dupatta wouldn’t cover up but it would lend some sort of balance to this look and make it more elegance.
Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu Latest Cute Hot Exclusive Navel Show Spicy Photos Gallery At ANR National Award 2013 Presentation
You know why I was comparing sonam and samantha in this post? Well sonam was seen in a similar lehenga also by anita dongre in the first look of her movie Dolly ki Doli.
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Who do you think wore this anita Dongre better? And what did you think of Samanthas backless look? please leave your thoughts below
Stay Stylish
Kamar jahan

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Embrace the comfort of Truth

Honesty is a value which is valued deeply even in todays times .  We have always been thought in our schools and homes to speak the truth.  Our moral lessons stress on the need to speak truth and restrain from taking the easy way of lying.

We tend to lie to save ourselves from trouble temporarily but in the process we forget that we are risking ourselves greater trouble when the lies get caught. Also lies weight heavily on the conscience and we always end up weaving more lies to cover up the original lie. So, when you think about it lying looks easy but in the long run truth is easier because truth comes with some really precious additions like peace , trust , chain and sukoon.

So who am i? A sage or some god send angel who never lies and is here to preach the lesson of honesty to all? No . Even I Lie back when I was in school I lied pretty easily as I felt small lies did not make any difference. Infact I believed lies for a good cause is actually good. But it isnt true, lying can do no good to anyone, we have no right to decide what is good for others. 


There are a million lies I would have told my parents, friends, family , teachers and even strangers in my entire life and some still weight on my conscience but after watching this advertisement from Kinley I have decided to try my best to be honest and keep the load on my heart and conscience a bare minimum.

The kinley advertisement reminds me of a similar incident which happened with me when I was in 8th standard. My gang of girls planned a trip to forum mall and involved me in it. I was excited about this trip but I was scared about my parents not giving me permission for this trip. I knew this girls only trip in a public bus would raise eye brows from my fairly conservative parents and I would be not allowed at any cost.  So I took the easy way out and told my parents I was going to my friends house to complete my science project with her. They accepted my reason and never questioned me even once.  They trusted their daughter and what was I doing? I did not enjoy the trip one bit, I was laughing with my friends but on the inside I was sad, there was a sort of restlessness, an uneasy feeling. The moment I reached home I revealed the entire trip details to my parents, my parents , were shocked, enrages and angry but it did not matter to me. All that mattered was that I was feeling good , the restlessness and the fear was gone . Sach mein, "Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein’ .

Telling the truth was the right thing to do. It will always be the right thing to do.

This post is written for Happy hours campaign on indiblogger

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Overcoming my fear of unknown

The Fear of Unknown
I always did the right things in my life . I was the girl all neighbors would refer to saying ‘ dekho usko, aur seekho usse kuch’ . Teachers adored me, my Marks always put a smile on my parents face . Bunking classes was an alien thing and studying hard was my hobby.
In college I took up science not because I wanted to but because my marks pointed to it.  Everyone with such high marks got into science, my parents had the same opinions and then well the journey began. A journey to nowhere because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but I had exceptional grades and I trusted them to sail me through my life.
Alas Life doesn’t work like that. Monotony kicked in, I did not enjoy this study hard, be the good girl  ritual much. It reflected on my grades , the slide wasn’t drastic but it was enough to ring an alarm and I knew I was living in my comfort zone .  I realized though I loved mental challenges science was not for me .
Good Grades. Good College. Good job.
Not For Me.  My passion rested else where , in careers which were not very conventional and had a certain risky edge to it.
When I conveyed this to my parents , they were surprised I dint want to become a certain doctor or an engineer but they were very supporting and said they had full confidence in my abilities and I could excel in whatever I choose . This was it. My fear of unknown was almost defeated all thanks to my parents support . I now wanted to venture out, explore new grounds and follow my dreams , my heart.
The movie 3 idiots released  at around the same point and it and I hold the movie close to my heart as it has helped me in my journey of overcoming my fear of unknown .
My journey from fear to victory is still on . I have ben playing with my passion for social Media marketing for quite sometime now. I want to make a career out of it .  I know it all sounds very dreamy and stuff but twitter is what I love, and that is what I want to do. Get paid to tweet.
Social Media Marketing as a  career is not very risky choice but what I want to do is unconventional social media evangelist stuff.  Brand Development, social Media marketing , managing campaigns it is all a part of my dream job profile and I am on my road to just that. It is going to tough because I want to open my own agency and be my own boss . I will have work hard and smart but when I know that I have parents who will support me no matter the fear of unknown ceases to exist.
Hope everything goes well . Wishing myself luck .
This post is written for indiblogger happy hours activity Rise above fear sponsored by Mountain Dew . You could find them on Facebook

