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28 August 2016

Anushree Reddy collection at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive

I have a thing for florals and all things bling and Anushree Reddy weaves them beautifully into traditional Indian wear, the reason why I always look forward to her show at Fashion weeks.

The 2016 edition of Lakme Fashion week Winter/Festive is currently on Anushree Reddy unveiled her all new collection titled 'The Wedding Chronicle'. Bridal couture from Reddy is always feminine with abundance of florals and this time again she does the same but with more vibrant colours. Tangy red, fuchsia pinks and summery yellows in raw silk with intricate zardosi and a wee bit of geometric patterns is what Anushree reddy offers in her latest collection which she says is aimed at the contemporary confident bride.

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Bollywood actresses as show stoppers is a norm with Anushree Reddy and many actresses like Ileana, Shruti Hasan and Nargis Fakhre have walked ramp for her and this time around it was the gorgeous Shilpa Shetty setting ramp on fire in a pink and gold lehenga.

Lets have a look into my favourites from the 'The Wedding Chronicle' collection:

Floral lehenga with golden trim lace and one shouldered blouse is an absolute beauty and brings in vintage vibes. This Lehenga is ideal for a mehendi or sangeet and you can go dupatta less with this look.

This lehenga jacket with full sleeves is perfect for winter weddings. The hi low detail on floral jacket, tie up on bust and embellished lehenga is a perfect choice for sangeets and sister of bride or groom. 

Long Floral Kurta paired with pink net lehenga is an absolute elegant beauty. The light pink net dupatta completes the look nicely. 

Pastel blue silk lehenga with pink net dupatta, a hint of cheery yellow and lots of gold sequins. Dreamy wedding guest look.

Floral one shoulder blouse with silk lehenga perfect for sister of bride. 

Fiery red lehenga choli on show stopper Shilpa Shetty beautifully flaunts her curves. Adding a pink dupatta is nice balance but this look isnt my favourite. You need a good body to wear this outfit or go for a different blouse.  The vibrant red means this is more for brides , wear it for your engagement or even your wedding with a heavier second gold dupatta if you want to keep things minimal.

Off shouldered floral jacket blouse with floral lehenga. That much print bcan be over whelming but here it works nicely. 

Cheery raw silk yellow lehenga for wedding guests

Love the mix of colours in this lehenga, something different. This is a good one for mehendi, haldi or sangeet. The dupatta drape is different but I wouldnt try it on weddings.

Image Source

The collection has a lot of ensembles for both winter and summer weddings and I love how most of these outfits dont require a dupatta. If you want a fuss free sangeet look dont look elsewhere.

Did this collection impress you ?

8 August 2016

Turn your blog into a commercial success in 5 Steps

Majority of bloggers blog to share their passion. It was the same for me, my blog was a hobby post my addiction to twitter as I wanted a platform to express my opinions and my style gyaan in more than 140 characters.  Today blogging is like a dream part time job for me. I get to write about topics I deeply love and I decide when I write and when I take off. The money isnt big but when you love doing it this much it doesnt really matter.

Today blogging is a full fledged career and you can easily earn a living from it but ofcourse like every other commercial business you need to invest money and time on your blog for it to become a commercial success . In addition to that you also need a strong network and build trust and authenticity with your readers.

I have been working on blingsparkle blog where we focus mainly on creating content we are passionate about and today in this post what it takes to start earning from a blog.

5 steps to turn your blog into a commercial success

#1 Create High quality Content

Content is the king and it will always remain the king. Original and creative content is the main ingredient of a successful blog so concentrate on creating unique content which will bring in organic readers.

#2 Build a strong network

Writing good content is not enough, you need to find an audience for it. Numbers do matter and it matters even more when you are aiming for commercial success. Start off by interacting with other bloggers in your niche, commenting on their posts and building your facebook fan base.

Ways to build strong and valuable network
~If you are new to the blogging world you can start off by signing up with blogger networks like indiblogger 
~Host a contest to bring in readers . If your blog is new you will need to sponsor the giveaway yourself or you can ask a brand to sponsor it for you.
~Leave meaningful comments on blogs with a similar niche
~Use the social media to build relationships with fellow bloggers. 

