Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Love Connection with Myntra and Samsung duos

This year valentines day for a great for me. Of course there was lot of cheesy and the usual stuff like cake, flowers, gift from him, but the icing on cake really was Myntra's #LoveConnection quiz contest on twitter. The stakes were pretty high.. a big fat  Samsung Duos for your Valentine! ok not neccesarily big or fat but dude duos is huge really!. And all participants had to do was answer 10 simple lovey dovey questions and tag your valentine . super easy eh :D

So i took the challenge, it was pretty fun answering the super fabulous and innovative question on LOVE... by the end of the quiz i had enjoyed myself to core, buy the real fun was when ohh-la-la  i was declared a winner  the GRAND prize at that!.

The month of love hasnt ended yet and Myntra has already delivered my p[rize to me. Yay for the super fast and hassle free prize delivery. Thanks again Myntra. .