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Speak up for a Clean India

Islam the religion I practice lays huge importance on cleanliness,so I have been raised with strong values of keeping our surroundings, homes, minds and hearts clean. infact Prophet Mohammed SAW said
“cleanliness is half of faith.”
Our prime ministers Swatch Bharat campaign for a cleaner India is the right way ahead. India as a country project the image of poverty driven , unclean nation to the world. This has to change, we as responsible citizens need to raise our voice for a hygienic and clean India.
Clean India for me doesn’t really mean only a litter, dirt and garbage free India . It means a corruption free India, an India free of crimes against women, an India clean of its blind and superstitious beliefs , An Indian clean from gender bias. How is all this possible? Can we just sit silent and expect change to happen? expect the nation to cleanse itself?  No , definitely not . We need to Speak up and speak up now Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega.
Every time you see a girl being eve teased Speak Up, don’t just walk away like nothing really happened! Every time there is rape case protest and stand up for the victims
Every time you see someone throwing garbage or even simple wrappers on the road , stop him, speak to him, lecture him about making our country clean. Tell him the right place for garbage is the dust bin not the road.
Every time you see someone peeing out in the open abuse him with the strength of your words.
Every time you see bias of any kind, gender, cast creed stand up .
Say a big fat NO to corruption. Stop bribing cops . Follow rules and regulations
Every time you see someone spitting , smoking in public places raise a voice. What is wrong is wrong. stand up for the right
Open Defecation which contributes to majority of  unhygienic condition in our country. This is another huge issue india needs to tackle to actually see a clean india. At least 40% of our population still defecates in open . We need to speak up for better sanitation facilities in both urban and rural india to see the dream of a clean India come true.
Inspire yourself with the Strepsils  #AbMontuBolega campaign and use the Power of your Voice to Clean India. Raise your voice and make a difference.
#AbMontuBolega is a campaign by Strepsils India on their website website which pushes us Indians to use the  Power of Voice to Clean India and encourages to stop being a silent spectator. This Website allows  individuals to raise their voice and opinions about matters that concern us ,our society and country.
You can connect with STREPSILS on Facebook and Twitter for more details on this campaign.

Monday, November 17, 2014

My dream home with 24k Living

I have always loved Yash raj and karan Johars movies, not really for the story and acting but for grandeur and style the movies project in their bunglows and villas. So when indiblogger wanted me to pick items for My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa I was delighted.  Delighted for two reasons, one because I love these kinds of topic to blog about, I mean window shopping and rave about why you like stuff, amazing so my thing this. secondly when I visited the Porcelanosa website I was spellbound, what a collection, one word Aah-Mazing!

Here are my picks

NK Logic Extraplano
Rain showers : Did I tell you I love bollywood movies ? yes I almost did Winking smile  . I love rain , gettting wet in rain while returning from school, munching on roasted corn, listening to mom rant about it later when I fall sick , adrak waali chai are all my childhood rain stories. I still love rain but just don’t find the time to enjoy it as most of the time when it rains iam stuck in a god damn traffic jam on streets of bangalore. So the rain Shower is my first pick to my dream home . Relaxing under the rain shower as bollywood melodies like tip tip barsa paani play in the background is my ultimate fantasy!
Khoa Light Blanco Athenas Bioprot 185 x 90 x 54 cm
Bath Tub: Stuck in the Ultra pricey Bangalore, where cost of living is touching the sky and space of living shrinking bath tub is a luxury. Porcelanosa provides with some great  hydro massage bathtubs that combine different equipment, such as water or air jets and chromotherapy systems. Just what I need to beat the stress
Foc Blanco Artico / Lino Habana Textil
Wardrobe: My room is a scattered mess, a shopoholic that iam I keep buying stuff even when I don’t need them and organizing all of it becomes a difficult task. This wardrobe has so much space, so many compartments and drawers that it can neatly store all my belonging in an ordered way and but the size of my shopping expeditions to shame. Just what I need. My shoes, my jewellery, my make up, my clothes all will be happy souls.
Basin: A beauty freak I spend a lot of time in front of my basin applying face packs, following the cleanse –tone-moisturize routine and more. I love colour blue and the huge mirror in this particular design makes into my dream list . The blue white combinationationa nd the versatile design has had me drooling.
Cascais Natural Clase 3 44 x 66 cm

Anti-slip flooring: Iam clumsy and accident prone woman, anti slip flooring is just perfect for me and unlike most other anti slip floorings pocelanosa group uses Nanoker technology to manufacture anti-slip flooring which results in smooth texture. Me loves it.

Bluebell Silver 33,3 x 100 cm @ Silk Blanco 44 x 66 cm STON-KER®
Metal Effect wall tiles: Iam not really a fan of metal tiles but the shine of these walls definitely fascinate me . I will definitely want to put this in my geeky brothers room, goes well with his personality
G480 Arcilla Mate / G720 Roble Brezo / Acero
Kitchen Furniture: For kitchen I choose this trendy Arcilla Mate design, it is contemporary and campact just like my mom would like it to be.
This post is an entry to indiblogger happy hour activity sponsored by Porcelanosa and