#3 SEO matters

I wasted 2 years of my blogging life by not paying proper attention to search engine optimization. I thought with good high quality content traffic will follow but it never happened. Knowing the basics of SEO is very important if you want to start earning from your blog because search engines bring in the majority of traffic and making content easy for them to find and read is the best business strategy you can have

How to optimize your blog for search engines
~Write unique quality content and google will definitely notice. Dont compromise on content ever
~ Do simple keyword research before writing a post. Use free tools like Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool to find out how many people are searching about the topic you are going to write on and what combination of words are they searching for.
~ Write a catchy title
~ Optimize your post URL using the custom url tab in blogger side bar

#4 Invest in a blog template

The template of your blog is important to make a good first impression on both readers and brands. If you dont take the design of your blog seriously then PRs or brands may also not take you seriously! You dont need to hire a professional to design the look of your blog just buy a clean and a simple theme with readable font .

What to look for in a blog template
~Readable font size
~Space to add  personal touch with a customized header
~ Make sure the template is mobile and tablet friendly
~ Ease of navigation

#5 Experiment with different earning methods

If you want commercial success you need to keep exploring different stream of revenue. Do not stick to tried and tested basics like adsense , keep trying out new methids because you never which revenue model may work better for you. So try affiliates, youtube video ads, banner ads and even selling your own service or product .

Turning your blog into a commercial success means you need to treat it like a business and have clear goals and proper strategy. In addition to this dont be afraid to invest a little and with hard work results will follow.

29 July 2016

Your Daughter's First Period: How to make it Stress free

Do you remember the time you received your first period? What kind of memories do you have of your first period? Is it special and happy memory or a grief and terror inducing one?  Gone are the days when periods used to be a taboo , today women openly discuss this topic without any awkwardness symbolizing CHANGE has arrived.

Have you though about your daughter's first period?  It is an all new experience for your little angle. It’s your next new level of motherhood. You want to make your daughter’s first period as special and stress-free as possible. 
Picture Credits:

Here are a five guaranteed ways you can make her time special and let her know things are going to be great as usual.

1. Comfort Means Everything

Comfort is the foundation and that start of being okay during a period. As a mother, it will be a lot easier to relate to your daughter and help her along the way. Make sure you purchase comfortable pads and underwear to ensure the bloating and cramping is not enhanced due to tight clothing. As long as your daughter is comfortable, the hard part is taken care of. Be wise and buy Period Panties for your daughter. It is one of the ways you can comfort her to the best. As suggested by many, Adira Period Panties  would be a great choice. It comes in different size, style and colour. Period panties are designed to control stains. This enables you to move around without any hassel. 

Why buy a “PERIOD PANTY” from Adira
~No fear of stains during periods. Say goodbye to staining of thighs, front and back on clothes
~Period Panty from Adira is made of cotton- breathable fabric.
~It is ultra thin quality and does not look heavy despite of an additional layer
~It can be worn with a sanitary pad or with a tampon
~Period panty is best inner garment for office, evening wears and for overnight sleep wear.

2. Purchase a Period Starter Kit

Purchasing a period starter kit is one of the coolest things you can do for your daughter. This kit contains many different things she will need for the next five or seven days, including colourful pads, chocolate candy, body wash, cute rags and towels, and anything else you think your daughter will need during this time. You can purchase a period starter kit for home and a period starter kit for school so she will be comfortable at home and away from home. 
Buy your daughter a Period Starter Kit Now.

3. Educate Your Daughter

Don’t be afraid to educate your daughter. Get a few books or conduct research online to clue her in on the things that are taking place in her body. There are many websites which can educate your child in an interesting and simple format. One of the best of those kinds is This helps you to be in ease and help your daughter to be ready for her anxious time. Talk to her about tracking her period and knowing the approximate time her period will occur again. Talk to your daughter and inform her of what happens now that she has started her period. The more knowledge your daughter has on this subject, the more prepared she will be.

