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27 December 2012

Shave Or Santa?

Imran Khan sports a rustic look for his upcoming vishal bharadwaj bollywood flick matru ki bijlee ka mandola

But well well Boys there is a lot of difference between Reel n Real  life! So get REAL hair on your face is annoying, haggard n so not-classy to say the least!
 Imran used to be in My personal list of hotties who rock, until i saw this look of his! Hot he is but why the hell do i feel like he spitting fire which can give super duper competition to gabbar singh too!

And whats more Imran has been spoiling my Boy Friend too ! It was Christmas holiday and we were to be out on our lunch date .
It had been a busy long week which did not allow us to meet and so , i was really anticipating this meeting, all ready wearing this Sweet Lime green Kurti teamed with jeans and jodhpuris ,waiting for him to pick me up and whoaa what do i see ?
A man (yes Man) who possibly was short of time, got up late maybe slipped into his sport shoes and landed on this bike, drove to my place to scare me! Of all days why did he have to choose xmas  i dont get ! The thought that he  was probably trying to mimic santa claus crossed my mind,!I had to look thrice, stare blink to see if this was really my Boy Friend!

'Hey baby' he started of with a shiny white smile sparking between his stubble
'Umm hi....' i replied every passing second shocking me more
'What? why are your eyes popping out like that? something wrong? tell me '
'It YOU! you idiot i wanted to scream out loud' but i calmed myself down , there more saner and civil ways to deal with it, but now my stocmach was making noises and it was time for Food!
After having a super fabulous Mughlai food without paying attention to the prices at all because i was pissed off at him he began
'janu ab bolo what happened ? you look all different today'
' Santa claus where is my Gift ' i asked 
He looked baffled n confused and i said 'well whats with this extra long stubble no time to shave?'
'oh !This ! its Imran khan's new look, You like him na? '
'No i hate him! and i hate him more for inspiring this yucky look '
'Babe , calm down , there are people watching'

Later When he was at my place to drop me back home

'Baby ab to ghussa thuko , say bye with kiss'
'Kiss?? Kisko?? Tumhe ya tumhare baal ko ! Bye santa'
'Stop calling me that'
' I will not, until you stop imitating santa claus'

All Night that day i messaged him addressing him as santa and next day voila My super looking clean shaven Boyish Boy friend was back ;) And we had the best time of our lives cozily the latest flick dabang, followed by a romantic dinner :)

Tips for you girls, dont call him gabbar , call him santa coz men Like being ,macho but hate being a comic substance !
Thank you santa n for IMran khan , cant wait or your movie to be out so i can say Rest in peace Stubble!

Wonder what tricks Avantika Malik is trying on her hubby to get him rid of his over grown stubble! or is she just happy and allowing the man some creative liberty ?!

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26 December 2012

Shop in on it look : summer party

Shop in on it had this really cool twitter contest where they asked fans to create a look using stuf from their .

Here is my entry :

shop in on it

I teamed super fab floral dress with pink shoes, ring and dangling earing and added a cool necklace n hairband along with a funky watch in shades of green ! the super cool tricoulour cluth finishes of the full on colour summer party look! 

Guess what i actually won the contest ! yay for that !
Here's My entry on Pintrest

15 December 2012

perfect desi essence

My ensemble for Shoppers stop perfect festive look contest

Tried a bit of colour blocking a sweet pink kurti with blue leggings and a crushed green dupatta .
Add a dazzling pair of earrings, bangle and clutch all in blue and finish off with ethnic sandles.

Stop Mix N Match Knit Churidar

this is an entry for a contest hosted on for Shoppers Stop 

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