Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A saturday ruined...

My hubby and some of his friends and wives had planned  to spend weekened together. It was kind of a extended family picnic.

Not knowing which place we were visiting and the plan being made just a day before on friday, i kept my mind busy with stuff like what to wear, what to pack, how to get there and other stuff.

A hired qualis reached our place an hour before we were actually supposed to leave , talk about being early on a saturday and i had to get myself ready in 10 minutes flat. 

I was wearing a lime green kurti with jodhpuris and entered qualis which already had hubbys friends and their wives  in it dressed in informals. When i settled down, the girls informed me that they were visiting the MS resorts!

Now when i reached MS resorts i was really mesmerised by the peace and calm of the place, the serenity and beauty was wow and i was enjoying this trip to core. It was when the ladies suggested a swim in the pool that i panicked .  I had not shaved my under arms in a hurry ! I had to avoid swim to avoid embarrassment !

Sigh! I tried giving lame reasons of health and stuff, the girls were real adamant , especially my hubby, but i managed to stick to my decision and had to spend the afternoon seeing the other girls enjoying the pure bliss of water !

I wish I had opted for my hair removal! Then i could have enjoyed myself and wouldnt have to lie with lame excuses to avoid something as fabulous as swimming :(

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