Photo Credits :

4. Don’t Focus So Much on the Problems

As an adult who has been dealing with her period for years, you know the ins and outs and the good and bad of having a period. Although you can share some of these instances with your daughter, do not overwhelm her with negative aspects and views of having a period. Instead of putting a damper on her parade, take her shopping for period panties, pads, and other things you think she may need. The new teen will need the comfort of placing her top in place. Take a wise step ahead and buy Little Lady Bras to see your daughter walking confidently in the crowd.
Photo credits : 

5. When Problems Arise

If you think a problem has occurred or is occurring, it is best to talk to your doctor and see what can be done. Pain is common with a period, but excruciating pain is something you will need to speak to your physician about. There are many different ways you can alleviate period pain and keep bloating and cramping at bay. Use your better judgement to tell if there is a problem or something seems irregular.

For further details log on to and

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27 July 2016

Exploring the Magical Sea world

I recently read a report on Live mint which revealed that the kid based youtube video channel ChuChu TV is the third largest YouTube channel in India with close to 5 million subscribers. It wasnt really a surprise as my 4 year old is also a chuchu TV addict and he loves watching youtube videos on my phone. The content on chuchu TV is actually very good making learning fun but what Iam concerned about is my toddlers eyes. He never seems to keep a good distance from mobile or laptop screen which is why I keep searching for innovative and creative ways to keep my 4 year old engaged. I have tried everything from toys to play dough and crayons but kids these days loose interest very easily so coming up with new creative ideas is essential. At a time like this exciting Magical Sea World Packs from colgate landed up on my doorstep making my kid happy.

What is so exciting about an outer pack of toothpaste, you ask? The Magical Sea World Packs are specially designed to help kids imagine and enjoy a world with a variety of magical sea creatures. The printed boxes are a delight and using a scissor me and my little one sat down to spend some fun time . It was a great way to spend some time with my child away from gadgets and TV screens. 

The Colgate magical sea world packs come in four interesting themes called Treasure Hunt, Pirate Ship, Coral Reefs and Magical Mermaid which have around 15 sea creatures which will fuel imagination of kids helping them weave in their own magical stories. I love the idea of using sea world characters with a hint of magic for children to narrate stories. I do indulge my toddler in fun bed time stories but rarely do these stories revolve around the sea world and this colgate doodles is a nice way to introduce my child to underwater world.

Diving into a magical world of coral reefs , pirate ships and Mermaid was a whole new experience for my kid and he enjoyed learning with the colgate packs. I was amazed at how much my child already knew about the sea world especially mermaids and how he could imagine a whole new perspective to some sea animals like sharks, turtles, ray and whale. My toddler being a boy I knew he would not be too interested in the magical mermaid pack and I assumed he would love the pirate ships pack but I was actually proven wrong. The boy was more interested in the Coral reefs pack and played with it all day even coming up with names for some of the sea creatures.

The sea creatures not only help in sparking of imagination of kids but they also make learning fun with interesting facts which are printed on the pack. The facts are actually super amazing and even I was not aware of most of them. While my 4 year old is still a wee bit too young to weave in full fledged stories but he has taken liking to sports recently and made teams out of the coral reef characters and was attempting wrestling with them . Sea horse against the lion fish in a Sultan inspired pro take down inside the coral reef, while the barracuda plays the role of commentator and sea turtle cheers enthusiastically. 

If you have kids and want to ignite their creative cells then I suggest you the all new Colgate Strong Teeth packs . These packs can be found at your nearest super market

PS: I was sent empty packs by colgate but I went ahead and brought more from heritage mall in my locality.

13 July 2016

Fun and Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

It is a well known fact that majority of kids hate vegetables and greens which are very important for growth and development of body. Junk food is both tasty and easily available which children gobble up in an instant leading to unhealthy weight gain causing them to become obese. So it is important for parents to explore healthy snack ideas which are presented in a fun way so that kids find it hard to refuse.

Here Are some amazing Healthy Snack Ideas for kids which Iam sure your kids will have a tough time resisting

Melon Stars easy snack idea

Carve out watermelon slices in innovative way to get your kids excited. You can use a cookie cutter to cut water melon in a variety of shapes. This is best for summer afternoons and they make for great insta clicks too ;)

Kiwi Snakes fun snack idea:

This super simple kiwi snake art is a cool way to make fruits appealing to kids. You can try this snake idea with cucumbers too.

Banana Cars snack for toddler:

This is ideal snack for car lover boys. Peel bananas to make body of car and cut strawberry and banana slices to make wheels . Use toothpicks to keep wheels in place.