Toilet for Babli

Mahatma Gandhi had once said, "Sanitation is more important than Independence."
It is indeed very true, because independence holds no meaning without proper education ,health and hygiene. 
Babli is a 10 year school going smart girl from a village in maharashtra. Babli lives in a joint family of 27 people and she accompanies her cousins and granny after sunset to green fields about two kilometers away from her house to defecate. Babli enjoys the long walk in cool breeze and she also loves listening to the  fresh new gossip her cousins and girls from the neighborhood who join them on their long walk to defecate have.
But Babli hates sacrificing her sleep to get up early in the morning when it is still dark to defecate in open especially in winters when it icey cold and her surroundings are submerged under a thick cloak of fog . The problems for babli multiplies in the rainy season when the kacha roads of her village have kichad in them and the fields are waterlogged. One  horrific evening of august babli along with her cousins saw a slimy long snake , ever since babli is a scared soul and venturing out to relieve herself is a task she hates.
To add to her woes babli now has to cycle to her school alone, her 8th standard cousin who used to accompany her daily has suddenly stopped going to school. Babli questioned her aunt regarding this but her aunt says the school doesn’t have toilet and it isnt good for big girls to go to school.
Bablis family is poor but they have four earning men and they can definitely afford a toilet. Everytime bablis family tries  to save for a toilet someone in her family falls ill with diseases like diarrhoea and other germ infections and the funds are used for medical purposes instead.
Babli says even if the do save for a toilet the diseases are not going to stop as maintaing a toilet is a pricey affair as there is lack of water facilities. Bablis neighbors did get a toilet built but it stinks and only women folk use it while the men still go out in open.
Open defecation is an evil risking not only health of people but also their safety, and dignity, This needs to end . Domex has launched its “You Click Domex Contributes" initiative at their site to help for this cause.
How can you help kids like Babli get a toilet?
You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Black, You Beauty!

Black is a mysterious colour having an aura of its own. It is powerful and intense.
Black is the colour I rely upon when I cant decide an answer to the question ‘what to wear’ . You can never go wrong with the classic and elegant black because it has its own charm. A Black LBD, black pumps and kohl lined eyes and iam good to go. Dressed to kill.
But they are other black things I desire apart from the fashion angle.Like sleek long hair, the novel black beauty or the kala khatta gola and more. I present to you  5 black things I desire the most .
1. Black Clouds: I love watching fluffy clouds rush away . It is a great feeling and when the clouds are black it is a greater feeling, awaiting the drops of rain to fall away .
2. Black Money: Illegal agreed. But don’t we all desire loads and loads of money? I would love to own huge sums of money, so huge that id have to stash it away in the swiss banks to avoid taxex . Oh the feeling I get just when I envision this.
3. Black Coffee: Coffee is good, but it is better when it is Black. Black is bitter but it is flavorful and calorie free. Helping me stick to my weight loss regime plus it is cheap and easy to make. What more do you want
4.Black Lady: The filmfare awards is an entertaining affair and ii enjoy it to the last bit. I love the black lady and wait every year to see who takes it home. I love the Black lady more when it choose SRK as  a companionWinking smile
5.Black ipad: Now who doesn’t desire anything Apple?  A black ipad is what will make my life fabulous. This marvelous piece of technology has been on my wish list ever since it has been launched. I would love to win one here.

Lust List : For the Love of BLACK

I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour
Black defines class and elegance. I have always loved and craved for all things black in my life. Infact my blog template is also black.  I own quiet a few Apparel and accessories in Black and like every other woman iam always left asking for more .
Traditionally black is a forbidden colour, in the west it is a colour of mourning while in india, the colour is totally banned on festive occasions and weddings.
I present to you 5 Lust worthy black things
When I saw this Amazing gorgeous Black leather lehenga on Lisa Haydon in India couture week, I wanted to own it. It is a designer piece I know and mighty expensive ofcourse and when I expressed my wish of wearing something like this on my wedding to my mom, she freaked out. But I stood my ground Iam a Rebel Winking smile  I will wear Black on my wedding, Leather black, oh yeah .
Diamonds are a girls best friend and every girls wants to be proposed with one , even me. But I want a black diamond. Yes you future husband , you are not hearing a YES until the diamond is black!
A girl can have enough of shoes ever. And when the shoes are black? I want to grab them all. These Black bow pumps by Dorthy Perkins is True Lust .
I love black and that is a given and I have a soft spot for lace too. When black and lace combine to form Charlotte Olympia lace box clutch it is Awesomeness. Love this beauty.
I have always wanted to own a trench coat and what better than a black coat in winter to keep me warm, black is anyways known to absorb heat. This Black Trench coat by Burberry London is a dream to own. Its cashmere warmth and luxury is what I crave.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Lehenga anarkali hunt online

Iam planning to wear a fuss free lehenga anarkali for my cousins wedding and i was searching online for some outfit and colour  inspirations . Some eCommerce sites  promising pieces (with hefty price tag ) i wnted share them.

Kalki Solid Anarkali Suit: Salwar Kurta Dupatta
Kalki Solid Women's Lehenga Choli: Lehenga CholiKalki Floral Anarkali Suit: Salwar Kurta DupattaKalki Printed Women's Lehenga Choli: Lehenga CholiKalki Printed Women's Lehenga Choli: Lehenga Choli

Buy Kalki Solid Women's Lehenga Choli: Lehenga Choli
Arent they beautiful and different to make a statement this wedding season? which did you like?

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