Egg Penguins healthy meal for kids:

Eggs are a great breakfast option for kids and this cute penguin kind of presentation will be loved by children of all ages. Cut eggs into two and use carrots to make beaks, black pepper for eyes

Fruit Ice cream snack idea for children:

All kids love ice creams but they arent a good idea especially in winters. This fruit ice cream idea is nice to get kids eat banana and cherries. Use a wafer like a ice cream cone.

Lemon grape butterfly:

How cute is this butterfly with citrus wings. A tall glass of badam milk with grapes and oranges should make for a healthy snack for your toddler.

Grape peacock snack for kids:

Peackocks are one of the most beautiful birs and this snack idea is both healthy and eye pleasing. Try something fun like this with your kids on a sunday.

Are you inspired to try something fun for your kids?

Fun and Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

10 July 2016

Tips to ensure children to catch up on lost growth

On our recent trip to Lucknow with my 3 year old I happened to meet my cousin sister who has a 6 year old boy. The boy was almost double the age of my son yet when both my son and him stood together you would say they are of same age. My cousins son was born in the 8th month because her pregnancy had complications and weighted just 2.5 kgs at birth. My cousin also mentioned that her son had fallen ill few months back adding to his pettie thin frame. My cousin also complained of him not eating properly and he especially refused healthy home cooked food and loved eating maggi !

My son on the other hand loves home cooked dal chawal and refuses to eat unhealthy food like pizzas, maggi etc. I consider myself very lucky as my son isnt a choosy or a picky eater and feeding him is a breeze, 15 minutes is all it takes and Iam done. This may sound like me flaunting away my son, but it is actually the truth . My son is well built but not fat in anyway. He is the fittest boy in my neighborhood and is super active seen running right out of the door to the streets if the door is left ajar even for 30 seconds!

Not eating properly means children dont get enough nutrition which can affect their growth and immunity. I also faced this problem while weaning my son away from bottle. He refused to drink milk from a glass and demanded the bottle especially while sleeping. In this age of non organic foods and unlimited diseases only food isnt enough to help children with physical and mental development. A glass of milk is very important to catch up on growth. My husband brought home a pack of Horlicks Growth+ which has 23 vital growth nutrients . My kid loved this and now doesnt skip milk in his breakfast ever.

Here are more tips to help kids catch up on lost growth 

# A good protien rich breakfast is important for kids to grow right and stay energetic all day. Give your child a non processed organic meal with a glass of milk. Add Horlicks Growth+ to milk to speed up the growing process. Horlicks groth plus is a specialized nutrition product children in age group of 3-9 years who are lagging behind in height and weight. It contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients that are known to enable children to catch up on lost growth. It has been clinically proven for visible growth in children in 6 month
# Lead by example. If you eat healthy even your kid will eat home cooked healthy food for life.
# Junk food is loved by all so dont ban them completely. Limit junk food to 2 days a week or once between 2 meals.
# Indulge your kid in healthy snacks like fruits, nuts and fresh fruit juices
# Get creative with food especially with salads. If vegetables look yummy even picky eaters will gobble them up
#Family meals are best way to get kids interested in eating. When the whole family gathers at the table to eat your child also will love eating watching others eat so make sure atleast one meal a day is a family meal.
# Indulge in healthy sugar free sweets . Try recipes at home and replace sugar with healthy alteratives like honey.
# Cook healthy, bake or grill instead of frying and use olive oil instead of other oil oils
#involve you kids in cooking or baking, this way they will be more eager to eat what has been cooked. You can even get your kids involved in organic gardening in your backyard.

Do you have more tips to help children grow properly? 

29 June 2016

10 Simple ways to improve your English Vocabulary

Being a blogger means Iam always on a look out for ways to improve my writing, vocabolary and grammer along with sparking off creative cells to present content innovatively.

Living in a city like Bengaluru has helped me have very english because you can survive with just english in here, you dont really need to know kannada or hindi. I still read some blogs or stories and find words which I have never heard of before let alone knowing their meanings. Reading more literary works is the best way to improve your vocabulary but here are more ways I use to explore new words .

Read a LOT

An avid reader has the best vocabulary, so start reading today. Read some classics like charles dickens, shakespear or even dan brown. I actually more interested in vocabulary after reading Manish Guptas English Bites which presents a fun way to explore and remember new words. In todays digital times reading is considered boring but if you are reading things which interest you it can be super fun
*Read books you can't put down
*Read ooks you want to read again and again
*Read books by authors that change the way you think

Indulge in writing

The best way to put the words you have learnt to test is by writing. You can write a short story, a blog post , tweet or just comment away on blogs, youtube videos, forums even facebook.

Watch documentaries

If you want to improve you spoken english you need to pay attention to pronunciations too, so i suggest you try watching documentaries . i have found that documentaries from channels like BBC has some amazing treasure of words and good quality english. If documentaries bore you try podcasts or even english songs and pay attention to lyrics

Get a Kindle

If you really are serious about improving your ocabulary I suggest you use Amazon Kindle to read because kindle has dictionary which you can access anytime while reading right from the page you are on. No need to look up for meanings elsewhere, underline or anything like that.

Discuss, Converse and interact

Conversing with people with similar interest in english can be amazing for you vocabulary. If you are not comfortable with verbal discussions start of with written ones on forums . there are gaming forums, TV forums, gossip blogs or any other space online related to your area of interest or hobbies. Then gradually hangout with people who interact in english which can help  you use new words you have discovered and learn new ones too.

Learn a new word everyday 

Try adding one new word to you vocabulary everyday . You can subscribe to word a day services on internet who will then send you a new word and meaning everyday to your email, whatsapp or sms. Words smith is one such service . Or better still get the andorid app or vocabology for iphone.

Play word games

Word games like scrabble are a great way to discover new words and their meanings. You can even try solving crosswords or unjumble words in newspapers. This method works best for kids.

Try Root word approach

I have realized that tracing the root of a word or analysing it helps remember the word better.
Take for example words like Benevolent, Beneficent, Benefactor in all these words Bene is common, which in Latin means "well".

Install the Magoosh Vocabularychrome extention

this is an amazing ebrowser extension for people who really want to expand their vocabulary. When you you open a new tab, a new word pops up with its meaning and usage. You can try using some of these words when you type on your laptop, reply to mails or comment on facebook . Over time this extension can really improve your english skills.

Use flashcards:

This is another popular way to improve vocabulary. People tend to remeber images better than written words so this method works nicely. Use picture flashcards from sites like flashcardmonkey.

21 June 2016

#SariStyle: Pair a Shirt with your Saree

I am very obsessed with the idea of reinventing and modernizing traditional weaves. Blame it on the style diva Sonam kapoor for giving me these very unconventional ideas to look all fashion forward in indian wear. Sonam really nails all her looks and brings in a trendy different touch to her outfit .

The six yard saree is very versatile indian piece of clothing and can be styled in thousand different ways if not more.  Many indian celebrities have been turning up in  contemporary versions of the saree and turning eyes. There is offbeat masaba prints, different drapes and westernised louses. Pairing a saree with a t shirt has been quiet a hit with B town celebs being done a lot of times mostly for film promotions. Here lets talk pairing a shirt with saree.

'Shirting the saree' if you want to call it that is an interesting way to wear the traditional sari for an edgy glam look. This idea was sparked off on fashion week runway by designers like Payal khadwala, Satya paul and Ilk. A shirt paired with saree can easily be worn to work or even as festive with right styling.

Also Read : Modernizing the Saree: 10 new ways to wear the saree

Festive colour blast:

Pair your bright shirts or printed ones with earthy or silk sarees for a contemporary festive look. This look is super chic and works best foe festivals or weddings in winter. Since there is so much colour splash keep the styling and accessories minimal and finish off with subtle makeup.

Quirky neon:

A crisp white shirt is all it takes to quirk up your neon saree. This look is very easy to replicate and looks effortless too.

Formal fab:

Pair your checkered shirt with a polka dotted or plain saree of same colour family for chic office wear. You can even try color blocking for work, pair a crisp plain shirt .

Playful chic

For a playful fun look try colorblocking a saree with a sleeveless shirt, This look works well for a mehndi ceremony or a brunch  with friends.

The Dhoti drape:

The dhoti saree is in trend and you could give this trend a try with a shirt blouse too. a very hatke drape . Try it.

Unconventional drapes:

A lot of women are going in for unconventional drapes for the saree these days and if you are one of them try a plain shirt with an unconventional drape like a suspender saree, belt saree or cross wrap.


Catch Vidya Balan and Sona Mohapatra in their versions of shirt saree

Would you pair a shirt with a saree? If yes then where would you wear such a look? Tell me!

5 trendy ways to style kurtis this summer

20 June 2016

Introducing Affimity - The interest based Social Media Network

I am a social media maverick with a deep passion for blogging. As a blogger I am always in quest of ways to find readers who would be interested in the content I post and when I got a chance to check out affimity I realized it was tailor made for bloggers like me.

Affimity isnt just a home to bloggers , it is equally useful to readers too as it is actually a social network website dedicated to connect you with people with the same interests as yours. Isn't this concept just SO thrilling?! Signing up on this website was like opening the door to an exciting land where you had always dreamed to be. 

In these busy times of everyday madness, I find myself yearning for a break... for a getaway. ..and NO. My idea of a getaway is not a holiday in a secluded beach or a trip to the Himalayas.. Instead, I like connecting with people online, reading blogs, hunting for great content and devouring it all - That is what makes me happy.

Facebook is great for connecting with friends, but one can hardly find people with the same interests as yours there. There are a lot of groups dedicated with an intention to connect you with similar minded people but again quality content and real interaction is absent. Then we have twitter, the micro-blogging site which again is of no use for a blogger  especially becuas econtent is limited to 140 characters and your posts get drowned in a sea of tweets and clutter.

Exploring Affimity

I have been using affimity for a week now and I found it super awesome. The first thing it asks you is your area of interests and once you have chosen them, they connect you with people and content from all over the world with the same interests. You dont have to go hunting for good content of your interest, it just comes walking to you right on your Affimity home page. 

Connecting on Affimity

It is very easy to create your own profile and then you can get started with befriending bloggers. You can also follow channels of your interest to get  relevant content on your home page. You can friend as many people as you want to and unfriend them at any hour too.
It's like discovering a new world which shares the same passion as you, connecting with it, learning from it and doing just what you love to do!

The interface of both the Affimity website and the app are neat and quite user friendly. Affimity is not just about promoting your blog/website, not at all!! It's more about connecting with people with the same passion as yours and this is what makes this social networking platform so unique!

I know there are already a lot of social media platforms out there and you must be wondering why I need to join a new one. Updating a bunch of the existing social networking sites like Linked In, Google+ and twitter is already time consuming. I thought the same until one fine day I gave affimity a shot. It has been just a few days since I joined this platform but I have already got addicted. I have already connected to a lot of new people who share the same interests as me, some of which have already turned into my lovely readers. 
I am a blogger and I have tried every trick and networking site out there to find new readers and Affimity has helped me in this goal in the simplest and effective possible way. 

*I have used reddit and following their guidelines becomes a big pain and the upvote are fine but the downvotes drive me crazy.
* On twitter there is too much going on and everything I post gets dumped deep down. I myself follow a whopping 33000 odd people and I am easily missing 99 of content from people I follow.
*With instagram the problem is their non clickable links in posts. Only photo content allowed which is a bummer. 
* LinkedIn i feel isnt a place for fashion bloggers, it more like a professional network where fashion is an alien concept
*There are thousands of communities with lakhs of members on Google Plus but barely anyone is active. It is like teaching in a crowded clasroom where every student is sleeping.
* Bloglovin is more like a reader  and not a social network.
* I couldnt figure out head or tail of tribber. So, lets not even go there
* Facebook groups are a tricky game. There are some good ones but they are heavily moderated and only admins get to post. On groups where you actually get to post there is loads of spam. I have had to wade through a cluttered mess of irrelevant affliate links, web developers and small sellers in many groups.

Why Affimity?

~  Affimity allows you to post Text, Image, Video or just a question
~ Get connected to bloggers who share the same interests
~ Receive valuable feedback for your work
~ Increase the level of engagement on your blog
~ Use on web or on your phone. Affimity has apps for iphone and Android users 
~ Easy signup using facebook account or just your email
~ Useful for brands to understand target audience

So all you bloggers, it doesnt matter if you are a newbie or established, Affimity is The network for you , Join connect and share. 

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